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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

There's A Girl In New Orleans On This Weeks The Originals

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


10/23/2013 9:36 am
PopWrapped | Television
There's A Girl In New Orleans On This Weeks The Originals
Media Courtesy of The CW

Adele Fredeluces

Staff Writer

Evil is an appropriate response to an unfair world, according to Klaus. During last week’s episode, it seemed as though Klaus was harboring some more than friendly feelings for bartender Cami. But for now, she’s simply a pawn in his game against Marcel. Klaus updates the blonde bartender on the little war going on between him and Marcel. The word “vampire” is thrown around, but Klaus tells her not to be afraid. He recruits Cami, and by recruit I mean he uses compulsion. This is the beginning of a beautiful relationship. Meanwhile, Davina is stuck in her attic trying to figure how to kill an Original vampire. She’s getting nowhere and she needs a little time away from her current home and wants to attend the music festival happening that night. Marcel won’t allow it, but Davina shows him what a little witch she is. He caves after she makes his blood boil, literally, but under the condition she hangs out with a friend of his aka Cami the curious bartender. It seems like it’s all working out for Klaus. A witch named Agnes suggests that Hayley should go get a check up by a special doctor in the bayou after hours. I’m sitting here thinking it would be much safer for someone to come to Hayley, especially with what happened last week with the other witch. Taking care of Hayley isn’t on the top of Rebekah’s priority list, but finding Elijah remains there as she continues her search for the infamous attic. Marcel makes his rules clear for the music festival. No witches and no Originals; keep Cami and her little friend aka Davina safe. But little does he know Davina has her motives for going to this music festival – an adorable curly haired boy named Tim who plays a mean violin. Rebekah’s search is over. She enters a church and meets Father Kieran, who then tells her of a massacre that took place there (We learn later that the boy who committed the massacre was her Cali’s twin brother). She compels him to tell her where the attic is and alas, Elijah is there. He’s not awake, but he manages to communicate with her through a memory. Rebekah seems to think it’s over, but Elijah doesn’t want to leave. Like the Elijah, we all know, he believes he can get through to her. And it all goes back to keeping Hayley safe and having a true family for Klaus. Hayley’s going through her check up, but the witches have another plan for her – an attack or should I say assassination. Rebekah tries to save her, but her attackers get to both of them shooting them with arrows. Klaus gets to Tim and uses him to get to Davina. They share a sweet moment in the creepy church, but their young love connection is broken by the Original Hybrid. Klaus makes a proposal – change alliances to Klaus and gain freedom or else her precious Tim dies. She’s not having any of it and her power kicks in and blows Klaus away. From the looks of it, she can’t handle all the power. Tim’s life is at stake and Klaus saves him in return for a future favor. Davina obliges and now she seems pissed that Marcel got her into this mess. Rebekah and Klaus have no idea who took Hayley, but she returns with no scratch on her. Turns out her hybrid baby healed her and the werewolf we saw last week kept her safe. Alliances are definitely shifting. Trust no witch. In the second to last scene, Klaus visits Cami who is distraught and determined to find out what really happened to her brother. She believes that maybe someone compelled him to snap. But she forgets it all as Klaus looks into her eyes and tells her that “there is no evil. No demons. And all people desire… only to be good.” Next week, we’ll see Elijah work his charm on Davina. I wonder how well that’ll go.


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