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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

Things Get Sext-y On This Week's Mindy Project

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


11/13/2013 10:17 am
PopWrapped | Television
Things Get Sext-y On This Week's Mindy Project
Media Courtesy of FOX

Caitlin Swift

Staff Writer

You’ve Got Sext It’s a Friday night and Morgan comments on how un-sexy she looks in her scrubs and yet she’s not phased. It’s been a long week and she’s offer to bring yet another life into this world. I mean come on, how much more badass can Mindy get? On the way out they run into Cliff with his date for the evening, an ass model named Yanna. They exit the elevator and Morgan is upset that Mindy totally flubbed that meeting. Cliff and she are supposed to be together! Don’t let the ass model win! She begins to beat herself up. Post-delivery Mindy realizes that her purse is missing. Unfortunately as she learned earlier Friday night is date night so the Lost and Found guy, Manny, is not around. Stranded without her keys or phone she has limited options on where to spend the night. Danny suggests she stay at a hotel due to her tweet from the previous evening about dropping towels on the floor (seriously dude did you just admit you stalk her twitter??). Without a wallet that leaves Mindy with no options, but luckily Danny lives close by and she invites herself over for an impromptu sleepover. I’m so intrigued on where this could go it hurts. While they walk to Danny’s, and he spouts off all the rules and regulations of staying at his place, Mindy is zeroing in on all the happy couples out and about on Friday date night. She’s upset, if she was with someone they would have been able to come and get her in this situation and she wouldn’t be subjected to a night with him. At the hospital Peter and Morgan find Mindy’s purse. To Morgan’s delight there is a text from Cliff, who should still be with the ass model, but is instead texting Mindy to see how her delivery went. Peter pressures Morgan into texting him back so that Mindy seems interested as well. It’s crazy how giddy these two get over text flirting. Danny and Mindy are busy discussing the pros and cons of relationships. Surprise, surprise Danny is full of cons. He then tries to get Mindy to admit who she has a crush on. She is reluctant since they work at the same place and she feels he may be out of her league. She mentions how Morgan thinks they’d be amazing together but when they see each other they fight and argue. Danny, of course, assumes that she is referring to him. You know this night is about to get hella awkward for sure. While checking his mail he is faced with his ‘crazy’ neighbor Amy. They hooked up once and apparently she is stalking him. Mindy agrees to play his girlfriend to get crazy pants off his back. However, Mindy takes it to the next level. Her name is Chloe Silverado and she is not only Danny’s girlfriend, but fiancé. Not to mention pregnant with his child. Things are escalating between Cliff and ‘Mindy’. Winky faces are exchanged which according to Morgan are the equivalent of emoji porn. Cliff returns the winky face and is met with no response. We see him frantically checking his phone. He caves and texts back. Peter wants to take things to the sexting level. Morgan is a bit hesitant and retorts with a “what are you wearing.” Game on! Danny’s anxiety level is sky high as it is apparent just how comfortable Mindy is at his place. He insinuates that Mindy would be spending the night on the couch and she replies that usually guests get the bed and the host gets the couch. He still doesn’t agree and proceeds to go to his bedroom. Unable to sleep Mindy barges in and gets into bed to watch some nature shows with him. When the frogs start humping he flips the channel to a horror movie and Mindy grabs him in fear. This is the last thing he wanted. He needs to talk the air needs to be cleared. And that’s when Mindy admitted she farted, then she spilled wine on his couch. I’ve never laughed so hard at a tv show. They need to talk about ‘us’ and Danny takes her in the living room. Sitting in the dark with a bottle of red in her hand waiting is crazy pants. Who just may not be as crazy as Danny made her out to be. Morgan proves that he is not much of a sexter as when he went to describe what Mindy was wearing he chose a cardigan a pair of corduroy’s and a breast cancer awareness pin. Peter upped the ante by adding ‘no panties’. Cliff is intrigued, intrigued enough that he is heading on over to her place. Morgan and Peter freak and scramble to come up with a plan. They decide to have a make shift Veteran’s Day party. Morgan sees Heather (her and Mindy were two timed by a guy in season 1) in the hallway and invites her over, mainly for himself. Since Morgan is now otherwise distracted Peter is left with the task of keeping Cliff occupied while keeping up the act. Getting tired and suspicious he goes to leave and Peter quickly pushes Heather at him who begins to talk his ear off. They bought some more time but not enough. When he realizes Mindy isn’t there the two confess to what they had done. Cliff is pissed and insist that they delete all the messages or else he will kill them. He then decides in his angry state to go home with Heather. This doesn’t sit well with Morgan at all for multiple reasons. Amy admits that she did the math and Danny was having sex with her while Chloe was pregnant. To add to the charade Mindy slaps Danny for dramatic effect she also insists upon hearing every detail of their affair. Things almost ended nicely until Danny asked Amy for his key back. Come to find out they were spending most nights together and she was evening getting pancakes in the morning. Mindy pulls Danny aside and tells him he is the crazy one. You don’t make pancakes for a hook-up. He gets lonely sometimes. Mindy makes him make right with Amy before she goes. He follows through and apologizes to Amy and admits he kept things going because he was lonely. She accepts and realizes that Mindy, erm Chloe has a lot more to be angry about. Mindy uses this opportunity to slap him again. With that they try to wrap things up, until Danny slips and calls ‘Chloe’ Mindy. It looks like their charade may be up. Mindy swoops in and tries to save the lie by saying he slips and calls her Mindy a lot. She accuses them of not really being in a relationship at all. They embrace and at first it’s awkward. Like almost painfully awkward. But something amazing happens, almost like when you watched the Grinch’s heart grow 3 sizes. Danny feels comfortable, and realizes maybe there is something about Mindy that he likes. Amy sees it too, and points out that he never looked at her that way. She leaves with telling Mindy that it is clear that she is very pregnant, and Mindy ignores the first statement and goes off to obsess. The next morning Danny makes Mindy French toast (seriously, is this guy for real? Where can I find a Danny Castellano?). Danny brings up the discussion about her crush from the previous night. He lets her know that he is in fact not out of her league and tells her she is great. She is touched and thanks him. When she finds her phone she is going to call Cliff and ask him out. Instantly the wind is taken out of Danny’s sails. He begins to pick Cliff apart and Mindy pays no attention. Back at the office Mindy walks into her office to find her purse. Complete with a post-it from Morgan saying he found it. She immediately checks her phone and receives a voicemail from Heather thanking her for the amazing party where she met Cliff. Mindy flabbergasted and immediately goes to check her texts and sees the stream with Cliff. Cliff 0, Morgan 1. I CANNOT WAIT FOR NEXT WEEK! Until then, my friends!


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