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Things Are Heating Up This Week On 'How To Get Away With Murder'

Brittany Jones | PopWrapped Author

Brittany Jones

10/25/2014 12:46 am
PopWrapped | Television
Things Are Heating Up This Week On 'How To Get Away With Murder' | murder
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Last night's How To Get Away With Murder resumed where we left off with Annalise wondering why Lila, the dead girl, had a picture of Sam's penis on her phone. This episode also gave us a glimpse into Laurel's love life, tension rises between Annalise, Bonnie, and Sam, and Rebecca makes a discovery that makes Wes question his professor.  This is a Laurel’s episode. We haven't heard much from Laurel, but when she has spoken up she has proved to be very intelligent. The shy girl we saw in episode is no longer and has been replaced by a brilliant force with nerves of steel. When Michaela begins to question her on why Frank is calling she confesses to sleeping with him.  Why any of this is their business is beyond me because, like Laurel points out, they're not friends. Back in present day, which is six weeks before the murder, we get a client that we want them to break the rules for. Annalise & Co. are taking on a case for a boy who shot and killed his abusive cop father. In the Keatings' bedroom, Annalise is looking for some answers from Sam, aka Mr. Darcy, because  there's a penis pic on a dead girl's phone. Sam reminds Annalise that she was his mistress before he divorced his first wife. Once a cheater always a cheater, ladies. It turns out Sam has a type: weak and broken. He tries to justify the affair by saying that it was just sex and says Lila just wanted him to fix her problems. The two eventually begin to start physically fight, and when Sam leaves Annalise sits in the room rocking back and forth. While all of this going down, Bonnie is listening in at the bottom of the stairs. Later in the episode, Annalise tells Bonnie that she knows she has a thing for her husband but doesn't care. Which is weird because she was so worried about if he was having an affair with his student. The next day we see Annalise back in her armor and in charge of her classroom. This week’s lesson argues that picking and gaming the jury is essential for cases that run on emotion, and Annalise appears to be on top of her game despite her husband’s potentially murderous past. Back at Wes’s apartment, Rebecca decides to waltz on over to steal some of the pepperoni pizza she smelled. Wes is nicer than me because I don't mess around when it comes to pizza. That would've been strike two. Strike one was getting arrested for murder. Anyways, Rebecca decides she likes Wes now and turns on the charm, asking why he’s so obsessed with her. There is a weird chemistry between them that I just don't understand. I need more episodes with these two interacting because I'm not understanding Wes's obsession with Rebecca. Back in the Keating household, Annalise is downing straight vodka. She then decides to go visit Nate, who confesses to lying to her about Sam’s whereabouts, but he doesn’t give a reason for his deception. He also doesn’t give Annalise what she really wants because he thinks she got him fired (nice going, Bonnie). In the flash forward, we find out that Frank lied to Laurel about something, and she’s pretty mad about it. She also just killed someone, so there's that.  Back to the case of the week, and Connor outs a juror he connected with over Humpr, the new Grindr. It's a nice change to see a guy using his body to get what he wants, but jeez can he get info any other way.  Back to the woods, and Michaela continues to fall apart over her missing engagement ring. We’d be upset if we lost that sparkler too, and you know, killed someone. Michaela is not mentally able to return the trophy for Asher, so Laurel steps up and takes one for the team. In the courtroom, Annalise turns on the charm for the jury, but best case scenario is a hung jury. Laurel decides she cares too much about the case and wants to get a mistrial through whatever means possible. She starts to plant information about the jury to get them nullified. If you don't know that's illegal. Annalise decides to use this information and the son gets off with probation and some counseling. Lets just hope his dad's cop friends don't come after him. At the Keating household, Annalise straight up asks Sam if he was at Yale the night Lila was murdered. He comes clean, but says Lila was suicidal and he was looking for her. Annalise believes him as much as we do, so she brings in Rebecca to see how much our favorite goth neighbor knows about the identify of the man who sent the penis pic. As Sam questions Rebecca she answers a lot of his psych eval questions before he even gets a chance to ask him.  She says she used to be in juvie and that Lila considered Sam to be Mr. Darcy. Luckily for Sam, Rebecca doesn’t seem to put the picture with the face until she sees the matching wallpaper upstairs in the Keatings’ bathroom. Ruh Roh. Back to our murderous timeframe, Laurel shows up asking for Frank's help. I really need Wes, Connor, Michaela, and Laurel to stop crying to people after committing this crime. That is not how you get away with murder. In the present, Frank and Laurel get in a heated argument over him covering for her that devolves into one hot, steamy makeout. Laurel storms out, and decides she’s going to go have hot sex with her boyfriend to prove to herself that she likes him more. Oh sweetie, don't you know that won't work. Back at Wes’s apartment, Wes discovers Rebecca has skipped town. When he calls her, she says that she can't trust him and he can't trust Annalise. After he learns of the wallpaper connection, Wes breaks into Professor Keating’s house (why don't people lock their doors) and confronts her. The episode ends with Wes once again holding a secret over Professor Keating’s head. So many lied being told and so many questions I need answers to. Make sure you catch next week's recap and hopefully your questions are answered, as well.  

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