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Thirsty Thursday: Doctor Who? TV's "Other" Hot Doctors

Dani Strehle | PopWrapped Author

Dani Strehle

08/21/2014 4:33 pm
PopWrapped | Celebrities
Thirsty Thursday: Doctor Who? TV's
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It's my favorite day of the week, PopWrappers! That's right; it's Thirsty Thursday! Despite numerous attempts, I have simply not been able to fall under the Doctor Who spell. And, while I do intend to try again, I thought in honor of the upcoming premier of Doctor Who's eighth series, I'd do a "doctor" Thirsty Thursday post with a bit of a twist. So instead of hottest Doctors or Time Lords because, well, see above; I'm choosing to instead list my favorite TV doctors. As you all know, it's quite a list to choose from. Yet, somehow, I was able to pick my top five in a matter of seconds. So let's countdown my hottest men that know how to rock some scrubs, shall we?
Thirsty Thursday

Julian McMahon, Nip/Tuck

Ah yes. This show was one of Ryan Murphy's first smash-hits. Quite a departure from the squeaky-clean world of Glee, yeah? McMahon personified the lady-killing Dr. Christian Troy to utter perfection. He was a plastic surgeon that knew how to get himself into all kinds of trouble. Also, he made the list because he was Cole Turner on Charmed. Because Charmed.
Thirsty Thursday

Eric Dane, Grey's Anatomy

Ohhhh Mark Sloan. Why do you torture me so?! First of all, I must say that, despite my utter worship of Shonda Rhimes, I still haven't forgiven her for killing off McSteamy and Lexi Grey. They should have ended up together and had brilliant, beautiful babies! Ugh. Anyway; I think that gif speaks for itself, yeah?
Thirsty Thursday

Jesse Williams, Grey's Anatomy

Jackson Avery. Sweet, smart, strong, compassionate, passionate, romantic and kind of just perfect. Also, have you seen those abs? That smile? And those eyes. Ohhhhhhh those eyes. Too much hot in one delicious package.
Thirsty Thursday

John Stamos, ER

Sometimes I wonder if maybe John Stamos is an alien. Somehow, he gets more beautiful as the years progress. He's a crooning, hip-shaking, funny Greek God that, like a fine wine, gets better with age. Oh, and he also played Dr. Tony Gates on ER, which gets him a spot on this yummy list.
Thirsty Thursday

George Clooney, ER

Because George Clooney as a flat-haired Dr. Doug Ross is partially responsible for my sexual awakening. So what do you think, beloved readers? Who's your favorite Non-Time Lord doctor? Be sure to case your vote in the poll below! [yop_poll id="42"]

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