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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

The Whispers: 01x10, Darkest Fears

Shannon Beaty | PopWrapped Author

Shannon Beaty

08/12/2015 5:38 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
The Whispers: 01x10, Darkest Fears | The Whispers
Media Courtesy of Fangoria

On this week's The Whispers, all of their darkest fears are indeed about to come true.

A kid with a Lite Brite is sitting on his bed when it suddenly flickers; Drill is giving orders to a new peon. The kid's father comes in and scolds him for talking to an imaginary friend... maybe if he had more real friends, he wouldn't need to talk to imaginary ones. Geez, daddio, cool your parental jets.

Claire and Sean finally share their bed, albeit in an awkward way, and it shows how far their relationship has mended.

Minx gets a visit from Drill and she yells at him to go away, just as Wes and Lena rush into the room. Drill tells her that he'll forgive their family if she helps land him a new friend; she refuses.

Wes, Claire, Sean and Lena all talk the next day about what to do next. The best thing is to profile Drill, figure out where he's been and follow his trail of crumbs to determine his next move. Henry is feeling sick, so Sean runs him to the doctor... is this a post-Drill health hazard?

Wes and an electrical engineer talk and figure out that Drill is losing power, he's about half the size he was weeks ago when he attacked Claire and the children in their little FBI pow-wow. If you deny Drill energy, he'll eventually die off - right?

Nicholas, the name of the Lite Brite enthusiast, gets picked on while at the park. Drill is infuriated at this, detaching a wire so he can swoop down and electrocute one of the bullies. This, however, finally earns the trust from Nicholas - he agrees to help Drill.

Lena tells Wes that she and Minx are going to go on a vacation, a cruise to the Caribbean, to avoid Drill. As if. Wes agrees to the vacation, thinking that if he can get Minx off the grid, she won't be able to become the vessel for Drill. 

Claire and Wes get the bright (ha) idea to blackout the city, essentially trapping Drill wherever they like. The Sec of Defense, as per usual, hates the idea because he believes there will be a burst of violence in the electrical downtime. It makes sense, but what else are you to do?!

Nicholas  breaks into his father's safe, pulling out a black folder with "DSN Code Keys" on the front of it. So he's clearly another high-profile government worker who thinks it's a super swell idea to keep confidential information at home. Smarty pants.

Wes and Claire find a horribly abandoned school to trap Drill in and start their plan. There is a spike of energy in one of the sectors, and they close it off. Sean and Henry are in another sector, when suddenly Drill comes and speaks. Sean calls up Claire and tells her to turn that sector off, which she does, leaving him and Henry in the dark on a scary street. Stuck in traffic for a little bit, Sean finds an exit by driving along a sidewalk over to an alley and off to an empty street. Sean and Henry drive away into the dark night... and are suddenly hit by a car.

Drill is finally cornered in the school, as they see his energy source floating through the 2nd story. Claire and Wes have a mini-celebration about cornering him, taking the time to reflect that they've both grown as adults since their affair. Claire is happy to have Sean back, not only physically, but emotionally as well. Wes is also quite glad Lena is coming around, making their family whole again. Wes gets a horrible look on his face, as he sees Nicholas (Lite Brite kid) in the 2nd story of the abandoned school. Drill has a hostage. Against the orders of the Sec of Defense, Wes and Claire head into the school to find the child, and their electrical friend.

Lena and Minx are at the airport watching the news, seeing Washington DC lose power. This makes Lena panic a bit since she can't get a hold of Wes, and takes the two of them out to grab a cab back to the city. Since there is a gridlock, nobody will help her - minus one random guy. Didn't your mother tell you it was bad to ride in cars with strangers?

In the creepiest school on Earth, Claire and Wes wander around separately with energy-detecting devices. She finds Nicholas, and he runs from her. Wes is upstairs from them and spots Drill, who didn't seem to take Nicholas over, yet. Drill gets closer and closer, suddenly attacking Wes's equipment. If you can't see him, you can't catch him. Still chasing Nicholas, Claire and Wes meet up with King Lite Brite in a random room, as he tells Drill "I told you I'd get them in here." It's a trap, of course. On Claire's monitor, they see that Drill is hovering above Nicholas, and the kid starts to get more and more scared with Drill's temperament change. Drill speaks through the kid, saying that he'll get Henry's love back by telling him that Claire and Wes had an affair, sparking Mrs. Bennigan to lose her shit. Drill enters Nicholas'  body and tortures him; the kid cries out that he's burning up, please help him. Can drill seriously burn someone from the inside, like an electrical fire!? Over the headset, the Sec of Defense tells Wes to end it - by killing Nicholas, and therefore killing Drill - and the tension rises. Wes refuses, appealing to the President, who can also hear over the headset; you're a father, can  you really kill a child? The President orders him to stand down and to open the electrical grid so Drill can escape without Nicholas dying. Just as Drill leaves, he sets off an electrical show in the abandoned school - Drill wins this round.

The Sec of Defense turns to the President, who is mulling his decision. Was it right to let Drill go? The Sec of Defense bluntly tells him that no, he made a horrible decision and it's only bound to get worse from here now that Drill knows they're trying to trap him. To choose between sacrificing a child or being able to keep them alive and let an enemy go - I can't even imagine. Paramedics fix up Nicholas, who will eventually recover.

Wes' phone rings and it's Lena, telling him she changed her mind and is at home with Minx now. The random man who dropped them off sits in his car and writes their names down; he can totally be trusted,  yo.

The fridge in Wes and Lena's house suddenly starts to leak water out of the door dispenser. A small lagoon of water forms in the kitchen as Lena comes back to turn off the lights. As she steps in the water, she touches a light switch... and there is a bright flash.

Wes gets home to find Minx outside silently crying and his wife lying on the floor in the kitchen, looking dead as a doornail. Did Drill just take Lena out!? We're sure to find out next week, which I wish was this week because I CANNOT wait to see more of this show.


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