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Thirsty Thursday: Our List Of Sexy, Shirtless Marvel Man Candy

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


05/01/2014 4:31 pm
Thirsty Thursday: Our List Of Sexy, Shirtless Marvel Man Candy
Media Courtesy of Spencer Murphy

Margie Patton

Staff Writer


Much of what sells a super hero or super villain is a cool, eye-catching, character defining costume. Everyone instantly recognizes Captain America’s iconic stars and stripes, Loki’s green and gold leather and armor, and Thor’s flowing red cape. But what’s underneath all that spandex and metal? Some seriously hot bodies, that’s what! Marvel has treated us to some man-flesh fan service in its movies before, especially with lingering, deliciously gratuitous half-naked scenes of Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans. It’s not just the god and the super soldier who have sizzling physiques though. Check out this week’s “Thirsty Thursday” offering for some shirtless shots of Marvel’s other sexy men! Aaaaaaaaah, Tom Hiddleston…. Hiddles, Hiddles, Hiddles, Hiddles - the reigning god of the internet. He’s talented, intelligent, charming, dashing, eloquent, stylish, elegant, witty, confident, generous, humble, kind, and this is what he looks like shirtless!!!! I love Loki’s outfit, but Marvel, how about giving the Trickster God his own shirtless scene (or two, or three, or seven, or five hundred) in Thor 3?
Courtesy of Sony Pictures Classic Courtesy of Sony Pictures Classic
Hawkeye often gets overshadowed by the bigger builds and shinier gadgets of his fellow Avengers, but Jeremy Renner holds his own in the hotness department. This shirtless archer is bound to make you “quiver” indeed!
Courtesy of Prestige Magazine Courtesy of Prestige Magazine
No bodybuilder on Earth could compare to the muscles sported by The Hulk; but when it comes to sexiness, I prefer the rage monster’s more lean, less mean, and not-at-all green alter ego, Bruce Banner, a/k/a Mark Ruffalo!
Courtesy of Courtesy of
Robert Downey, Jr. gets shirtless in the Iron Man films here and there, but it’s not enough for my taste. Fortunately, though, the actor has a long history of doffing his clothes for movies. Remember his version of Sherlock Holmes? If not, here’s one of the many reasons why you should revisit it.
Courtesy of Generation Film Courtesy of Generation Film
Last but definitely not least is a name you may not know now, but you definitely will soon. German actor Thomas Kretschmann made his Marvel debut in the mid-credits bonus scene of Captain America: The Winter Soldier and his Baron Strucker character will return in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Kretschmann already has an impressive list of credits, though, including NBC’s recent Dracula series, King Kong, 24, The Pianist, and Valkyrie, which included a spectacular shirtless swimming pool scene which left me hitting the rewind button several times before I could watch the rest of the film. Bonus trivia – “Kretschmann” translates from German into “sex machine.” OK, not really, but check out this Übermensch topless and you’ll agree that it should!
Courtesy of  Fanpop Courtesy of Fanpop
So what did you think of this week’s “Thirsty Thursday,” PopWrappers? Ready to chug-a-lug some more juicy males? Be sure to answer the poll questions and let us know! [yop_poll id="21"] Keep Up With PopWrapped On The Web!



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