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Television PopWrapped | Television

Thirsty Thursday: Prepare To Say "Farewell" With The Hotties Of Parenthood

Dani Strehle | PopWrapped Author

Dani Strehle

03/11/2015 11:31 am
PopWrapped | Television
Tonight marks the series finale of one of the television's best, most sincere and authentic shows: Parenthood. I have been watching the series since it began six seasons ago, enticed into watching by the cast, namely Lauren Graham, Craig. T Nelson and Peter Krause. But what I've gotten from this show is so much than just 40 minutes of my time a week. The reason Parenthood has had such a wildly successful run is because it has heart. It's not some trashy reality TV show where fights are scripted for dramatic effect. It's not another generic cop drama with dark camera filters and predictable action. It's a fast-paced, often improvised drama about a family that is as believable as the one I call my own. And I don't think I've watched a single episode without shedding a tear. Okay, so I sit on my couch and sob by myself. As a tribute to this incredible series coming to a close, this week's Thirsty Thursday is dedicated to the delicious men of Parenthood. I hope these cuties quench your thirst!
Parenthood Eonline

Dax Shepard; Crosby Braverman

Dax Shepard's Crosby has probably evolved the most over the course of the show. He started out as an entitled, spoiled man-child that could not be counted on for anything. But now, he's a (mostly) responsible husband and father who has a smoking hot wife and the sweetest kids. I mean, could  Jabar be any cuter? I don't think so!
Parenthood Tumblr

Jason Ritter; Mark Cry

I love Jason Ritter. I adored his dad and I adore him, too. You kind of just want to pinch his cheeks, right? Let him take you to a coffee shop where you'll sip on lattes, discuss Faulkner and bask in his endearing smile and unceasing respect for you and your mind. He is the very definition of adorable, and I have to say, a very vocal part of me HATED that he and Sarah didn't end up together. But this cutie wanted kids, and somebody as lovely as Mr. Cyr should certainly not have been denied fatherhood. Sigh.
Parenthood Tumblr

John Corbett; Seth Holt

Okay, so I know that on Parenthood John Corbett plays Sarah's ex and deadbeat musician/father to Amber and Drew, but I mean, come on. He's John Corbett! He is the epitome of cute, playful, kind and just generally wonderful. Besides, no matter what role he plays he will always be my loveable Aidan Shaw. Some things will never change.  
Parenthood Tumblr

Michael B. Jordan; Alex

Look at the gif. Enough said.

Peter Krause; Adam Braverman

I have loved Peter Krause since Six Feet Under. Not familiar with that series? Check out HBOGo and educate yourself, you won't be sorry. And though his character Adam can be slightly self righteous and uptight on the show, he's still endearing. And he and Monica Potter's marriage on the show are what every single couple should strive for. I never cry more than when it involves those two and their family. Also, he dates Lauren Graham in real life. Have I mentioned how much I love Lauren Graham?
Parenthood Tumblr

D.B. Woodside; Dr. Joe Prestridge

The major theme throughout this post has been how the men of Parenthood are sweet and adorable; not really sexy or carnally attractive like some of the other posts. But that ends here. Dr. Joe is just sexy, period.
Parenthood Tumblr

Sam Jaeger; Joel Graham

Joel has always been my favorite Parenthood dad/husband. He was sexy, understanding, supportive and had little-to-no issues with his stay-at-home-dad status. He was perfectly happy to let Julia shine and continue her upward climb with her career while he stayed home to take care of Sydney and their home. Julia and Joel have certainly had their fair share of problems recently, and many of them were Joel's fault alone; but it is my greatest wish that this series ends with their family intact and Joel and Julia back together once and for all.

Honorable Mention


Craig T. Nelson; Zeek Braverman

Let's all take a moment to appreciate, not only the patriarch of the outstanding Braverman clan, but the legend that is Craig T. Nelson. And I mean, just look at him! He was a serious stud in his heyday! And that's my list! Are you going to miss Parenthood as much as I will? Who's your favorite man of Parenthood? Be sure to vote in our poll to cast your vote! [yop_poll id="64"]

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