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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

There's A "Moon Over Bourbon Street" In This Week's The Originals

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


03/19/2014 4:07 pm
PopWrapped | Television

Adele Fredeluces

Staff Writer @itsadeleee

Last week, Klaus set Rebekah free after feeling betrayed by his younger sister; Elijah exiled Marcel from the Quarter, and Davina awoke from her death. This week, a party is thrown and new alliances are formed. Since Rebekah and Marcel have left, Klaus has been hooking up with the enemy, Genevieve. Since she revealed the betrayal, Genevieve seems to have some kind of hold on the hybrid. Elijah is not amused and wants to kick his brother back into shape, to rebuild the city they once called their home. Klaus doesn't seem too interested. “If you won't do anything, I will.” Looks like there may be a new King in town and he wants to play nice with the rest of the supernatural beings of the quarter. Davina isn't fitting in with her old witch pals and her power doesn't seem to be working. Monique calls her out, telling her that she isn't trying at all and that she doesn't belong there. I'm not liking Monique's attitude one bit. In the bayou, Hayley's clan is celebrating. The potion Celeste provided her with actually worked and her Crescent pack is back to being human – no full moon needed. Jackson shares a few moments with his almost werewolf wife-to-be, but Oli, the werewolf that hooked up with Rebekah, decides to ruin the moment with news of Elijah's power summit. Vampires and Witches were invited, but no invite was extended to the wolves in the bayou. Hayley is disappointed in Elijah's failure to mention this special meeting and ends up crashing it. She makes threats, defending her clan, but none of the other seat holders care to include the werewolves. Elijah wants Hayley to return back to the Original family's home, but Hayley thinks that it is not a safe environment for her daughter. Cami interrupts Klaus' romp with Genevieve, requesting that he gets the witch to take the hex off her Uncle Kieran. Klaus was quick to turn her down, saying there is nothing magic can do to reverse it. Cami storms off fed up with Klaus' lack of family concept. Marcel recruits his past BFF Thierry to try and form an army to take back the city. But this time, Thierry isn't so easily swayed. Francesca, whose family has been part of the human faction for years, wants to take Father Kieran's seat and ultimately makes a threat to Elijah if she doesn't get her way. I'm sitting here wondering what tricks she has up her sleeves. Elijah is still bothered by his younger brother's antics and his disinterest in bringing peace to the Quarter. However, Klaus does bring up the werewolves and how they should have a seat at the table. Elijah's hesitance is due to the others' lack of harmony, and Klaus suggests to throw a party to sway their decisions. The witches, werewolves and vampires make their entrance to the Mikaelson party. Elijah wants to keep peace at his party. He stops Diego from being aggressive towards the werewolves and welcomes Jackson to his home. Elijah, however, makes it a point to let him know that no one squashes his peace treaty. And if so, he'll make that person/group's life/lives a living hell. Jackson wanders and enters Klaus' den. Instead of taking his life, Klaus plays nice and offers him a gift. He wants the wolves to take back their lives in the city. He mutters something about werewolves and their sense of family unity, but I'm still wondering what Klaus' angle is. He then reveals a ring his mother crafted that he assumes works just like a daylight ring does on vampires – for werewolves it will shield them from the full moon. This ring peaks Jackson's interest: “What do I have to do?”
Courtesy of Bob Mahoney/The CW Courtesy of Bob Mahoney/The CW
All seems to go well between Hayley and Elijah as they share a dance together, but then the Original vampire continue to push Hayley to decide between returning to the compound or staying in the bayou. Jackson comes in between and the tension thickens. Francesca seems to love drama and wants all the attention on her. She keeps telling Elijah that she'll help keep the peace, but triggers an argument between Diego and Oliver. It's the first vampire vs. werewolf fight of the night, but Elijah ends it. He aggressively tells Oliver that the fight needs to end, but he turns around to find Jackson threatening Diego with a stake to his heart. Hayley then intervenes, which ends all the madness. “Everyone here deserves to die...If our families can't create some sort of community, then what's the point? Kill each other and get it over with,” she speaks up. She definitely has a point. I've missed Josh and Davina's friendship. It's refreshing to see a simple young friendship without all the drama! After Marcel paid a visit to Josh, the newbie vampire convinces Davina to finally embrace who she is, to practice her magic and become the strong witch she was meant to be. More alliances are made. Marcel and Cami hook up, again I think Rebekah seems to have been forgotten. From the looks of it, Genevieve has been spying on Cami and might have some news to share with Klaus in the near future. However, Marcel doesn't sweat it. He has “everything to gain and nothing to lose,” just like what he had before. This is what sways Thierry to rejoin his army and one by one Marcel aims to gain the trust of others. All representatives from each faction sign the peace treaty drafted by Elijah, even Klaus. However, Elijah is unaware that his younger brother has a different plan in mind. This time, he made a deal with the other half of his family, the werewolves. Jackson is overly excited with this deal explaining to his friend that they would be the superior faction and would succeed in taking over the city once again if Klaus' plan works. Klaus didn't get familial love from his Vampire family and now it seems he's looking to the other half. I can't wait to see what Hayley will think of all of this.

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