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Thirsty Thursday: Sexy Villains We Loathe To Love

Dani Strehle | PopWrapped Author

Dani Strehle

10/30/2014 4:53 pm
PopWrapped | Celebrities
Thirsty Thursday: Sexy Villains We Loathe To Love | Thirsty Thursday
Media Courtesy of Reddit
What is it about a villain? What is it about a bad boy that lures us in, despite our good sense telling us to flee? Maybe it's the danger they offer, the excitement. When we look at bad boys when envision the wind blowing through our hair as we grasp them ever-so-tightly on the back of their motorcycle. We think of wild adventures and passion unmatched. That is why this week's Thirsty Thursday is dedicated to some of film's sexiest villains. So sit back, relax and grab your helmet because it's going to be one hell of a ride.
Thirsty Thursday Flickr


Skeet Ulrich, Scream & The Craf.

Let's be honest; Skeet Ulrich was a teenage dream boat. He had that bad boy mentality and swagger down to a science. Nobody played a teenage villain better. Whether it was the psychotic murderer Billy of Scream or the entitled, rapey heartthrob Chris Hooker in The Craft, Skeet Ulrich brought all our angsty, bad boy fantasies to life.
Thirsty Thursday Scream Tumblr
Thirsty Thursday Wikipedia

4. Anthony Perkins, Psycho.

The most beautiful people are always the most dangerous. Perkins' angel-faced Norman Bates is still, 54-years-later, one of the most menacing film villains to date. He was, as the title insinuates, psychotic, but like, in a majorly creepy way since his psychosis was well-masked by charm and puppy dog eyes. Ah yes, dangerous indeed.
Thirsty Thursday
Thirsty Thursday

3. Tom Hardy, The Dark Knight Rises.

Tom Hardy. My God. He is a gift. He is a buff, broody, yet sometimes goofy, gift to all of us. And his Bane in The Dark Knight Rises? Get outta here. He was just too formidable and sexy for words. Those arms alone are enough to make smart girls stupid. And I believe the fact that we didn't even get to see his face while we were lusting after him is a testament to his natural sex appeal. It is a force to be reckoned with. And those lips! Gawd, I can't stop staring at them.
Thirsty Thursday
Thirsty Thursday

2. Michael Fassbender, X-Men: First Class & X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Man I love me some Fassbender; and he plays a damn fine villain. In fact, he played SUCH a great villain in 12 Years a Slave that he almost made me legitimately hate him. I mean, that's some serious talent right there. But I'm choosing to focus on his role as a young Magneto in the newest X-Men movies. It's hard to match up to the legendary Ian Mckellen, but he did just that. He was fierce and strong and so goddamn sexy. The chemistry between Magneto and Mystique made me a little uncomfortable (in a good way) in the theaters.
Thirsty Thursday Hughxjackman.tumblr
Thirsty Thursday Jezebel

1. Mark Wahlberg, Fear.

This movie gave me nightmares when I was younger. I've always found supernatural thrillers to be far scarier than slasher flicks. But Mark Wahlberg as David McCall in Fear not only scared the shit out of me, he also turned me on in a big way. To mansplain it for you: he gave me a fear (lady) boner. The scene where he pleasures Reece Witherspoon on the roller coaster while "Wild Horses" plays in the background was a pivotal moment in my teenage years. It's one of the first times I remember being hyper-aware of my burgeoning sexuality. And for that, Mark Wahlberg, I thank you.
Thirsty Thursday
And that wraps up this week's edition of Thirsty Thursday! Be sure to vote in our poll below for your favorite bad boy villains. And just remember: no one safe when it comes to the appeal of a sexy man with a bad boy attitude. [yop_poll id="56"]

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