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There Was "Chaos Rising" In Last Night's Episode Of "Teen Wolf"!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


06/11/2013 9:33 pm
There Was

Caitlin Swift
Staff Writer

We’re two weeks into to Teen Wolf’s return and I couldn’t be happier. Between Stiles’ comedic relief and the show’s campy soft-core porn tendencies I could not ask for more. This week we jump right back into trying to figure out what the hell is going on with this supreme Alpha pack.


Allison is still hung up on the awkward pattern that her and Lydia’s bruise makes. She heads off to find Scott who is busy being Stiles’ wingman. The cards are in our little court jester’s favor as the birthday girl Heather plans on swiping his v-card. Unfortunately for him the universe has other plans and while he’s getting protection his lady friend is taken.


Meanwhile Derek and Isaac are trying to piece together where Boyd and Erika are. Derek begrudgingly calls Peter for help. Isaac sits down as Peter prepares to use his memories to uncover clues. We’re able to make out Boyd but everything else is hazy; Deucalion was there in all his evil glory. They have until tomorrow night to get a plan together.


Scott takes Allison and Lydia to Derek to try to gain more clarity about the symbol. There is clearly bad blood between Derek and Allison and the situation gets tense. Scott’s been holding out what Allison’s mother was up to the night that she died. Derek is none too pleased about this. Scott sees the twins in the hall and his wolf-y senses start a-tingling. He knows something is up.


In one of the funniest scenes this season we get Coach back. More importantly, Stiles manages to whip his XXL condom out of his pocket in front of the whole class. Someone may be making some new lady friends soon. The class learns about risk and rewards - which strikes a chord with Scott. In the middle of this lesson we learn of Heather’s disappearance and that he was the last to be seen with her. Uh Oh.


The boys call in the help of Dr. Deaton to try to further explore Isaac’s memories. His method? A tub full of ice to slow his heart rate down to near death. All I gathered from this scene was what pretty eyes Isaac has, but I digress; we actually do learn something they are at Beacon Hills First National Bank. However Isaac doesn’t remember what he said before he came to. He said that he was dragged into room and there was a body, and it was… Erika…


We learn that the female with Boyd is not Erika and also not the motorcycle chick. The boys attempt to but fail at pulling an all nighter in order to figure out how the bank was originally broken into. And it looks like Stiles’ dad may have the answers. Allison is on to the bank as well and plans on doing some research of her own.


Derek, Scott, and Stiles meet up to discuss their plan to get into the bank. Stiles’ plan is a bit more elaborate but they settle with Derek punching through the wall. Peter opts out of the fight because he isn’t back to his full strength. He thinks the team is not ready. The word “risk” is thrown around… Hmmm. Just what Coach was talking about. The more you know Teen Wolf, the more you know.


Allison is able to break into the bank and is greeted by Ms. Morrell, who quickly pushes her into a supply closest and tells her not to emerge until she hears the fighting begin. There is a moment when I almost thought she was wolf meat. That female Alpha was pulling a Britney Spears, walking around barefoot and tapping her gross dagger toenails. Luckily for Allison she kept on going.


Derek and Peter come to a nasty realization about why the Alphas chose the bank - it’s what the vault is made out of. Scott, at the last second, decides to weigh out the risk vs. reward. It’s crunch time, Scotty; you’re a little late. Derek goes ahead with his plan. At the same moment Peter tells Stiles to get Scott on the phone. The two captive wolves aren’t going to kill each other but they’re going to kill Scott and Derek.


The pair comes face to face with Boyd, and he looks nasty. Stiles calls Scott to let him in on their newfound knowledge - the mineral in the walls scatters the moonlight, which basically starves the werewolves. They are primed and ready to kill. The next jaw-dropper is we meet Cora, Derek’s little sister. Ms. Morrell joins the party and ups the ante by locking them in a ring of death. She doesn’t stay to watch the bloodshed and instead takes off with Deucalion.


Allison emerges from hiding and breaks the ring, sending Boyd and Cora off into the night. Derek is pissed; he would rather risk his life then the lives of others. Allison’s only interest is in helping Scott. Derek lashes out and lets it slip about Allison’s mother. We’re left in a tense moment where Scott has to decide if he’s going to come clean.


The episode closes with Lydia screaming due to some sort of night terror. Is it Monday again yet?!


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