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There Are "Sinners And Saints" On This Week's The Originals

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


10/30/2013 10:39 am
PopWrapped | Television
There Are
Media Courtesy of The CW

Adele Fredeluces



“You’re the one they call honorable.” After being daggered and traded to Marcel, Elijah has awoken! In his truest fashion, the first thing he does is make a deal with the witch, Davina. Like the believer that he is, he trusts that both he and Davina could end the war between witches and vampires. Davina feels she has no reason to trust Elijah and she ends up provoking him with her blood. By the looks of it, the single drop of blood either made Elijah feel better or was laced with something magical. Klaus is still pissed off from last week’s events involving the extremist witches and Hayley. Sophie Deveraux claims she had nothing to do with the attack that went down, bringing up the vision Sabine had when tending to Hayley. Apparently, the hybrid child may or may not bring death upon all witches. Sophie gives the Mikaelson’s a look into her past and how the faction of extremist witches came about. Apparently Sophie wanted nothing to do with witchcraft; leaving town when she turned 21 and returning eight months ago to pursue her dream of being a chef. The Harvest – a ritual that happens every three centuries that keeps the ancestral magic flowing – was to take place and Sophie was having none of it. In a flashback, a witch named Monique was present along with other young witches including Davina. Davina seems to take some sort of interest in keeping Elijah close, hiding the fact that he was up from Marcel. She delves deeper into the Harvest story revealing that she left the coven before the Harvest ritual finished, disappointed in the elders for wanting more power. After the Harvest comes a reaping; if it isn’t completed all the witches will lose their power. A key thing to remember is that Davina’s death completes the ritual. Now I see why Marcel is hell bent on keeping her alive and well. Before investigating the bayou and the dead witches, Klaus and Marcel stop at a little bar and Marcel reveals how Davina came into his possession. This isn’t the first time he’s been hanging around with a witch. Sophie and Marcel hooked up on the down low. It’s funny how things can change in eight months. Sophie, still disapproving of the witches and the Harvest, went to Father Kieran who was also on her side. The witches were going too far according to Father K. To distract Father Kieran, they even put a hex on his nephew Sean (Cami’s twin brother) that made him lose his mind and conduct the massacre at the church. As we start to learn more about Davina’s past, I’m beginning to understand her. She’s just a 16 year old girl who wants to be free of her power; she wants to be normal. It also turns out that Monique, the young witch from the Harvest, was not only Davina’s best friend, but Sophie’s niece. At this point Davina and Sophie seem to have a common goal. Davina felt manipulated and vulnerable. As we get flashbacks to the Harvest - the elder witches were massacring the four chosen young witches contrary to what they had told them. Sophie tried to stop it, but failed to do so. Marcel, however, came before the ritual was complete and conducted his own massacre on the witches. The magic of the three witches that died before Davina had passed on to her and Marcel took her away from it all. “There was something about seeing Davina fight,” Marcel claimed. Clearly he saw a little bit of himself in Davina and Klaus seems to understand why Marcel was drawn to the young witch. After hearing the story from Davina, Elijah seems to sympathize with the powerful witch. Davina doesn’t want to be manipulated, but Elijah just wants to make a deal. In exchange for his freedom, he wants to help her control her power by providing her with his mother’s old spell books. She complies after an outstanding performance that convinces Marcel to keep her hidden away in the church. Father Kieran then goes off on Marcel about not sticking to the plan and getting Davina away from New Orleans. For a human, he’s clearly got some leverage over Marcel. Marcel seems to care less about the plan, but then Father K warns him to stay away from his niece, aka Cami. Another war might begin. While Rebekah and Hayley are home from their trip to the bayou, Rebekah instills the notion of family onto Hayley. They are there to protect the pregnant wolf, no matter what. Elijah then returns home and Rebekah rejoices – “Always and forever. Family above everything” starts to repeat over and over in my mind. Elijah and Hayley share a moment and I have a hunch that there is going to be so much more to their relationship. The moment is ruined when Hayley slaps Elijah in the face. “Don’t make promises you can’t keep,” she says then smirks and walks away. Elijah is drawn to Hayley and I’m thinking it’s more than just the baby. Remember when I said earlier that Sophie and Davina seemed to have a common goal, well scratch that. After the Harvest ritual, Sophie began to believe in it. The plan to bring the Original family back to New Orleans was orchestrated by her and her sister. Sophie wants Davina dead to complete the ritual so that her niece would be brought back to life – Family above everything. Alliances are shifting and I don’t know whose side to choose.


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