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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

The Whispers: 01x08, A Hollow Man

Shannon Beaty | PopWrapped Author

Shannon Beaty

07/24/2015 10:39 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
The Whispers: 01x08, A Hollow Man | The Whispers
Media Courtesy of ABC

We start the show with Rollins, who is driving along a dark road with Henry in the back seat. I was really hoping that he wouldn't kidnap Henry, but clearly this is not the case. He pulls up to rendezvous with another vehicle, Henry wondering from the back seat if his mom will be there... and thankfully, it is. He took Henry to his parents in the middle of nowhere, and not the Sec. of Defense, who is officially out of his gourd. Rollins says he was just obeying orders, but there are some orders “you just don't ask a man to do.” Henry asks about Drill and Claire explains that he's dead... “No, he's not.” Excuse me?! Before Rollins got Henry, Drill stopped in for a visit to talk, wanting to know where everyone was and he seemed to be in a highly pissy mood. I mean, attempting to get blown up, I can imagine the annoyance with that. Claire and Sean take their son and lay low, trying to avoid electricity at all costs.

The Whispers Courtesy of ABC

Wes is getting his ass chewed up by the Sec. Of Defense, but Wes reminds him that he knows about the kidnapping. How about we go public, broski; the national security is diminishing by the minute and he's just using the situation to manipulate things to his liking. Wes tells him that since Drill is dead (HA), “Depending how you play this, I just handed you the Presidency.” Yeah, please put that psycho in charge.

Wes tells Lena that Drill is gone (funny choice of word) and she spills the beans about having spoken to the electric menace. She spoke through Minx and obviously Wes is upset. They go to speak to Minx, who is still in the most light-adorned room ever, and she says that she was just pretending. Minx lies through her damn teeth to Wes, saying she was just trying to make Lena feel better, who at this point is 3 seconds from a mental breakdown. In the hall Lena tells Wes that Minx is lying and he basically believes his child over his wife, thinking Lena is just stressed out. Lena is living in her own personal Hell.

The Whispers Courtesy of ABC

The Bennigans shack up at a seedy motel (WITH ELECTRICITY – WHY!?) and get Henry to sleep. While Claire washes up in the bathroom, Sean is outside the door, reminiscing about the good ole days. They once had another awful night in a hotel room, sick with food poisoning, but still made the best of it. There is a chance that the Bennigan family will be whole again; Sean seems to want to move on from the cheating scandal, healing their relationship.

Rollins calls Claire on her untraceable phone after receiving some Drill research. There are stories of other children, one from a psychology journal, who saw Drill for the evil thing that he is. The kicker though, is that the article about the psychiatric child is from 1982. This ain't Drill's first Earth rodeo.

Wes calls Claire to check on her, and she spills that Drill survived. Wes lets it hit him, saying Lena just tried to explain. The Bennigans are driving through Delaware, looking up the psychiatric child patient from the 1980's. The vending machine next to the payphone Wes is on flickers... that electric bastard is there.

Lena hears the voicemail from Wes, telling her to grab Minx and GTFO of the house; Minx knocks on the door as the message ends. Lena broke the secret truce with Drill, that's why she had to lie, but it's time to move on from that because Drill has a message for her. They take a Scrabble board downstairs and Lena puts the words together that explain what Drill wants her to do; the first 3 letters are K-I-L. Kill who? Lean defies the message, looking up into the lights say that she won't play... ever.

The Whispers Courtesy of ABC

The Bennigan trio arrive at the house and ask about the psychological study child, explaining that their son also speaks with Drill.

The Sec. Of Defense is on live TV, downplaying the power plant issue, saying that it was just security exercise. Makes you wonder how often our real politicians lie to us, doesn't it? Wes pulls him aside, telling him that Drill isn't gone. Finding out that he got the information from Claire, the Sec. Of Defense dismisses Wes from his post and revokes his security clearance. Perfect, another piece on the game board is moved exactly where Drill wants it.

Minx is talking to Drill, who wants her to do something that involves climbing out her window. Lena goes to look for her and finds the child on the roof of the damn house. She's looking for a cat! Drill told her there was a kitten that needed saving up there! Above Minx's head there is a power line, frayed and very much alive with the presence of Drill. Minx tells her to get off the roof.... but before she does, the whispering shows up, “Okay, I'll ask. Drill wants to know if you want to play his game now.” Shit, what a manipulative jerk. Lena gives in; she's going to play the game.

The Whispers Courtesy of ABC

The father of the psychiatric child says that before Greg, the child living with him now, he had two other sons. Thomas was younger and Elliot was two years older. He was an astronomer at NASA (Go. Freaking. Figure.) when in the summer of 1982 he heard a radio signal from the Chi Sagittarii group (sound familiar?). After that, the boys would ask if the aliens had spoken to them, as they wanted to meet them. Weeks later, Thomas came to his father saying that the alien was on Earth, in his head. Thomas killed Elliot... under Drill's commands.

The Whispers Courtesy of ABC

Wes arrives home to find that Lena is gone. He puts cameras in Minx's room that can detect Drill, busting her on the lies about Drill. She only did it because he said to lie, oh and, by the way... mommy is off doing something bad. Wes calls her and leaves a voicemail, finding their gun safe open and bullets missing.

The astronomer father recalls that Thomas and Elliot were down by a pond playing during a thunderstorm. Upon finding Thomas, he saw that he was covered in blood. After that, Thomas was sent to a psychiatric hospital for 10 years before being emancipated. So where is he now, and does Drill remember who he is? The father lets Sean and Claire watch a reel of home movies, which include a very happy birthday... and the night of the murder. Just as Thomas sets the camera down, he turns around and mouths “I'm sorry”. Drill is the worst, tricking kids into doing awful things. The boy had to die to distract his NASA dad from doing his work, which would have led to Drill being discovered faster.

The Whispers Courtesy of ABC

Claire asks Rollins to find Elliot Harcort, explaining to Sean that it's a psychiatric coping mechanism to take the deceased's name so their memory lives on. They leave and Drill turns the reel back on... the tape dissolves, covering all the evidence. Drill knows. HE KNOWS.

Wes asks for Rollins help to find Lena, and he happily obliges, knowing he's already in deep. Lena is in Delaware, just a few miles from the Bennigan plan. Who does Drill want Lena to kill!?

The Bennigans pull up to a very creepy, dark household with a disconnected doorbell. This is the house of Thomas (who is going by Elliot now); Claire asks Henry to wait in the car and don't do a thing no matter what. It's a TRAP! Claire and Sean break into the household, finding that the electricity is cut; there aren't even light bulbs in any of the fixtures. Clearly, Thomas wants nothing to do with Drill. On a door they see a symbol, one that Harper drew onto the floor of her tree 

house exactly where her mother fell through.

The Whispers Courtesy of ABC

Still sneaking around, they open the ominous door, which leads to an even creepier basement. They venture down, finding more relics of a time gone by. Claire happens upon a diorama of the lake crime scene, fit with two dolls that look like Thomas and Elliot. 

Overhead, the floor creeks and a shadow comes to the basement door. Claire tells Thomas that they just want to talk and he violently slams the door on them.

Lena is in the car, second guessing what she's doing. Checking her phone she hears Wes's voice mail telling her to not follow through with whatever she is doing. Suddenly, the creepiest child in all of Christendom is next to her car, asking if she's okay.

The Whispers Courtesy of ABC

“Yeah, I'm fine.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, thank you.”

There's a slight pause as the rain pours down on the new creepiest kid in town.

“Then why aren't you doing it?”


“My friend says you need to hurry, you're running out of time.”

ALRIGHT. OKAY. SURE. Bloody hell, I need a new pair of pants.

Claire speaks to Thomas through the door, promising they aren't from the hospital; Thomas insists he doesn't need his pills. Sean takes the lead, saying that he's just like Thomas – Drill made him do crazy, bad and scary things, too. They're crazy too, Thomas. Outside in the car, Henry hears the automatic locks go down as the street lamp overhead flickers out. Oh, shit.

Thomas explains to the duo that the atomic bomb is the problem. Between 1945 and 1982, over 1,703 nuclear tests went on throughout the world, and each one sent out energy into space – a beacon of energy. His father picked up the returning signal and it was soon after that. “That's when the whispers started.” Drill was sent out back in 1982 to find food, his whole planet was dying off. He used Thomas to get to his father to send a signal back home, which Thomas ultimately stopped.

Outside, Lena pulls up to the house. Rollins and Wes are still tracking her, a mere 3 minutes away. Seems too far, if you ask me.

Doctors were convinced that the whispers in Thomas' head stopped because the drugs started to work, but the truth was, Drill just simply left. Claire just wants help, as Drill is still here, talking to their son. Thomas is immediately switched into paranoia mode, revealing that it isn't possible, he killed Drill... unless they sent another one.

The Whispers Courtesy of ABC

Henry watches, trapped in his car as Lena walks into the house, gun ready.

As they ask Thomas how he killed Drill, Lena comes down the stairs... and unloads 4 shots. Rollins and Wes get into the house and see the chaos. The gunshots stop, and the car unlocks. Wes goes down the stairs... Thomas is lying on the floor bleeding out. Sean rushes Henry out to not see the blood. Poor Thomas was just a guy trying to live his life, and a crazed Lena took him out. She whimpers to Wes about how Drill basically blackmailed her into shooting him.

As Thomas bleeds out, Claire begs for an answer: how did you kill Drill? Thomas flashes back to when he killed his brother... and before Claire can find out, he passes away.

The Whispers Courtesy of ABC

The one link you had to defeating drill just passed away in your arms. Now is the time to panic.


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