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Television / Celebrities PopWrapped | Television

This Week On The Following: What Would You Do For Joe?

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


01/30/2014 1:12 pm
PopWrapped | Television
This Week On The Following: What Would You Do For Joe?
Media Courtesy of FOX
Photo Courtesy of FOX Photo Courtesy of FOX

Elena Butler

Staff Writer

Last week we found out Carroll, now living under the name of Darryl, has been on the down low, embracing his new persona and new life.  This week however, we saw the real Joe step out of the shadows and once again delve into his murderous ways.  For those of you who are into creepy murderous twins, there was also some more of that.  Ryan had his hands full with those two sociopaths this week as he went on a mission to protect Claire 2.0—I mean, Lily.  Emma had a tiny appearance and Carlos kept complaining about his face being all over the news.  Alright, enough yapping.  Here’s what happened on this week’s episode.
Previously on The Following...
Ryan got stabbed.  Claire got stabbed.  Only one of them survived and it was obviously Ryan because he’s the star of the show.  A new cult emerged and killed some people in the subway except for one blonde who sort of resembles Claire.  Emma got a pink mohawk and a lip ring.  Ryan wanted no part in the FBI investigations but continued doing his own.  Oh and Joe Carroll lives.
“For Joe” kicks off in Boone County, Arkansas where Darryl—um, Carroll—is being read the news by his adopting daughter (?) Amanda.  His girlfriend makes fun of Carroll’s attempt at a southern accent but then reprimands him for making Amanda too smart.  Okay.  Joe seems to be getting the itch to get back to his cult leader ways but insists it’s not the case.  He tells his new lady friend that he owes her his salvation.
Title card appears and we head to Ryan’s apartment in NYC where he’s taking care of his wounds after getting run over by that cab in the last episode.  He Bings the only survivor of the subway murders—Lily Gray—and sees that she has an art gallery in the city.
At the FBI headquarters, the agents are still investigating the blonde girl’s death from the previous episode.  Mike deduces that she was a specific message, and Agent Mendez says she depicts one of the characters from Poe’s works--one which Carroll wrote about and associated with isolation and loneliness.  Meanwhile at a motel room, the creepy twins, the French chick and Carlos are still keeping close tabs on the news.  The twins and the French chick talk about killing Carlos—in French—but apparently they still need him, so it will have to wait.  They have a cellphone labeled “Carroll” and are waiting for him to call.  The twins leave to go do some “sightseeing.”  Right.
Ryan heads to Lily’s gallery to speak to her about Carroll.  He thinks Lily might have met him and maybe forgot but she insists she doesn’t know him.  Lily admits that she googled Ryan and knows that he no longer works for the FBI.  They seem to have a bit of a connection since they’re both cyberstalking each other.
One of the twins, pretty sure it’s Mark because he’s not the one with the slicked back hair, delivers flowers to a woman.  He walks right into her house and throws her against the wall until she’s unconscious.  Luke somehow makes it inside the home as well and knocks out the woman’s husband.  Mark goes upstairs to take care of the couple’s son while wearing a Carroll mask.  Later, they play house with the dead parents.  There’s cooking and dinner talk, which is mainly just Luke pretending the man is his dad and making up a conversation with him.  I love how Mark sometimes gives him a weird look even though they’re both equally messed up in the head.  They finish up their theatrics by tying the parents to chairs in front of the fireplace before leaving.
Back in the country, the Reverend is leaving the house after having paid for Carroll’s girlfriend to service him.  Yuck.  There’s tons of things that happen on this show that are wrong but this gave me the creeps.  As he’s leaving, he stops to talk to Carroll and makes an attempt to get him to talk about his time in Afghanistan—which never happened.  I love how Carroll seems super annoyed by his insistence to say a prayer for him.
Somewhere in the city, Emma is still wondering what is going on with the new cult.  She’s curious as to who Carlos has been hanging out with so she searches for information online.  Later, she finds a number where to reach him and Carlos pretty much gives away that Carroll is alive, much to her surprise.  I bet her heart did a million flips.
Ryan returns to his apartment to find that his alarm has been disabled.  Max almost gets shot as a result.  He tells her about Carlos and his misadventures with the cab.  Max found Carroll’s mask in his belongings and tells him he needs to go to the FBI with the information.  He knows they won’t believe his theory about Carroll being alive.  Ryan gets a call from Luke who tells him he’s calling to introduce himself.  Ryan asks Max to trace the call.  He shows up at an abandoned apartment and figures out the caller is on the roof of the building.  When he gets there, another cellphone rings and he picks up only to have Luke—wearing a Carroll mask—show up in the building across the street.  Ryan finds the dead parents inside the apartment and their child locked in the closet.
We go back to Carroll’s hideaway and find out Amanda also knows about his true identity.  Her mother wrote Carroll letters while in prison and that’s how they became acquainted.  Carroll tells Amanda that he’s never going to leave her and she tells him that things are better with him there.  They hug.  Later, they watch a special news report about his string of murders.  They turn off the TV when the Reverend shows up looking to go for a second round with Carroll’s girlfriend.
At the crime scene, Mike tries to solve the mystery behind the murders by telling Ryan his theories about the motives.  Ryan isn’t interested in talking with him about it and leaves.  He gets another call from Luke who tells him he’s at Lily’s art gallery.  Ryan arrives as Lily is being taken away by one of her bodyguards.  Mark calls out to him, and lets Ryan see him but quickly disappears from view.  Ryan finds an undercover agent and tells him that Lily is in danger.  The twins intercept Lily as she’s leaving the art gallery and stab the man accompanying her.  Ryan’s able to find her and get her to safety before engaging in a fight with Mark.  Luke helps his brother and Ryan shoots at Luke as they’re running away.  The FBI arrives at the scene and Ryan tries to tell Mike about the twins but Mike’s angry that he took matters into his own hands.  Ryan speaks with Lily who thanks him for saving her and the man who was with her.
Back at Carroll’s place, the Reverend takes the liberty of turning on the TV and boy is he going to regret that decision.  He doesn’t even pretend like he didn’t recognize Carroll and immediately excuses himself.  Carroll knows he’s a loose end that needs to be taken care of.  Amanda asks him not to hurt him but it might be too late for that.  He goes after the Reverend and, after putting up a fight, the Reverend is knocked unconscious by Amanda.  Carroll ties him to a chair as he debates on what to do with him.  He starts rambling about being stuck there for a year and being off his game as well as being a failure in everything.
Carroll asks the Reverend to help him decide what he’s going to do with him.  The Reverend tries to talk him out of hurting him but Carroll is too weak to resist his urge to kill.  He stabs him in the chest as Amanda watches from the couch horrified.  Carroll comforts her and tells her everything is okay.  The episode ends with Amanda lamenting the fact that her mom is going to be mad when she gets home.
Was that last part supposed to make us laugh?  It was, right?  How as that for a follow up to the premiere?  The thrills and chills were toned down a bit this week but a few tiny revelations came to light, like Emma finding out Carroll isn’t dead.  I’m interested to see what she’s going to do.  I’m sure she’s going to search land and sea for him.  It kind of feels odd to have her be out of the loop.  How are you guys liking the new characters this season?  Yay?  Nay?  Let us know in the comments below!

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