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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

"This Is Your Sword", But It's Not The Only One On This Week's 'Arrow'

Lazaros Balakos | PopWrapped Author

Lazaros Balakos

05/10/2015 11:52 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
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After being introduced to Al Sah-him last week, Arrow strikes back to unveil Ra’s Al Ghul’s evil plans and the team’s reaction to them. So let’s see how things rolled. 

It all kicks off with a flashback of Oliver and Yamashiro’s trying to cure Akio from the virus. The present finds Ra’s preparing Oliver to destroy Starling, revealing Maseo brought him the bioweapon. John and Laurel are kicking some serious ass on the field but the former overdoes it, due to his anger. Malcolm is not very fond of Thea’s leaving to find Roy, but eventually comes to terms with it. Over at Nanda Parbat, there’s tension caused by the upcoming wedding, which leads Oliver to go for a walk. While at it, he meets Malcolm and the two intend to bring team Arrow in to save Starling, only they need to find the right person to convince him. Once Merlyn leaves, Maseo walks in. Another flashback finds the two men going after Shrieve to see if he’s got a cure. In the present, Thea reunites with Roy at a garage he’s working and they’re heading to his place.

Ray tries to comfort Felicity but she’s doesn’t want to let him in, so he gets her to sign some random papers, which end up being about the ownership of the company. Oliver offers to set Maseo free once he’s Ra’s, but his old friend is in a far worse prison than the League. Malcolm meets with team Arrow and tries to convince them Oliver is still one of the good guys, bringing Tatsu in to achieve his goal. Despite their distrust, he sets a date to take them to Nanda Parbat. Thea hands Roy the Arsenal’s costume and before you know it the two are making out. John and Laurel are on board to help Oliver and save the city, but the same doesn’t apply for Felicity. Ra’s further tries to bring his daughter to terms with her wedding, but ends up threatening her. Tatsu pays Felicity a visit and tries to prevent her from doing the same mistake that she did by not approaching Maseo when he joined the League.

Yet one more flashback finds Maseo and Oliver killing a couple of guards and entering Shrieve’s base. Tatsu goes in full Katana mode and team Arrow leaves for Nanda Parbat, with Felicity also on board. Once they arrive, they all deliver some badass fight scenes with League members, while Felicity tries to hack the plane Ra’s plans to destroy the city with. Maseo comes to face Tatsu and the plane takes off, but thankfully the Atom is there to take it down. Right when Maseo’s standing on top of his ex-wife and prepares to kill her, she rushes and takes his life instead and he thanks her for releasing him. Just when things start to look better, Oliver and Ra’s appear to make team Arrow surrender. He’s told that Maseo was the one that had him betrayed and Al Sah-him reveals he’s preparing to marry Nyssa.

As Thea tells Roy everything about the situation with Oliver, the team has a talk going in their dungeon. Diggle is soon taken to see his old friend and doesn’t really want to hear a thing from him, so he’s taken back to the cell under Ra’s orders. Another flashback finds Shrieve giving Maseo and Oliver the cure and being taken with them in order to put it into action. The reality check finds Ra’s preparing to kill Malcolm with Tatsu’s sword, when that son of a bitch reveals it was Oliver that had betrayed him and not Maseo. Al Sah-him is summoned and states that Merlyn is lying, temporarily getting himself out of the situation. Thea wakes up and can’t find Roy, but he’s left a note for her, stating she deserves better than a life on the run and basically paving the way for her to become the Arsenal from that point and on. 

Ra’s walks in the team’s dungeon with Oliver and take Tatsu out, before they unleash the weapon and lock the others down. One last flashback finds Ollie and Maseo being too late to save Akio, while they were also trapped by Shireve, who intended to get them all together in one place. In the present day, the wedding is properly taking place and not even Nyssa’s attempt to stab Oliver is enough to stop it. In the meantime, Felicity, John, Laurel, Ray and Malcolm are all fading out because of the bioweapon.

Now what the actual living hell is going on here? Since Arrow left us more ignorant than Jon f-ing Snow this time around, we are forced to return next week for the season finale. And who knows? The show might just go out in a flash...

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