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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

​There's "A Whole World Out There" In This Week's Episode Of 'Constantine'

Lazaros Balakos | PopWrapped Author

Lazaros Balakos

03/09/2015 10:27 pm
PopWrapped | Television
After last week’s Chas-centric “Quid Pro Quo”, Constantine returns for another episode, bringing the season finale even closer. With only another couple of episodes in the bag and no update on the series status, let’s simply break down “A Whole World Out There” and enjoy the moment. It all starts with a gang of friends performing a ritual at the cemetery, which gets them all at different rooms of a house, vision-style. Right before the trouble begins though, a scream caused by a villain’s appearance brings them back to reality, totally frightened. John is found in the lair, smoking and drinking while staring at a mirror that shows the past, with his late friend Gary. Soon, he’s interrupted by Manny, who gives a hint that a friend of his needs help. So there he goes, paying a visit to an old pal. Moments later, a guy from the cemetery kids named Carter is visited by the villain from earlier through a window and he’s killed in some kind of vision, before found dead in reality as well. Ritchie, John’s old friend who had no intention of meeting him ever again, is informed that he might just be in great danger, before they’re hit by the news of the poor guy’s death. A girl from the company, Lily, also sees the man in her mirror, telling her friend Miranda who doesn’t believe a thing. With the hellblazer and his mate in action, they get hands on the police’s notes and talk to Lily. Even though she does thell them about their little adventure at the cemetery, she’s hiding something and so does Ritchie. Mr. Constantine visits the cemetery and Manny joins him for a few words about the past, with the former soon discovering an Egyptian ritual’s marks. Meanwhile, Miranda is visited by the bad guy from before and tries to escape from the vision he takes her to. It turns out those kids were travelling out of their bodies, as we discover from John and Ritchie’s conversation about a man named Shaw. That one shot his protege and died later, with his soul allegedly living in a different dimension. The last couple of Ritchie’s students that live in reality attempt finding Miranda, with Lily visiting the gym and the other one, the professor’s protege Adam, attempting to go back to the house from the ritual to look for her, something John and his pal are trying to avoid from happening. As the two of them discuss Shaw’s theory that death in another dimension equals to death in the world’s actual one, Ritchie reveals that Adam had access to Shaw’s theories because of some Nobel-worthy piece of work they were into and the gate had to be closed before the rising darkness takes more. Adam performs the ritual again and finds Miranda in the house from before, injured badly, while Lily finds her dead at the gym. As John and Ritchie get to the cemetery and find Adam’s body, Shaw himself turns out to be the bad guy and kills him in the other dimension, despite the duo’s efforts to wake him up. The two rush to Lily’s place and she tells them about the house of they visited. At the same time, we see Carter, Miranda and Adam trapped in it. Even though it is all Shaw’s reality and not theirs, the suffering and pain is proved to be pretty real there as well. John takes Ritchie and Lily to his team’s lair for safety, but the latter takes out her phone to call her mother and the reflection on the screen takes her to Shaw’s dimension. Even though she tries to leave that house of his, it turns out that it’s surrounded by an endless desert. She soon finds Adam, who tells her about the game of hunting, killing, reviving and right from the start, but wants to help her escape. Ritchie and John perform the ritual and get to Shaw’s house, managing to find each other in it. The former reveals that he can create his own thing out of this different dimension, but Shaw has unfortunately found them already. As the bastard hurts them, Constantine gets his friend to focus and recreate that world. Out of nowhere, he brings the sun to it and causes the bad guy to literally vanish. Soon as they get Lily, they make their sweet escape without her already killed pals. As Lily returns to reality and John prepares to do the same, Ritchie thinks it’d be better if he stayed in that kind of world. However, both of them end up waking up alive and well. The demon slayer goes back to drinking at his couch, in front of the mirror that shows the past, while his old friend gives his class a speech about the nirvana kind of enlightment and the existence of suffering at all states. So that’s it mates! See you next week for the semi-final episode of Constantine.
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