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Thirsty Thursday: Hottest Historical Figures In Film And Television

Dani Strehle | PopWrapped Author

Dani Strehle

08/01/2015 3:22 pm
PopWrapped | Celebrities
Thirsty Thursday: Hottest Historical Figures In Film And Television | Historical
Media Courtesy of EW

Who doesn't love period movies or television shows? I know I certainly do. And, since I'm currently watching Outlander for the third time (do not judge me), I was inspired to dedicate this week's Thirsty Thursday to some of the actors that pull up their britches and take a step back in time for some of their best (historical) roles to date.



Daniel Day-Lewis; Abraham Lincoln, Lincoln

There is something so unbelievably sexy about Daniel Day-Lewis. And, while I actually have not seen Lincoln, its accolades speak for themselves. Lewis snagged an Oscar for his role as our sixteenth president, and the resemblance is startling. Even behind all the prosthetics and makeup, Day-Lewis is a force to be reckoned with.


The Guardian

Joseph Fiennes; William Shakespeare, Shakespeare in Love

Shakespeare in Love is another critically acclaimed film that charmed the world way back in 1998. And, even if it was Gwyneth that walked away with the golden statuette and not Fiennes, the movie would have been nothing without his charming, romantic portrayal of The Bard himself. It didn't hurt that Fiennes was infinitely more attractive than the character he was playing. Be careful, lest you get lost in those eyes of his.



Henry Ian Cusick; Charles Darwin, Darwin's Darkest Hour

I love Cusick. So much. In everything I've ever seen him in, he's been one of my favorite characters. If Scandal wasn't so good on its own, his departure after the first season may have been enough to turn me off of the series for good. This adorable stud muffin playing the father of evolution is almost too much to handle. He also looks REALLY good in an ascot and has got an exceptionally fine head of hair.

Historical EW

Charlie Hunnam; King Arthur, Knights of the Round Table

Okay, so Charlie hasn't technically played King Arthur yet, as the movie has not yet been released; but photos have started circulating of him in full costume and, let's just say that they paint a gorgeous, beefy, blonde picture. Any Sons of Anarchy  fans can attest that Hunnam has the world's most beautiful backside, and I imagine we'll get some fine views of it in this film, too. I can't wait to see his, ahem, swordplay.

Historical Telegraph

Henry Cavill; Charles Brandon 1st Duke of Suffolk, The Tudors

"Dani!" you say. "Why are you so predictable?! Why do you include Henry Cavill in nearly every single Thirsty Thursday article you publish?" To which I shall reply: "WHY WOULDN'T I?!" The rest of you have your Hiddles, and I have my Henry. I first spotted this fresh-faced Adonis on the Showtime period drama, The Tudors.  He played King Henry VIII's (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) best mate Charles Brandon who was, unsurprisingly, a well-intentioned (albeit a bit dim) ladies man and general maker of trouble. And now he's all grown up and playing Superman, which is great news for his fans because he surely won't be going anywhere anytime soon. Henry wins every battle, as far as I'm concerned. Batfleck has no chance.

Be sure and let us know who your favorite history buff is in the poll below!

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