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Thirsty Thursday: A Celebration Of Defunct Boy Bands

Dani Strehle | PopWrapped Author

Dani Strehle

04/01/2015 5:54 pm
PopWrapped | Music
Thirsty Thursday: A Celebration Of Defunct Boy Bands | Boy Bands
Media Courtesy of Pinterest
Yesterday, young girls worldwide wept after hearing the news that Zayn Malik had decided to depart from the band that make him a household name, One Direction. And, admittedly, it was quite a crushing blow to the group. Zayn has arguably the group's best voice and the face of an angel.
Boy Bands Tumblr
In honor of Zayn's departure, this week's Thirsty Thursday will honor the fallen boy bands of year's past.
Boy Band People


LFO was hot for, like, one minute. But while they were around, they were freaking awesome. Releasing one ridiculous, nonsensical song after another, these guys kept it light and... interesting.
Boy Bands

98 Degrees

I have two words to describe these guys: BEEF CAKES! 98 Degrees proved to have a bit more staying power than LFO, but their flame didn't burn brightly for too long, either. Though they gave us some solid '90s love songs, I think most of us appreciated them for their biceps and barbed wire tattoos (which are like, so lame now...). But they're loud and proud Cincinnati boys and Drew and Nick Lachey (brothers, obvs) just opened a bar downtown. I like celebs that remember and stay true to their roots.
Boy Bands Allmusic


I must admit, my love for BBMak still runs deep. I met them (and LFO, actually) way back in high school while working as a freelance columnist for a local newspaper. They left a permanent mark on the teenage girl that is always within me. I believe it was my first run-in with a British accent and is likely the reason it still melts me. They were so, so, so, so cute and nice, and I've been besotted by them ever since. I always waited for these guys to blow up, but they never really did. Such a shameful waste.
Boy Bands Tumblr

Boys II Men

To this day, I've never found an album I loved as much and as wholly as II. Not only did I love it way back in the '90s when it came out, but it has held up over the years to the point that, not only do I still listen to it frequently, my 5-year-old daughter has been captured by their silky, smooth harmonies as well. I also remember quickly changing the song if I was in the car with my parents and "I'll Make Love to You" came on. Ahhh, memories. It was very hard to pick one video to share, but I think this will be an acceptable choice.
Boy Bands LaineyGossip
*NSYNC If you know me at all, you knew this was going to the final choice, right? *NSYNC was my One Direction. Their faces (okay, mostly JC's face) were plastered over every inch of spare wall I had, I watched every movie and special they were in, I went to every concert in my city. I was dedicated. In fact, I still AM dedicated. It honestly surprises me how often I still get in to *NSYNC v BSB fandom wars. I mean, obviously I always win, because puh-leeeeeze it's no competition; but it's really a testament to the power both of those bands had over teenagers in their heyday. And hey, I'm still holding onto hope that a real, honest-to-God reunion may take place some day. DON'T YOU DARE BURST MY BUBBLE!
I apologize to those of you who feel slighted by my intentional ommission of the Hanson and The Backstreet Boys. Hahahahahahahaha, just kidding. *NSYNC FOREVER, BSB NEVER! #SorryNotSorry So who's your favorite boy band of past? Be sure to vote in our poll and let us know!  

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