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"This Is The Time" On This Week's Episode Of The Carrie Diaries

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


01/25/2014 9:57 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Media Courtesy of The CW

Elena Butler

Staff Writer

It was prom night in this week’s episode of the The Carrie Diaries and the poofy, colorful dresses were in full display.  But finding the perfect dress wasn’t the most difficult decision Carrie had to make, as the possibility of a full-time job at Interview came knocking at her door.  Once again, she was no longer dealing with decisions of the heart but with real-life choices that would have lasting effects on her future—needless to say, it got intense.  Once again, the great combination of lightheartedness and seriousness that the show’s been able to balance so well was encompassed in “This is the Time.”  And much like Carrie, we were left with a bittersweet taste in the mouth by the time the episode was over.  Read on to find out what else went down this week.
Before the sex and before the city...
Carrie got accepted to NYU.  Walt wasn’t prepared to deal with the reality of being gay and he broke up with Bennett.  Sebastian started a business based on skate culture and even considered moving back to California.  Bennett got fired from Interview and Larissa gave Carrie his job.
The episode opens with Carrie shopping for a prom dress with her dad.  He doesn’t seem very enthused to be there and she knows that the experience would be different if she were doing that with her mom.
Back in Castlebury, Mouse is impressed by Donna’s ability to raise $10,000 for the prom committee.  A task that was no sweat for the girl who boasts of having the most awesome bod in school.  All Donna had to do was wear her skimpiest outfit and wash people’s cars.  I want to know how much she charged and how many cars she washed because $10,000 is a heck of a lot of money.  Anyway, Mouse finds out that Donna is actually smart and got into Columbia University.  She’s been pretending to be dumb so she can be elected prom queen.  Donna’s priorities are scary as hell.
At the Diner, the group thinks of what they’ll be doing for prom.  Maggie plans to go with Pete but Carrie can’t go with Sebastian since he got expelled from school.  Walt suggests they go as a team and everyone agrees.  Donna comes in and slides into the booth with them.  She tells them she used the extra committee money to book a fancy hotel in Manhattan for the prom venue.  Walt chews on his asparagus nervously at the thought of going back to the city.
Another day at school, another day of Dorrit being an awkward and rebellious teenager.  Scott tries to hold her hand but she hates PDA.  She admits to only letting him do that in front of her dad to piss him off.  He brings up the idea of going to prom with her but she’s not thrilled.  Dorrit thinks he’s way too nice and traditional to be boyfriend material.  He explains that he wants to go to prom ironically and just to make fun of everyone else who takes it so seriously.  Eventually he convinces Dorrit to go.
In Manhattan, Sebastian gets a visit from his mom.  She comes baring a gift—a puppy.  Yeah, it’s obvious she got tired of it and didn’t want it anymore, so now she’s dumping it on him.  What is wrong with Sebastian’s parents?  First his dad takes all his money, now his mom hands him a huge responsibility.  Sebastian doesn’t want to take it at first but he can’t say no to a poor, cute little golden retriever.  Meanwhile at Interview, Larissa tells Carrie that she got her a full-time position at the magazine.  Carrie tells her she can’t do full-time if she’s going to NYU in the fall.  Larissa tells her a degree won’t be worth anything if she already has the job she’s always wanted.  I mean, she has a point but what will Carrie fall back on if she ever loses that job?
Carrie goes back to the loft to find out that Sebastian’s already named the new puppy.  She tells him about the job at Interview.  He thinks she should take the job since it’s her dream.  Carrie doesn’t want to imagine what her dad will say or how he’ll react when he finds out.  She even wishes he was more like Sebastian’s parents—no you don’t, Carrie.
At the Diner, Walt tells Maggie he’s not going to prom.  She knows the reason he’s not going anymore is because it’s in the city.  Walt wants Bennett to be a part of his past and that also includes Manhattan.  Maggie reminds him that they made a pact Freshman year to be each others’ dates.  She tells him she’ll change her plans with Pete and will go with him instead.  Walt agrees to go to prom with her.
Prom night arrives and Carrie walks down wearing the cutest neon pink dress, followed by an equally adorable Dorrit in her poofy attire.  Tom is impressed by both of them and is surprised to see that Dorrit’s willing to pose for a picture with her sister.  Later, the group—sans Dorrit, who is off with Scott—celebrate with drinks in the back of a limo.  Seriously, how do these kids get a hold of all this alcohol?  Mouse and Walt think Carrie should go to college and get a degree but she’s sure she won’t need it if she’s working for Interview.  The more this is brought up, the more I think it’s going to blow up in her face—sooner rather than later.
The group arrives at the venue looking sharp and ready to party.  Maggie is supposed to be Walt’s date but she goes off with Mouse, leaving Walt and Carrie dancing with each other.  It’s nice to see everyone having so much fun.  Dorrit and Scott continue with their prom mocking but do so as they slow dance—ironically of course.  Carrie and Walt talk about being there without Sebastian and Bennett.  She compares his situation to hers and Walt doesn’t think she understands.  Carrie might be worried about her life choices and struggle for a bit but she’ll never have it as hard as him.  Walt says that he’ll have to continue living a lie in order for the world to accept him.
We head to the loft, where Sebastian is going over work ideas with his partner, Shane.  Sebastian realizes he’s been missing out on meetings by living so far away and his friend suggest he goes out to California.  He tells Sebastian the business thing is going to take off and he’ll need to be closer to the action.  When Sebastian brings up Carrie, Shane tells him to bring her along—because it’s that easy.
Back at prom, Donna runs into Mouse in the girl’s bathroom.  She brings up the fact that Donna doesn’t look very happy to be running for prom queen.  Donna says that her date isn’t necessarily the best choice but she doesn’t do repeats, so she had to go with someone she hadn’t dated yet.  When she says she’ll need a new batch of men, Mouse brings up Columbia.  Donna tells her to keep it down, afraid that someone might hear her and learn that she’s actually a brainiac.  Honestly, I’m still trying to wrap my mind around this.  Donna did do a good job at pretending to be dumb.  Kudos.  As they’re leaving the bathroom, the two Jens come out of the stalls, ready to out her.
Meanwhile, Walt is outside the dance hall and watches a couple of newlyweds walk past him.  Carrie joins him and he tells her that he’s always wanted a traditional wedding like that.  “Another reminder of what I can’t have,” he laments.  Carrie tells him that even though he can’t have an authentic wedding he can still have authentic love.  She tells him he shouldn’t have to choose between love and his parents.  “It’s not fair that people don’t want to recognize your relationship because it doesn’t look like what they know,” she says.  And it makes me so sad that I’m actually on the verge of crying.  Something clicks in him and he goes off, telling Carrie he’s going to be authentic.  Carrie reflects on the meaning of prom and realizes that she’s there by herself before spotting Weaver across the room.
Carrie says hello and Weaver apologizes for everything he said about her in that one interview.  Weaver admits that he never wrote a play about her.  He just said that to hurt her the way she hurt him.  Apparently Carrie’s fixation with Sebastian really did a number on him.  They talk about prom and college and Carrie tells him about NYU and the job offer at Interview.  Weaver tells her she should go for it, “You’re a writer.  You don’t need school, you need life experiences.”  He tells Carrie to take the job because she was born to write.  He leaves but not before giving her a kiss on the cheek.  Weaver’s starting to make me like him again and I hate myself for it.
Meanwhile, Walt and Bennett meet again and they apologize to each other for what happened between them.  Bennett tells him that getting fired from Interviewwas actually a good thing since he wasn’t passionate about the job.  He now has a job at Gay Men’s Health Crisis and has found that’s really what he wants to do with his life.  Walt tells him that he misses him and Bennett says he misses him as well.  They hug.
Inside the dance hall, Dorrit and Scott are busy spiking the punch and Carrie walks in to find Bennett has joined the party.  Maggie finds them and asks where they have been.  Walt introduces her to Bennett and she’s ecstatic to meet him.  They share some punch as the announcements for prom king and queen commence.  Donna goes up on the stage and she’s announced as prom queen but the Jens are quick to snatch the tiara from her.  They accuse her of not being one of them because she’s smart and they spill her secret about getting into Columbia.
Mouse goes up on the stage and tries to defend her by stating that women should be recognized and celebrated for being smart.  Walt suggest they do something to help out Donna, and Bennett goes up on the stage doing his best butch impression.  I’m not exactly sure how that would help the situation, except maybe he was trying to prove that men do care about brains and not just beauty.  The act doesn’t last long because Donna’s date goes up there and tells him to back off.  Then he makes a touching speech about how he doesn’t care that she’s smart because all that really matters is that she has a sweet rack.  Deep words.
When prom’s over, Carrie finds Sebastian waiting for her outside.  He looks like the Bachelor, wearing a spiffy suit and holding a red rose.  Carrie tells him she decided to take the job at Interview and Sebastian questions who made her so confident about her decision.  Of course she’s not going to say it was Weaver, so she tells him she just thought it through.
The next day at the Bradshaw house, Tom gives Carrie a huge reality check.  Carrie tells him that she’s not going to college in order to take the job at Interview.  She tries to explain that her future is writing and she doesn’t need to go to college.  Tom gets angry with her decision, questioning what she’s planning to do about things such as health insurance and if she can get fired without severance.  He brings up very good points and it’s clear that Carrie hasn’t thought everything through like she thought.  Tom tells her that he will no longer subsidize her life if she’s not planning to go to college.  He’s letting her be an adult and that means cutting her off financially and allowing her to figure things out on her own.
Meanwhile, Walt decides to finally speak with his parents about what he’s going through.  He tells them that much like traditions, being true to oneself is also very important.  Walt says that he’s not happy living the way they want him to live—he’s gay and can’t keep pretending he’s not.  He understands if they want him to move out and if they don’t accept him but he won’t let them dictate how he lives his life.  Later when he’s packing, his dad comes into the room and has a heart to heart with him.  While he knows that Walt’s not following tradition, he’s still proud that he’s his son.  He gives him his Dartmouth ring, “You’re my legacy,” and helps him unpack his things.  That’s it, I’m now crying.
In the city, Carrie arrives at Interview and informs Larissa that she’s decided to take the job.  She asks about her salary and benefits but Larissa tells her HR deals with all that boring stuff.  She wants to celebrate instead.  In Castlebury, Dorrit finds out that Scott made up the whole thing about going to prom just to get her to go with him.  He admits that he doesn’t like being used just to get back at her dad.  Dorrit is actually impressed that he’d be so manipulative, “Maybe you’re not too nice for me after all.  Maybe you’re actually kind of worthy of me.”  I wonder what she’ll think when she finds out her dad’s been pretending not to like Scott just so she will continue to date him.
Back in the loft, Sebastian talks with his business partner and tells him he’s moving back to California.  Seeing Carrie chase her dreams inspired him to do the same.  Later, he and Carrie take a stroll through Central Park and she talks to him about her dad.  She tells him—more than once—that she’s happy to have him there, especially now that things have gotten difficult for her.  Carrie feels like Sebastian is the only person she can rely on.  The episode ends with Carrie telling him she wouldn’t know what to do if he weren’t there.
Boy is Carrie in for a rude awakening.  Not only did she basically get shunned by her dad, Sebastian is getting ready to leave her once again.  Based on next week’s previews, things are about to take a very unexpected turn.  I’m also very curious as to Weaver’s future role in Carrie’s life.  They didn’t have to bring him back.  He was such a major jerk to her that it could’ve been left like that but the show made it a point to give us an explanation for his actions.  In my opinion, they left the possibility open for Carrie to get back with him.  What did you guys think of this week’s episode?  What would you have done in Carrie’s shoes, dream job or college?  Tell us all about it in the comments below.


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