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"This Is Going To Be Unbearable" - A Perfect Summary Of This Week's 'How I Met Your Mother'

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


03/11/2014 4:19 pm
PopWrapped | Television
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There is a line said by Marshall which sums up this 23 minutes episode of How I Met Your Mother - “This is going to be unbearable”. So what happened in this week’s chapter called “Daisy”… The title card informs us that it is 4 hours before the wedding and following on from last week’s better episode; Robin’s mother has just turned up. She of course wasn’t coming because she is afraid of flying (which we see in great detail of her yelling they are all going to die while the plane is about to take off and then having been restrained and taken off the plane by security when they land) Here is the first problem; yelling “We are all going to die” on an airplane is not comedy. In this day an age of terrorism, and with the recent plane going missing, this is not funny, nor is making fun of people who do have a fear of flying! Strike 1 HIMYM! So Marshall, Ted, Barney, Ranjit and Billy Zapco are all sitting around the breakfast table and Marshall is feeling guilty about becoming a judge but Lily giving up her dream. He is also trying to work out where Lily went after their huge fight and why she agreed so easily to give up Italy. After the worst exposition ever, we find out Lily went to a 7/11 and got into a car which is owned by The Captain. The boys all head over there so Marshall and beat him up (thinking he slept with his wife). At the Captain’s place, The Captain comes in singing and his maids sing too as if it is a musical. He gets the door and Marshal punches him. ….WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED! Ok let’s start with the musical number….it is not referenced again and it is so completely out of place I had to pause the video for a second to gather my thoughts. Then the first thing Marshall does is punch a guy in the face. Marshall, a stickler for the law, who has just accepted to become a judge, without provocation, punched a wealthy influential man in his own home….What if it had been a one punch kill? How is any of this funny? If Lily had slept with him (which of course she didn’t) does that mean Marshall should punch Lily too? What kind of message is this sending to people?! Strike 2 HIMYM… Meanwhile, Robin is freaking out because her mother is telling the stories all about the things her father did which parallels Robin and Barney’s entire relationship and Lily is trying to calm her down. Robin's mother is not doing any of this on purpose but clearly doesn’t know when to shut up. Back at the Captain’s house, The Captain takes getting punch okay. He is not angry or confused, and acts like he just beat him at chess. Who the hell acts like that?! Anyway he says nothing happened and he can ask his fiancé (Who happens to be the ‘BoatsBoatsBoats’ girl who Ted had a relationship with seasons ago). Lily had called him and he sent her a car and as soon as she came in asked to use the powder room, then she left. Marshall says he understands but challenges the Captain anyway with swords because he is not rational right now. I feel this was the excuse for the writers too. At this time Lily calls Barney to find out where they are, just as Marshall and the Captain are about to fight (The Captain having won 3 gold medals for fencing in the Olympics…of course). Barney tells Lily where they are and Lily says she is so busted. Before the two lock swords, Ted works out that Lily had a secret (because she was chewing gum) and like the attention seeking douchebag he is, he makes them wait in suspense. After enough time to paint a house twice, he finally gets to his theory which takes forever but goes thusly: When Lily and Marshall are apart for long time, Lily starts smoking. Lily chews gum whenever she has a secret. Wanting to get one last drag, she bought the cigarettes at the 7/11 and went to powder room to enjoy one. The only way to hide the evidence was to put it in the pot plant in the bathroom with a daisy in it. Expecting to find the cigarette butt, instead he pulls out a pregnancy test. It wasn’t cigarettes Lily was having, she is pregnant and after the fight went to the 7/11 to get the test and confirm. Marshall goes back to the hotel and Lily and Marshall make up and he says they are going to Italy. Robin's mum meets Barney and says he is nothing like her father and says to Robin outside that 'if you have someone you can depend on and make you feel safe it is fine.' She asks if she has someone like that as Robin looks over the ocean. (Take a guess where this might be going) The episode ends one year later in Italy- Lily and Marshall are having a small argument because she is eating Funyuns which Marshall brought in from the States. They decide to go for ice cream and Mickey is there with Marvin and a pram (and some other women who I can’t remember how she fits in). The new baby’s name is Daisy. Strike 3 HIMYM and you are out! At this point I was bashing my head on the keyboard willing this episode to end. It was not funny at all. Not once did I crack a smile, and not once did I see clever writing. A few recaps ago I said they were desperately trying to connect all the characters we have seen over the past seasons and this ends up just being weird and convoluted. We have 3 episodes left and I honestly can’t predict where this is going as one week it is good and other weeks it is so unfunny I feel like watching a funeral procession would yield greater laughs! Another episode you can miss, it is a 1/5  

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