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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

This Week On New Girl Schmidt Meets His "Michael Keaton"

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


10/23/2013 11:41 am
PopWrapped | Television
This Week On New Girl Schmidt Meets His
Media Courtesy of New Girl

Caitlin Swift

Staff Writer All Hallows Eve is approaching and to celebrate Jess is throwing a party! The only problem is Schmidt. He’s picked up his old habit of emotional eating and parked himself on the couch. Not the kind of person you want to have at a party. Plus Jess really wants Cece to be there. Winston suggests a plan…Keaton… We learn that as a boy Schmidt was enamored with Michael Keaton, more specifically Michael Keaton in Batman. He decided to write him a letter expressing his problems of being picked on in school, and guess what? He wrote back. Every time Schmidt had a problem he sought Keaton’s advice. This continued through college. However we learn that is actually Nick. Jess uses this as her way of getting Schmidt to bow out of the party. Nick is worried about Schmidt finding out that Keaton isn’t real and the crushing effect it would have on his psyche. Jess tries to fix the problem by saying Keaton was on vacation but instead it sends Schmidt back into his depression. The gang escapes to an empty loft across the hall, aka the bat cave, where Nick becomes Keaton. He is going to fix Schmidt the only way he knows how, through the inspirational words of Michael Keaton. All seems to be working until Schmidt replies while answering the door. He hears the ding of new mail and follows it. Poor Schmidt stumbles upon their bat cave and the jig is up. No Keaton. The party is upon us and Winston is convinced he looks just like David Letterman. Nick is wearing trash, Jess is Joey Ramone/a Quimby, and Schmidt rallies and comes as a public serpent. The gang has no idea how to stall until they are inspired by some trick-or-treaters. Jess steals a kid’s Batman costume in hopes to convince Schmidt that she is Keaton. Her impression is less than convincing. Schmidt has convinced himself that they hacked into Michael’s account. Nick finally comes clean about Keaton. His mother started the hoax and Nick continued it. He attempts to run off but gets attacked by a group of trick-or-treaters. This is just not Schmidt’s night. Cece arrives and isn’t mad that Schmidt is there. In fact she said in some ways it gave her closure. Schmidt and Nick have a heart to heart and you can see that deep down inside they really are great friends. Nick tells him even though he doesn’t have Keaton he has him. Which of course is tacky, but sweet. Schmidt has decided to embark on his own. He needs to be by himself. Everyone is upset that he is moving out and they urge him not to go. How is 4D going to survive?! Well it turns out Schmidt’s moving out is really just moving across the hall to 4C; so much for really branching out. I have to admit I was a little saddened that Michael Keaton didn’t actually make an appearance. I’m also interested to see how the dynamic in the loft changes now that Schmidt is not there. Something tells me he won’t be gone for long.


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