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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

There Was An Unblinking Death On This Week's The Originals

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


04/23/2014 1:18 pm
PopWrapped | Television
There Was An Unblinking Death On This Week's The Originals
Media Courtesy of Google images

Adele Fredeluces

Staff Writer


Following Marcel's massacre at the witches' party, this week another massacre targets a different faction and the hex on Father Kieran takes a really bad turn. Father K is getting worse and who better to visit him that the dead witch elder, Bastianna. Cami and Josh try to help him, but all he sees is the dead witch and his dead nephew. Cami is desperate to "fix" her uncle. She thinks shock therapy is the answer, but that doesn't seem to promising. I think a witch's hex is far more powerful than an electrically induced treatment. She tells Marcel of her troubles and he offers to break the exile that was placed upon him to be there for her, but Cami refuses. Marcel even has the guts to call Klaus to tell him to help Cami. When it comes to Cami, the boys forget their little feud. Klaus looking for his mother's grim war, but Elijah has hidden it to prevent Klaus from helping the wolves. He still doesn't trust the alliance his hybrid brother made because it interferes with the peace treaty. But since he can't get through to his brother, Elijah makes his way to the bayou to sway the werewolves. Elijah confronts the werewolf conspirators and warns them not to side with Klaus. Jackson explains they don't care as long as they are able to control their "curse" or according to Oliver, their "gift". During this confrontation, a motorcyclist pays them a visit. It turns out he was on a mission as a suicide bomber.  Wolfsbane happened to be in the gas tank, but luckily no one had died. Oliver thinks it was the vampires and is clearly pissed. Hayley's pissed too and is determined to find Marcel. After his stunt last week, it's easy to pinpoint it on Marcel, but the wolves have many enemies in New Orleans While Hayley's off, she puts Elijah in charge and asks him to take care of everyone. Other bombs are placed around the bayou and go off injuring many and taking several lives. Hayley and Marcel finally talk face to face. Marcel brings up Hayley's family and past, explaining that her family had a lot of enemies back in the day, including other packs of wolves. He reveals that he was the one who saved her when she was a baby. Marcel gives a little input on who the biker was working for. Let's just say, the human faction is determined to take back the city. At this point, who can you trust? Klaus continues to prepare Cami for her uncle's impending death. Cami doesn't feel that this is the way her Uncle Kieran should go and asks Klaus to feed Father K his blood. Once Father K dies, he becomes in transition to become a vampire, which is quite ironic. Kieran has the choice to feed to remain a vampire or die. Klaus knows what choice Father K will make. "Turning him wasn't the goal, it was giving you a chance to say goodbye." Oliver is shady. I definitely didn't think he would turn on his pack, but he seems to be easily swayed by the idea of having power. He reveals to Eve that he  wanted to make some noise and turn the attention to him as a leader. He even worked with others to stage the explosions, but it went farther than what he expected. He's said too much and murders Eve to keep her quiet. Oliver makes his move for power, taking Hayley by surprise. Father Kieran and Cami have their moment to say their goodbyes. Father K makes the choice to die during transition instead of becoming a vampire. But just when you think, Father K will die peacefully in his attic, Genevieve drops the bomb and reveals to Klaus that the hex is much stronger than they think. While Father K prepares to die, the hex and hallucinations decide to come back. When he tries to kill himself before suffering again, Bastianna visits and manages to convince him to sacrifice the one thing he holds dear to his heart aka Cami. He goes to attack Cami, who is praying in the church, and she is scared for her life. However, Klaus comes just in time and takes Father Kieran's life for good. While Klaus saves the day, Cami seeks comfort in Marcel. Klaus ends up granting Marcel 24 hours to return to the quarter. Before Father Kieran died, he told Cami about the key that was always around his neck and how important it is to their family. It disappeared amongst the madness, but really Josh just stole it for Marcel. It makes you wonder what's so important about this key and who'll benefit from it. The final scene takes us back to the beginning of the episode. While Elijah and Klaus were arguing about sides and alliances in the beginning, things shift by the end. Being in the bayou with the wolves changed that and Elijah's mantra becomes clear again: "Family above all." If he has to choose a side, he chooses to be by Klaus' side.

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