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Thirsty Thursday: My Dream Cast For A Fever Series Production

Dani Strehle | PopWrapped Author

Dani Strehle

06/28/2015 6:23 pm
PopWrapped | Celebrities
Thirsty Thursday: My Dream Cast For A Fever Series Production | Fever
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There are few things in this world that I enjoy more than writing my Thirsty Thursday columns. I get to combine two of the things I love in this world most: gorgeous men and writing. But this week, I've decided to add ANOTHER thing I love into the mix: Karen Marie Moning's Fever series.

Now, since these are, you know, books, and no movies or television shows have been adapted yet (one of the most egregious crimes in entertainment to date), I don't actually have any actors to choose from. Instead, I am going to list my dream cast for the sultry, animalistic men of the Fever series.

Moning Maniacs, please be gentle. I know how sacred these characters are to each of us, so please keep in mind that this is just one writer's opinion!

Daegus & Drustan MacKeltar:

This one was tough. I wasn't sure if I should try and stick with twins, or just find one perfect actor that could maybe play both of the sexy brothers? That would probably be easiest, honestly. But, I like to be thorough, so I've got two options for you.


Option 1: These are the Barbera Twins; Joey and Jason, to be exact. Can they act? I haven't the slightest idea. But they sure do photograph well, of that I am certain. They totally look the part of the sexy MacKeltar twins and, if they master a Scottish lilt, I am all aboard that twin-ship.


Option 2, David Gandy, carved by the Fae themselves

This man is stunningly beautiful. And I imagine he could easily slide in and out of the roles of Daegus and Drustan easily. Give him some platform shoes, colored contacts, a wig and bam! Insta-MacKeltar.

Christian MacKeltar:

I struggled so hard with this choice, as well. So, again, I've got two options for your viewing pleasure.


Option 1: Theo James; Painfully Attractive Emo Heartthrob

I loooooooove Theo James. I've never read any of the Divergent books but I watched the movie for him alone. I think he could pull off the earnestness of Christian as well as the fierceness. My only critique is that he would definitely need to bulk up a bit. He's a bit on the thin side, but that face of his makes up for it.



Option 2: Sam Heughan; Scottish Warrior With A Heart Of Gold

Oh Sam. If you've ever watched Outlander, you don't need me to convince you of all of Sam's... ahem... assets. He is an amazing actor with a genuine likeability to him and looks just ridiculously good in a kilt. He could easily sway Mac with that easy smile of his and trusting eyes. And his Jamie Frazer has such a deep sense of honor that I can almost hear his anguished screams when he finds out he's turning Fae. Decisions, decisions!


For these next two characters, I don't know that there is actually a man alive that could fully do them justice. Ryodan (and Barrons, who will follow next) are so unbearably electric that a mere mortal may not be up to the task. However, since the whole point of this post is to actually CHOOSE someone, I took at stab at it.



Charlie Hunnam; A Son Of Anarchy With Nerves Of Steel

If you watched Sons of Anarchy, you've undoubtedly fantasized about Charlie and that astonishingly beautiful backside of his. He's got the stature that I picture Ryodan having, can rock the shit out of a slick-backed hair-do and has clear eyes that go straight to his (black) soul. He can be soft spoken and dangerous, but can also let loose everrrrrry now and then and be playful. For me, there is no other option.

Jericho Barrons:

Jericho Barrons is one of the greatest fictional characters ever written. I care not what anyone else says about this matter, and will now consider if forever settled. Who, then, can actually pull off a character as BIG as Jericho? I know a popular choice among fans is Game of Thrones' Jason Momoa. And, while I ADORE Khal Drogo and would gladly run away with him, he's not Barrons for me. Momoa is too unkempt, too animalistic to be the every day Barrons. Every day Barrons is calm, cool, unshakeable and infuriatingly even. That is why, based on looks alone, I chose...


Eric Etebari; A Literal God Among Men

I'm pretty sure the photo says it all. Physical perfection, thy name is Eric. He might be just a teeeeny bit old to play Barrons at this point, but that's nothing a little makeup and beard dye couldn't fix. The wonders of cinema could make him Barrons ready in no time.

What say you, Maniacs? Do you agree with my choices? Or do you think you can make a better list? Be sure to let us know in the comments below who would play YOUR favorite character!


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