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Sports PopWrapped | Sports

Thirsty Thursday: The All-Star Gents Of Baseball

Shannon Beaty | PopWrapped Author

Shannon Beaty

07/24/2015 10:41 pm
PopWrapped | Sports
Thirsty Thursday: The All-Star Gents Of Baseball | thirsty thursday
Media Courtesy of Whisper

I am a follower to the Church of Baseball, and in particular to the Chicago Cubs. So while this is a post that's dedicated to the physically fantastic gentlemen of baseball make no mistake... I'm here for the sport as well. These guys were elected to be a part of the 2015 All-Star team, so they are some of the best in the league!

To be able to hijack a Thirsty Thursday to bring some very handsome players to your screen, it's easy to say that today is a good day. What yoga pants are to men, baseball pants are to women and I guarantee there are plenty of lip-biting-head-turners out there on the field.

While I could go on and on about my Cubbies (and honestly, probably make the entire list men from that team because hot diggity DAMN), I've decided to bring these gorgeous men to the Thirsty table. Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you the top 5 hotstuffs of Major League Baseball's All-Star game:

5) Jason Kipnis - 2nd Base, Cleveland Indians

Thirsty Thursday Courtesy of Jim Rome

Gah, my cheeks hurt from grinning he's such a damn studmuffin. Google him and admire the guns, cause they're locked and loaded! He's just asking you to come over, have a seat next to him... which is something I'd do in a split second.


4) J.D. Martinez - Right Fielder, Detroit Tigers

Thirsty Thursday Courtesy of Fox Sports

Thoughts are going through my head that I can't put into coherent sentences, as I think my brain is simply turning to lust mush. Those heart-melting bedroom eyes and nommable lips have me unable to focus in any sense of the term. Call back later.


3) Bryce Harper - Right Fielder, Washington Nationals

Thirsty Thursday Courtesy of USA Today

The loud noises coming out of my face that are somewhere between a wheeze and a whimper because I can't even handle Bryce. That hair... that beard... those baby blues... someone help me.


2) Brandon Crawford - Shortstop, San Francisco Giants

Thirsty Thursday Courtesy of Pinterest

If I was a computer, I'd be running on operating system HNNNGH 2.0 while checking Brandon out. Between that jawline and the hair that my fingers would love to run through, you cannot deny the attraction. So exceedingly handsome, does not compute.


1) Kris Bryant - 3rd Base, Chicago Cubs

Thirsty Thursday Courtesy of Red Bull

Can someone explain to me how a person embeds an entire ocean into their eyes, because I'm currently swept out to sea in Kris' lovely peepers. I mean, seriously though... how is that even possible?  And of course, one has to appreciate a man who knows how to manscape properly. I need to go sit in front a fan or something so I can cool off.


What do you think!? Even if you hate baseball with a

fiery passion (which, WHY!?), there's got to be at least one of these fine men that flings your eyebrows up into your hair line. Let us know in the comments and be sure to vote in the poll for your favorite!

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