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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

This Week's Episode Of Castle Gets A Groovy Taste Of The 70's

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


04/23/2014 4:50 pm
PopWrapped | Television
This Week's Episode Of Castle Gets A Groovy Taste Of The 70's
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You know what I hate in a TV show…besides bad acting, no character development, or lazy writing…convoluted plans and pointless plotlines! Both of which abound in this week’s episode "That 70’s Show." Hold onto your afros and get the nachos ready because it is about to get cheesy up in this joint turkeys! We open with the numbers ‘1978’ in stone as construction workers dig in an old building and stubble upon a decayed body. Meanwhile in the ever so important subplot (that was sarcasm), Martha is getting involved with the wedding…too much! Castle tries to let her down gently but she gets all offended and Becket and Castle try to think of a way she can be involved without going overboard… …Hey you know what would be nice? If they stopped shoving this wedding down our throats! Seriously it adds nothing to the story, they often leave the episode having achieved nothing (or very little) and as far as I am aware they still haven’t picked a date or a venue yet. Writers, stop this filler and let’s get on with the murder okay?! The body was buried under concrete, and after Castle looks and sees a ring and watch with the tattered blue suit, he knows who the victim is- Vince Bianchi (Head of the Bianchi crime family) who was a big gangster back in the 70’s who disappeared. An old cop Detective Boyle was in charge of the investigation back then and is giving the run down to the team at the station. (He is here just to give us the run down and then disappears from the story. So don’t worry about it) Esposito and Ryan give a throwaway line that Gates is at a terrorist seminar as to why she is not here (Remember this, it sets up for shenanigans) Micky ‘The Blade, and Louie ‘The Lip’ were the prime suspects as rival crime bosses, Frank Russo Vince’s lieutenant and was a rival in his organisation but claims he dropped him off at home the day he went missing. The last photo taken is of Vince and Frank on the night he disappeared and in the photo Vince is in a black suit, meaning so he did go out even though Frank said he just dropped him off. Becket and Castle visit Frank and his drunken wife, He says he is legit now and that the person they need to talk to is Harold Leon who would have known if Vince went out afterwards. They go and see a carer who is looking after him. He is crazy thinking it is the 1970 (the carer says it is Pathological grieving due to his friend Vince disappearing) and if anyone takes him out of his psychosis he becomes angry and shuts down. He is full of life and normal functioning, just with the delusion of it being 1970. He mistakes Castle is a Captain and Becket is just a rookie. He starts talking and says he knows who killed Vince but Beckett accidently breaks his illusion that it isn’t 1970 and he starts freaking out. He says he won’t say unless he sees Vince’s body. Castle says he will arrange it. Beckett is annoyed…. Ok let’s hold the phone for a moment. Doing a quick Google search, Pathological Grief does not mean you go crazy, it means you cannot get over a traumatic incident. This guy needs to see a psychologist immediately as it is not only unhealthy, but dangerous. Castle and Becket should be sending him in for evaluation if he has information leading to a case, not indulging in a delusion which can cause deeper harm…………..but then we couldn’t have “funny hijinks” *Facepalm* At the morgue, Laney says Vince was shot in the back and then shot in his head. Becket is impressed she got all at from the bones but it turns out the concrete formed a near perfect mold of the body. Castle gets the team to dress like the 70s and bring in Harold to see the ‘fake’ body… …and they managed to get all the pieces the construction crew destroyed with a jackhammer, glued them all back together so you could make a cast rubber mold of our victim…are laughing yet? Are the hijinks funny yet? Mikey the Blade is still running a crime boss and Vince was buried in his territory. He comes in and tells Ryan and Esposito they were going to merge the families. He also threatens them…for no good reason…and it turns out he didn’t do it by the way…making this entire scene pointless. Lanley is in her sexy 70’s ‘Foxxy’ outfit and Harold is very convinced. She shows him the body and he asks if there was anything else on him (The ring, Watch and Pin from Connie Island). He sheds a tear and just as they are talking in the hall a man in a surgeon outfit pulls a machine gun and starts firing, just as Beckett sees it and yells to get down. Nobody is hurt and the shooter got away…but not for long as they use traffic cams get a picture who is linked to mob hits. After the attempted whack, Castle is back at Harold’s place and convinces him to let them know the killer. Harold says he will give a statement down at the station. This leads Castle to convinces everyone to dress as the 70s and give the station a makeover. Because Captain Gates isn’t here and since Beckett is in charge she can order everyone to do this. This also allows Castle to give Martha this project to distract her too for trying to plan the wedding. Beckett agrees… …ARE…WE…LAUGHING…AT…THE…SHENANIGANS…YET?! This joke should have stopped back at the morgue but it keeps going and going! This plan is ridiculous and I have to keep reminding myself this is meant to be a serious show. With Martha given free reign, she has brought in actors and she has gone overboard. Harold is picked up from his place in an old 70’s cop car with the police officers having fake porno mustaches. Everyone has got roles and costumes and even Ryan and Esposito have dressed up as Snooky Wright and Wade Price (a pair of famous 70’s cops featured in a documentary). Harold wants them to take his statement…which would be find until he starts asking them about the cases the cops were famous for. Meanwhile Castle and Beckett are “Acting” with the scripts and actors provided by Martha. It is painful to watch. Harold tells them he was going to meet up with Vince and talks about “Glitterarty” (a Nightclub) and things are looking up till Esposito’s mobile goes off which make Harold loose his memory. The club is still around and after going through lots of incarnations, is back to being a 70s club… …what are the chances… *Takes head and slams door into it repeatedly* They want to take him there to jog his memory. Just then Captain Gates walks in (Her terrorist seminar was cancelled due to a bomb threat) and she is not too happy with how things have been going. Harold, Ryan and Esposito are at the disco while at the same time, Beckett picked up the shooter. Castle finds photos of Vince at Glitterarty and he is always wearing the blue suit and the club was and still is owned by Frank Russo. Harold goes up and a guard stops him from seeing Frank, at which point Harold smashing him over the head with a champagne bottle and takes his gun and tells him to admit it. Ryan and Esposito stop him just in time. Beckett interrogates Harold and he isn’t really crazy anymore. When he got shot at he came back to reality and he wanted to go to the precinct to see what Frank looked like now… …you know what, this episode clearly doesn’t care anymore so I wont point out all the ways that is stupid and I will just finish the recap in point form:
  • Frank tells them Vince booked the club the night he died for a Private Event for a girl
  • Vince was secretly gay with Harold
  • Harold told Vince he had to marry a girl he was engaged to
  • That girl was Mikey’s sister (who is Frank’s wife) and it was to merge the families
  • Vince told her he wasn’t going to marry her so she killed him
  • The story ends with Castle taking Beckett, Harold and the team to the disco club (including Gates).
Oh boy…where do I start! I have to give Castle it’s due, it was an interesting idea but half way through it because stale and I was looking at the clock to see when it was over. It stuck to the traditional formula (so we could guess who the murder was if we tried) and the scenario became so ridiculous that it completely took me out of the story. Not to mention this is a terrible example how to deal with people suffering from a mental illness! It was very obvious the cast had a great time getting their disco on but having watched shows like the BBC’s Life of Mars and Ashes to Ashes, this kind of portrayal left me disappointed. The more I wrote, the more annoyed I became. 1.5/5 Only watch if you are a die hard disco fan or can switch your brain off for 45 minutes.

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