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Things are "Too Close For Comfort" On This Week's Carrie Diaries

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


11/25/2013 7:36 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Things are
Media Courtesy of The CW

Elena Butler

Staff Writer

The inevitable happened on last Friday’s episode of The Carrie Diaries.  Miss Bradshaw finally gave up her V card and it wasn’t to blue-eyed, pucker-lipped Sebastian Kydd.  Maybe I was wrong about Weaver and he’s actually going to be sticking around for a while.  While Carrie was dealing with getting close to Weaver and letting go of Sebastian, Dorrit was busy trying to separate herself from a suffocating Miller.  Samantha’s storyline dealt with her own personal fear of being hurt, while Mouse had to watch from the sidelines as Donna and West reveled in their popularity.  Find out what else happened in this episode, as I break it down for you piece by piece.  You won’t be disappointed, it was one of the best ones yet! Before the sex and before the city... Dorrit was not okay with Miller coming over and becoming BFFs with her dad.  Larissa read Samantha like a book and told her she pretended to be strong but was just afraid to connect with people.  Sebastian hooked up with an older woman—Vicky—in an effort to distract himself from thinking about Carrie.  Carrie found a distraction of her own in playwright “it” boy Adam Weaver. “Too Close for Comfort” picks up with Carrie and Weaver connecting at an intimate level by conversing on his bed.  But the level of intimacy stops there because they’re actually partaking in one of Weaver’s parties.  Samantha is there too and wastes no time hitting on the bartender but not before telling Carrie and Weaver to “get a room” or in this case, kick everyone out.  It’s obvious they’re both really into each other.  Eventually, the party dies down until Carrie and Weaver are left all alone.  The topic of Carrie’s “diary” comes up and she defends it by calling it a “journal.”  Both agree that her journal and his screenplays are very intimate and they can’t share it with other people, not even each other.  When Carrie asks what his new play is about his reply leaves her speechless and her jaw literally drops.  It’s about his ex-girlfriend, Katia. The next day, Carrie gets together for lunch with Samantha and Mouse.  They discuss the whole Katia situation and how uncomfortable Carrie feels about him dedicating a whole play to the memory of his ex.  Samantha makes a comment about a three-way—because of course she would—and Carrie reveals they haven’t had sex yet.  She’s planning to hide the fact that she’s a virgin since that didn’t go down so well with Sebastian.  Carrie doesn’t want the pressure of being judged.  Mouse advices Carrie to cut all ties with Sebastian in order to stay away from compromising situations.  I love how Samantha offers her two cents on the matter by stating that she had to quit Spanish after sleeping with “Señor Gomez.”  And isn’t it scary how believable this actually is? Samantha leaves the restaurant to go to her new job.  Mouse and Carrie ponder what her new job must be—call girl or stripper?  The answer is neither.  Samantha is actually a nude model for an art class, which has proven to be good for the class since according to the instructor, enrollment has tripled since she got the job.  Meanwhile in Castlebury, Sebastian is having lunch with his mom and feeling odd about her wanting to spend time with him.  The reason for her invitation is to inform him that she’s getting married to her 24-year-old tennis instructor.  Sebastian is worried the guy is just after her for her money. At the high school, Miller pays Dorrit a visit and starts acting like a possessive, jealous boyfriend—run, Dorrit! Run!  He tells her to stay away from one of her classmates, who happens to be just a friend and helps Dorrit out in school.  He invites Dorrit over to his house since his parents are away while his house gets renovated but she doesn’t like the idea.  When he leaves, Donna tells Dorrit that Miller is a “smotherer” and gets her thinking.  Somewhere else in school, Carrie is trying her best to keep away from Sebastian—aside from the occasional nod—but he breaks the rules once again and approaches her for help.  He’s wondering if her dad could advice him about her mother’s marriage and about protecting her finances.  Mouse catches them talking and reminds Carrie that she needs to stay away and not get involved with him.  Carrie brings up Katia again and Mouse tells her to ask Weaver about her. Later, Mouse—who’s president of the Homecoming committee and in charge of the float—asks West his opinion on her work-in-progress.  She gets annoyed when he suggests more glitter and rants about it being messy.  The announcement comes in that Homecoming King and Queen are in fact Thomas West and Donna LaDonna.  West’s friends take him away to celebrate and Mouse is left all alone wondering if he’ll have time to help her finish the float. Back in the city, Samantha is thanking the art instructor for giving her a job and a place to stay—she’s living in the art studio—when she sees one of the paintings.  It’s her with a broken heart and the instructor tells her the artist—Gordon—must see her as a wounded person with sadness.  This doesn’t sit well with Samantha.  A few days later, she confronts Gordon in an effort to prove him wrong.  She ends up sleeping with him but he reveals the broken heart represents him not Samantha.  He recently broke up with his girlfriend and the poor guy is still hurting.  Gordon starts crying and this makes Samantha very uncomfortable.  “Dude. You need to grow a pair,” she says, feeling really out of place. In Castlebury, Sebastian and Tom are having a conversation about his mother’s marriage.  Tom realizes he’s really a good kid and judged him wrong the first time around.  He gives Sebastian information about other lawyers who specialize in prenups.  Carrie comes home covered in paint after helping Mouse with the float.  Sebastian gets a little too close for comfort (see what I did there?) when he acknowledges the paint in her hair.  As they’re talking, Weaver calls Carrie and she lies to both her dad and Sebastian by telling them that he’s just a coworker at Interview.  And when Weaver asks who Carrie was talking to, she tells him Sebastian was just one of her dad’s clients, which technically isn’t a lie.  Weaver and Carrie make plans to go on a date that weekend. The next day at school, Mouse once again gives Carrie advice about her relationship with Sebastian.  She knows that things aren’t going to end well if she continues to see him.  Mouse goes off to finish the float, expressing a bit of jealousy at the fact that West and Donna are King and Queen.  Carrie tells her not to worry because West is too cool to be attracted to someone like Donna.  Later, Donna and West find Mouse working on the pumpkin float and Donna complains about the color, asking her to at least put glitter on it.  The word “glitter” sets Mouse off and she gets angry and walks away.  She tells West that she feels like people don’t like her because she’s not popular.  Back at the Bradshaw residence, Dorrit arrives from school to find Miller planning dinner with her dad.  Tom knows that Miller’s parents are out of town and his house is getting renovated, so he invites him to stay with them for the week. Meanwhile, Carrie runs into Sebastian at the Diner and even though she tries to ignore him, she fails and goes up to him.  Sebastian tells her that his mom was not okay with him suggesting a prenup and that he needs to be at her wedding in order to avoid her cutting him out of her life.  Carrie offers to go with him for support but then she finds out it’s the same day she’s having her date with Weaver.  She tells Sebastian she can still make it since her “work thing” is happening during the day and his mom’s wedding is at night. Saturday arrives and Carrie is in Manhattan spending time with Weaver.  They’re sightseeing and he’s telling her about the history of the Brooklyn Bridge when she suddenly asks the question, “Are you still in love with Katia?”  Weaver tells her his ex was a “psycho bitch” and he wasn’t the best person at the time either.  His play is a way of letting go of all that.  He tells Carrie it’s not possible to move on while still being involved with an ex.  Uh oh!  It suddenly starts to rain and they have to hurry back to his parent’s house, Weaver mentions that they’re out of town—wink, wink.  He gives Carrie some of his clothes to wear and she asks him to go upstairs and grab the banana in her purse because she’s starving.  And I thought I was a weirdo for packing an apple in my purse from time to time. Back in Castlebury, Donna walks into the Diner and joins Dorrit who’s sitting alone at a table.  She tells Donna about Miller moving into her house and reveals that she doesn’t feel like she’s in love with him anymore.  Everything about him makes her sick nowadays and Donna has the perfect explanation for that.  “He curdled.  All men have expiration dates like milk.”  She tells Dorrit, suggesting that it’s time to toss Miller out.  When she returns home, she finds him and Tom rocking out to music and it doesn’t help the situation.  She breaks up with him and kicks him out of her house.  Later, she warns Tom not to become friends with any of her boyfriends again.  It’s funny how Tom’s the one who seems more upset over the breakup than Dorrit. We head back to the city where Carrie walks into Weaver doing the unspeakable.  He not only found her banana but also her journal and he’s reading it.  Oops!  He apologizes and says he has no idea what came over him.  He realizes he was the one who said that some things are too intimate to share with others but he just wants to know everything about her.  Carrie thinks he read the part about Sebastian but turns out he only found out she’s still a virgin and was keeping it from him.  He gives her this amazing, beautiful speech about the first time being a big deal and wanting it to be special for her.  His words are enough for Carrie to want to do it right then and she has sex with him for the first time.  Afterwards, she jokes by asking if they’re getting married that night and when Weaver goes along with it and mentions a chapel, Carrie remembers she told Sebastian she’d accompany him to his mother’s wedding. Back in Castlebury, a lonely and sad Sebastian is looking at the door waiting for Carrie to make her entrance.  It’s not fair, I love Weaver but Sebastian’s puppy face makes me wish Carrie would actually show up.  Turns out she missed her train from the city and called Mouse to go in her place.  Sebastian appreciates Mouse showing up but there’s evident disappointment on his face at the fact that Carrie isn’t there with him. Meanwhile, Carrie and Weaver are being super adorable, talking about the grilled cheese sandwiches they just had when she finally comes clean about Sebastian.  She tells him about the plans she had to go with him to his mom’s wedding but admits that she’s glad she missed her train.  Carrie wants to be with Weaver and therefore is going to shut the door to any sort of contact with Sebastian.  They kiss and go for a round two. The next day, West and Mouse meet up at the Diner where he questions why she didn’t go to Homecoming.  She tells him the reason she didn’t go was because she was with Sebastian.  West tells her she’s a really good friend and should never question whether people like her or not based on popularity.  Back in Manhattan, Carrie wakes up in bed next to Weaver and heads to his desk to write on her journal.  She sees his screenplay next to the typewriter but instead of reading it, she slips it in the drawer.  Later, she meets up with Mouse and Samantha at the restaurant again and this time she tells them she finally did it.  She’s so happy and can’t stop smiling but doesn’t share any details even though Samantha is dying to know more.  The episode ends with Carrie back in school.  She runs into Sebastian in the hall once again but this time instead of talking, they just nod and walk past each other. It seems like Sebastian and Carrie are drifting farther apart and I guess that’s okay as long as they’re both happy.  However, he’s still very much in love with her and she’s made the first move to officially move on.  I can almost hear his heart breaking at the news that she’s got a new guy in her life.  Overall, I thought this episode was the best!  Weaver seems like a really nice guy and I just hope Carrie doesn’t regret losing it to him.  Also, I’m very excited to see how this will change and transform her into the Carrie we knew in Sex and the City.  Based on the promo for the new episode, she will be starting to write about sex and relationships very soon!  What did you guys think of “Too Close for Comfort?”  Leave us a comment and share your thoughts below.  The show is taking a small break, so we’ll see you back here December 6th!  And for those of you celebrating, enjoy your Thanksgiving!


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