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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

There's A New Sister In Town On The Season Premier Of Grey's Anatomy

Christa Tintelnot | PopWrapped Author

Christa Tintelnot

09/26/2014 4:31 pm
PopWrapped | Television
There's A New Sister In Town On The Season Premier Of Grey's Anatomy | Grey's Anatomy
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Hello Grey's Anatomy fans! Are you as excited as I am for the start of the 11th(!?!) season? This is our first season without Cristina, Meredith's first foray into the hospital world without her person and who will take a seat at the board?  Join me as we see how all of this plays out on the first episode of the 11th season, "I Must Have Lost It on the Wind": The season begins with Meredith walking into her old home. The same old home where Alex and Jo live now. She makes her way upstairs, kicks Jo out of bed and gets in bed with Alex. Obviously she has some things to discuss. After all of the events of the episode, Alex tells Meredith they are going to drink.  He said Cristina left him her shares, her seat and she left him Meredith. He offers to be there if she needs someone and she says, "my person." They hug. Richard and Amelia Richard is at his AA meeting, telling the group that he has found out he has a daughter, he thinks. While talking, he looks out into the crowd and makes eye contact with Amelia, also at this meeting. #Awkward. Later, they meet at the hospital with Richard asking Amelia to keep things quiet. She asks the same of him, saying that even Derek doesn't know about the meetings. Meredith and Maggie At the hospital, April believes that Owen is having a difficult time now that Cristina is gone and tries to force Jackson to be his friend. At the same time, Meredith and Maggie, her sister she knows nothing about (what is this, the third?) meet for the first time on the roof as they are attempting to unload a patient from the helicopter. It is extremely windy and the gurney, which was brought to the helipad, is blown from the roof with a crash. Maggie and Meredith are working on the patient from the helicopter. Maggie almost immediately asks her if Ellis Grey is her mother. Meredith, looking a bit annoyed, says yes. After they work on him a bit, they have a difference of opinion on his treatment and it seems, for the time being, Meredith wins out. Meredith and Owen soon attempt to get the patient through the CT machine, but he tells them he has to go find his family, who has been lost in the desert for about three days. Meredith tells him, based on his dehydration and malnutrition it has likely been one or two months. However, she was able to get more information about where his family was located and he was looking in the wrong spot. In surgery on the man, he goes into cardiac arrest, and Maggie makes a very dramatic entrance. She and Meredith exchange words with Maggie saying, "I have a duty to help this patient, not kiss your ass." And...Edwards loses the poor guy's kidney...Meredith blames Maggie for bossing Edwards around and Owen has to step in. Fortunately, Edwards finds the kidney in the sink. #Logicalplace The man made it through surgery, but just wants to sleep...because that is where he sees his family. In the break room, the literal sisters from different misters are fighting. Richard listens by the door. To sum it up, they were both disrespected and they both don't like each other. Maggie then takes her frustration out on the candy machine and Richard tells her he knows they are sisters. Maggie, however, says "I found my sister, and I hate her." News comes in about the man's family...they are alive and at the hospital, running into his room to see him. Callie and Arizona Callie and Arizona are discussing surrogates. Callie is having doubts, but their conversation is interrupted by Owen running past to check on the fallen gurney. It fell on a van and people are inside. Turns out, it is a teen patient, Dave, who is at the hospital for chemo. He was also having sex with his girlfriend, Monica when the gurney fell, leaving them both in a predicament. The fire department is called in to try to remove Dave and his companion. They get them out to find Monica has a serious head wound. Turns out she needs some stitches and Dave has a broken collar bone. His mother is there too, and she is not happy. This leads to Callie and Arizona getting in another conversation about parenting only to get interrupted by Geena Davis!  Okay, just Geena Davis playing Dr. Herman. She wants Arizona to apply for the fellowship she has open. Callie and Jo go back to Dave and Monica. Jo shaves Monica's hair in order to take care of the stitches, but as she goes to get the suture kit, Monica starts staring off into space, unresponsive. Callie tells Jo to get Derek. Monica has a brain bleed from the head trauma. Derek takes her into surgery but it doesn't look good. Callie and Dave's mom are talking about Monica as they wait for her parents. Dave overhears and is understandably upset as he doesn't know how to tell her parents what happened. Monica finally wakes up with Dave, Dave's mom, Callie and Arizona at her side. This again allows the wives to start talking about surrogacy again. Callie is ready to go with surrogacy, Arizona, however, wants to take the opportunity from Dr. Herman...which means no baby. Alex and Bailey In the board room, Alex and Bailey are sitting across from each other at the table when Jackson comes in to let them know the board meeting has been postponed. Bailey tells Jackson that Richard is recommending her for Cristina's seat, which comes as a surprise to Alex. He wastes no time showing them the letter from Cristina, along with the share certificates. Bailey doesn't take it well and Jackson says he will talk to legal. Alex and Bailey meet again in the hallway. Alex tells her that Cristina gave him the shares for a reason. Bailey shakes his hand and says "May the best surgeon win." Jackson and Owen...and Richard...and Derek Jackson officially asks Owen to go out after work as April asked him to. Owen says he will let him know. #Jowen Richard also asks Owen to hang out with him. #Rowen Derek finally finds Owen and tells him that April has been approaching all the guys to set up man-dates with him. Shepherd/Shepherd The two Dr. Shepherds are doing a surgery together, chatting about Meredith wanting to stay in Seattle. As Amelia says, they will be "live-apart-ners" and that it will be hard to get laid when Meredith is here and he is in D.C. #Sisterwisdom The Board The board finally meets with Jackson explaining that Cristina left her shares, and seat, to Alex, but the closest rule they have is to vote and majority rules. He thinks, however, that they should let Alex and Bailey fight it out. Jackson then meets with Richard and gives him a box. It contains the ring he was going to give to Catherine. Alex and Meredith end up at the bar with Jo and Edwards a few tables over. Jo is complaining that Meredith "widowed" her from Alex. Derek shows up and tells her he called the White House and resigned. Meredith says she needs a drink, goes to the bar and orders a the same time Maggie, who is also at the bar, orders the same.

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