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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

Things Got A Little Norse Last Week On Face Off

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


10/29/2013 6:57 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Things Got A Little Norse Last Week On Face Off
Media Courtesy of Syfy
Shelby Arnold

Staff Writer

Last week Face Off was imbued with both horrible decisions as well as remarkable and beautiful make-ups. The spotlight challenge last week was taken from the pages of Norse mythology. The remaining five artists were taken to Kenneth Hahn State Park where they were told to choose from five different Norse runes. From the runes, the artists need to develop complete Dark Elf warriors that encompass them. The catch? Contestants have no idea what they're picking. McKenzie Westmore tells them they have to blindly pick and then she will tell them what they've chosen. Laney chose Eihwaz which means immortality, Tate chose Berkano which means regeneration, Roy chose Laguz which means psychic powers, Miranda chose Thurisaz which means chaos, and Laura chose Perthro which means occult abilities. Laura decides to incorporate runes in the armor of her make-up as well as the skin because in Nordic mythology, once a rune is written down it would imbue that being or thing with magic. Miranda goes a Mayan route; she makes her character a god that everyone looks up to who rules this place of chaos. Laney's character is very young and she decides to make her character's armor bones of other people and they're dipped in gold. Roy chose to de-evolve his elf and make his elf have a larger head. Tate's character is a queen elf and she chooses who to breed with to keep her species going. Tate also decides to incorporate the iron works part of mythology into his make-up and his character's skin will end up looking crackled and dark. Laney automatically begins to struggle, but she's not into it. She's giving up and breaks down causing worry to surface in the other contestants. Tate attempts to get her back in the game but Laney pushes him away. Roy also attempts to get her out and all seems well as Laney comes back out and begins to work on her sculpt once more. Mr. Westmore comes through for the walk-through and all of the decisions are added onto by the famous make-up artist and everyone feels comfortable but Laney still struggles. The next day at the house, Laura wakes up to find a letter written by Laney that announces her departure from the series. The artists are flabbergasted and shaken up by her choice to give up but they decide to push on through and treat this challenge like it was a normal challenge. Despite deciding that, it's difficult for Tate to get his head back in the game. Miranda struggles with her cowl piece and she keeps adding and subtracting things. Her time management skills leave her the only one, by the end of day two, who's mold isn't finished and ready for polyfoam or latex. Roy is ahead of the game and has laid a layer of paint on before anyone else has finished their pieces. Day three brings the models and painting with Roy still leading the pack. Miranda's model is roped in with helping her run her piece through latex. By last looks, Miranda is still way behind. Her make-up is completely unfinished. Tate couldn't find his airbrush compressor and has to hand paint his entire makeup. Laura paints on her tribal runes but pulls out a top look. In the end, Tate wins top looks and Roy and Miranda are lambasted by their poor choices and poor time management skills, however, because Laney went home, no one was eliminated. All of the remaining contestants are veterans now and they continue their journey tonight on SyFy.


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