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Thirsty Thursday: Prepare To Get Your Mutant On With Our List Of Sexiest X-Men

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


05/22/2014 10:01 pm
PopWrapped | Movies
Thirsty Thursday: Prepare To Get Your Mutant On With Our List Of Sexiest X-Men
Media Courtesy of SocialiteLife

Dani Strehle

Senior Manager


The time has finally come-- X-Men: Days of Future Past hits theaters tomorrow and I could not be more excited.  In honor of the premier, our Thirsty Thursday post will feature some of the sexiest mutants in the biz. Enjoy!
You can read my mind annnny time. You can read my mind annnny time.

James McAvoy, Charles Xavier

: James McAvoy had a big part in refreshing this stagnant franchise. After X-Men Origins: Wolverine came out and, well, kind of sucked, I thought for sure the series would come to an end (until another director came and started all over again). But then First Class came out and reinvigorated my lust for all things X-Men. McAvoy played a young Professor X brilliantly and gave us some insight into the complex character that was so deftly portrayed by Sir Patrick Stewart up until that point. Plus, he's yummy. He's looking straight into your soul.

Sir Patrick Stewart, Charles Xavier:

Basically Professor X is just always hot. I'm honestly kind of in love with Sir Patrick. I think he's endearing, affable, generous and he doesn't take himself too seriously. Not to mention, that voice of his is one-of-a-kind. His bromance with Ian McKellen is the most precious thing ever; and he's been geek-supreme for like, the entirety of his career. What's not to love?
Excuse me for a moment while I compose myself... Excuse me for a moment while I compose myself...

James Marsden, Cyclopse:

Oh James Marsden, why do you tease me so? James is as versatile as it gets. He can quickly transition from playing the badass superhero to the witty and damaged love-interest in a rom-com. His eyes will penetrate your soul and his smile will melt you into a puddle of lust. It doesn't even matter that a quarter of his face is covered in his X-Men costume; in fact, it rather adds to the mystery. As long as that smile is visible, all is right in the world.
Like I said: ARMS. Like I said: ARMS.

Hugh Jackman, Wolverine:

I mean, you knew it was coming, right? Never has a hairy beast with killer, metal claws looked so fine. Hugh Jackman's Wolverine is fierce and damaged, but loyal and heroic (sometimes despite himself). His brooding looks and ability to always bounce back (since, you know, he's essentially unkillable) give you a sense of security; you always know Wolverine will protect you. Plus, we all know that Wolverine is actually the complete opposite of the real Hugh Jackman, who is always laughing and has a smile for everyone. And those arms; those aaaaaarms. I can't handle it.
#Dead. #Dead.

Michael Fassbender, Magneto:

Holy mother of Michael. I fell in love with this Irishman when I saw his washboard abs for the first time as a warrior yearning for a "beautiful death" in the stunning 300. Since then, every single chance I've had to catch a glimpse of him I have taken. He brought young Magneto to life with a heartbreaking back-story and a fierceness we never really got to see from the composed Ian McKellen Magneto. He is my favorite mutant by far. Well there you have it, readers! Be sure to cast your votes in our poll below and tell us which sexy X-Men has your heart! [yop_poll id="27"] Keep Up With PopWrapped On The Web!



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