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There Were 'Rash Decisions' On This Week's Modern Family

Abbie Sedgeman | PopWrapped Author

Abbie Sedgeman

03/22/2015 10:25 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
There Were 'Rash Decisions' On This Week's Modern Family | Modern Family
Media Courtesy of Facebook
Modern Family returned this week, and the main storyline fell on the Pritchett household. Joe has a rash which is concluded to be an allergy, which Gloria assumes to be an allergy to Jay's pampered pooch, Stella. She decides they need to be separate for seven days. Cam takes to Stella quickly, making Jay jealous of the amount of love Cam gives her, including a new collar and a French Bulldog t-shirt for Cam to wear. After 7 days, Joe's rash had cleared up, so Jay takes a steak dinner to Mitch and Cam's to give to Stella, and leaves her there after a tearful goodbye. Jay jubilantly returns his dog home when it is revealed to be Gloria's face cream that Joe is allergic to, not Stella. Phil is training Andy to be a real-estate agent, testing his knowledge. He allows him to take control of an open house that is coming up. When Luke turns down an opportunity to accompany Phil to the mall, he takes Andy instead and Luke gradually becomes more and more left out until Phil snubs him at a mock open house saying, "Yeah pretend to be my son!" Alex is preparing for a Princeton interview, which Haley drove her to. While she waited, Haley kept repeating a story on the phone of something that happened to her the night before. When Alex's interview begins going downhill, she uses the same story to make herself stand out from all of the other 'debate team-orchestra' applicants. Mitch has taken a week off from the office to do freelance legal work for Jay's closet company, trying to loosen up and stop being the office 'nag'. Much to Claire's disbelief, Mitch settles in well and is able to have a laugh with the workers, attending their parties--which Claire was not invited to. As Claire realises that everyone hates her, and probably because she has to nag on Jay's behalf, Mitch steps up and does the nagging for her, embracing his former position. Let us know below what you thought of this week's episode!

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