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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

The Whispers: 01x11, Homesick

Shannon Beaty | PopWrapped Author

Shannon Beaty

08/19/2015 3:05 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
The Whispers: 01x11, Homesick | Homesick
Media Courtesy of FanPop

If you didn't catch last week's absolutely insane and cliff-hanging The Whispers, you can catch it here!


Well, it definitely happened - Lena is dead.

Wes is dealing with people giving him condolences, but he's in his own little world. The Bennigan family shows up to pay their respects and Wes practically hisses at them to go away; now is not the time, Claire. He takes a moment to himself upstairs, flying into a rage and punching the mirror. Minx walks in, needing some consolation, telling her father that they should stop fighting Drill so nobody else gets hurt. Good idea. She tells Wes that her head hurts after her grandma gave her some meds, causing her to pass out.

Wes runs her to the hospital; they get there to see many other parents there with their ailing children. There are so many - did Drill really reach out to that many kids?! They do a CAT scan on Minx to see that there is a 'mark' on her cerebellum, as is also found on the other sick children. At this point though, Minx is 100% done with Drill.

The Bennigans head to the hospital as well, since Henry has come down with the same symptoms. They're standing there when the nearby exit light flickers - he's here. The flickering leads Claire down a hall to the X-Ray wing, where she finds Harper all alone in a room. She tells Claire that Drill needs to find Orion and everything will be better. There's an obvious celestial reference there, but who knows if that's what Orion is really referring to.

Wes speaks with the President and Sec of Defense, plotting on what to do next. Wes asks about the President's daughter - and then says that the best way to combat this latest development is to gather all of the sick children in one area. The Sec of Defense is absolutely against this, as the parents involved will surely expose the national crisis. The President sides with Wes - it's time to quarantine the kids.

Rollins and Claire are at headquarters trying to figure out what exactly Orion is when suddenly they see a press conference on TV. There is an outbreak of sick children and they are to be quarantined. Claire immediately calls Sean, begging him to keep Henry inside so he can't be taken away; Sean misses the call, as he's outside playing catch with Henry. We see two parents with their children heading into a recreation center for a playdate when one of the kids says he isn't feeling well. The mother of the healthy child immediately backs out of the playdate, walking away from them before calling to turn the sick kid into the authorities. This is exactly what Drill wants - people are turning on each other so quickly.

Kids are being checked into the quarantine, being brain scanned for the particular piece of the puzzle that Drill left behind. Wes is overlooking the process, looking like he's a  half of a second from snapping. One father gets irritated as his son is taken away; Wes yells back at him that his daughter was taken too, so shut it. Authorities come for Henry and his parents fight like hell to keep him. Wes pops out of the car, completely without remorse about the situation, telling Claire and Sean that this must be done. Henry is in a dark car with other kids, tangibly scared about not knowing where they're all being carted to. They arrive at a bunker, which is an electricity-free zone, like a moat around a castle. Yeah, I believe that.

Sean and Claire discuss how to get Henry out of there, that maybe if they can give Drill this Orion thing he seeks, he'll let the kids go. Are you kidding, you want to HELP Drill??

Benavidez is hired to help the kids as their personal bunker physician. She talks to the sick kid from earlier that was called in by the worried recreation center mom. He tells her that his  name is Silas, and that he isn't feeling sick anymore. And he isn't the only one feeling better...  Some of the kids start to talk about Minx, how she's the enemy because it's her dad running the show. She's clearly an outcast; the girl can't get a break.

Claire and Wes have a pow-wow with other parents about finding Orion so they can get their children back. One of the parents explains that they feel like they're being followed. Sitting in a car outside is the random man from the airport who brought Lena and Minx home during the blackout. He's up to no good - but who is he?

Benavidez is in the lab, talking with someone on the phone. She explains how the brain scans work and comes across an anomaly on one of the scans. The door to her lab opens and she looks up in terror, telling the person to stay away - she's suddenly and unmercifully electrocuted. Drill has chosen a vessel.

Wes finds Benavidez dead on the floor, with a very gruesome burn mark on her arm in the shape of a child's hand. He calls the Sec of Defense, explaining that the kids are feeling better because Drill got better... by finding a vessel. This makes the Sec of Defense almost giddy, knowing that Drill is trapped in a body. He has no problem killing a child off. Wes then rings Claire, telling her that she is allowed to come to the bunker, but only to help single out which child is Drill. Sean has to stay behind and we see again the random airport man watching the Bennigan house. He threatens someone on the phone that "if I don't hear from you in an hour, I'm making contact." Sean is about to meet mystery man, which I don't expect to be a good thing.

Claire arrives to the bunker and realizes that the task she is taking on might be one of the most daunting ones imaginable. The fact of the matter is that one of those children is already gone; Drill takes no prisoners.

There are so many children, how do you figure out which is Drill? She says to ask them simple questions, what their fears are, what they wish, and to see how spontaneous they are. It's not an interrogation, it's a conversation. She starts to speak to the kids, having them spill their secrets. Some oblige, no problems whatsoever. Others are hesitant, giving her hints as to if they're really a human child.

Sean shows up to FBI headquarters, seeing random airport man following him in the garage. Sean and Rollins sit the man down; he's Daniel Getz, a reporter for a Baltimore newspaper. He knows about Drill thanks to Benavidez, and threatens to inform the public of the electrical terrorist.

Claire keeps speaking with the children, watching their reactions, paying attention to how they move and what their answers are. Minx, Henry, and Harper all talk, and act out in different ways. Minx regrets everything, wanting to go back to before all the bad stuff happened. Claire agrees, she wishes she could go back too, a clear shout out to Wes about their unfortunate affair.

Silas is spoken with next, and he's beyond concerned about his mother. He says she can't be alone, he  needs to be home with her. All signs start to point to Silas as being the vessel when we see the finger of another child somewhere insert into a power socket, lighting it up like the 4th of July. Silas is scared shitless about exposing who Drill is, but Claire asks him to point to the photo of the child that is the vessel. On the table we see photos of Henry, Minx, the curly haired girl from earlier in the season and Harper...  when suddenly the alarms in the building go off. All of the kids are taken outside as a safety precaution. Minx is on a warpath and goes after Silas. A girl cuts inbetween them to break up the fight and Minx pushes her away. Claire and Wes break the fight up to see the girl has a burn mark on her arm where Minx pushed her away.

All the kids are circled around Minx and spookily point to her. We have our vessel, ladies and gentlemen... and shit is only about to get more complicated.


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