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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

This Week's 'Forever': Even The Saints Know Some Sinners

Shannon Beaty | PopWrapped Author

Shannon Beaty

10/29/2014 8:30 pm
PopWrapped | Television
This Week's 'Forever': Even The Saints Know Some Sinners | forever
Media Courtesy of ABC
Tyler Forrester, the unhappiest looking doctor ever, is about to receive the New York Heroes award. "You've always done the right thing, T. Don't ever change." What the hell kind of friend leaves such an ominous message with his friend? And shablammo, we find Tyler dead on the floor of his apartment. Blunt trauma to the head killed the poor sap and the killer used his newly acquired award to do the dirty deed. Henry whips out 'vector' to describe the angle and force of which the victim is struck and Jo is immediately like 'plz speak English already.' Sassy Jo wins at everything. The murderer was let in, even though the lock was broken - shoddy cover up. Henry examines the bits of Tyler's life, including his fancy-shmancy ring showing his elite status and an iPhone busted to pieces. On Tyler's body they find a gigantic tattoo of the roman numerals V X IV. So, so, so, so, so weird to see the tattoo on this guy's chest, it looks so misplaced. Tyler's father comes in and explains he and Tyler aren't tight, that his son basically pushed the family away. He's sure that the murder wasn't monetarily motivated, as Tyler was donations happy and pretty well broke compared to his bajillionaire father. Abe is wheeling and dealing back at the antiques store with a young man who is trying to sell some stuff from the Vietman era. Abe was in the Army, in the airborne division back in 1967. My spidey senses are tingling; this little tidbit of information is going to come into play again, I'm sure. Side note: there are some gorgeous looking chandeliers in the antiques store and I desperately need one. Hook me up, Abe! At Tyler's wake, there are a lot of stuck up, slick-haired fellow bajillionaires all look like they have some shady business going on. Oh, how cute, they all are wearing the same class ring that Tyler had. Jo and Henry single out a man who seems to be only 23% mentally there. They ask when the last time he and Tyler spoke and man, dude, bro, it was so long ago. He had a tattoo? The friend is either tripping so bad he's telling the truth or lying through his teeth. The woman who was speaking at the start of the memorial is Cassandra Meade, an attorney (I hate when they do that, all high and mighty with their legal crap) and she does not approve of Henry and Jo being there. There's a nice little icy glare from Jo indicating she'd love to punch Ms. Meade in the face, but being a cop and getting arrested would probably be a career deal breaker. Oddly enough we see that Cassandra is wearing a necklace, and Tyler was in possession of a necklace just like it. Carter Pilson introduces himself after H&J walk away from the ice queen attorney. They ask Carter when he last saw Tyler.... which was at the awards, especially since he was the one who presented Tyler with the award. They were homies in high school, but alas, times change. So why does June 10th, 2005 (V X IV) mean something special to Tyler? No clue, but cue the shifty eyes and utter loss of color in Carter's face. They hold a sticky note with V X IV against a mirror, which would reflect perfectly for him... is it a day to remember, or a day to forget? June 10th, 2005 was the day that he and his friends graduated. Tyler apparently had a crush on the ice queen attorney, Cassandra, but she was with Paul. Jealously, thou art a heartless bitch. Tyler didn't stay with his friends for long; when he came back early from their trip together he was a different man. Didn't take any money from his parents, was incredibly sad and chose to go to a state school instead of Harvard. So what happened? At the lab, Lucas is guardian of the elevator, assaulting Henry with the news that there was a weird fuel on the award that killed Tyler. Lucas scoured the body once more, finding a teeny-tiny hair. It's from an adult caucasian female and immediately we think of the ice queen. Then something weird happens. According to Henry, some elite schools keep a DNA record of students in case of abduction. Lucas says "Wow, I wouldn't think anybody at my high school would notice if I was abducted." "Well look how far you've come. You're now someone whose... abduction... would be noticed." "Yeah, it would. Thanks, doc." What in the actual... I just... what? Like damn, what a way to belittle Lucas. Not cool. The chief is checking on Jo, seeing how she's reacting to the fact she shot and killed a man. She's fine, the guy was off his rocker. Chief talks about her past, how she was able to pull a gun and shoot someone but a couple of weeks later... Jo interrupts and insists she's okay, assuming that the Chief merely froze up. She tells Jo no, she shot him as well, but while doing mundane things in life, she would stop dead in her tracks. Traumatic experiences always rear their ugly head and it's nice to know the Chief is there for Jo in case she needs the support. Ice queen Cassandra is interviewed, still wearing the odd necklace. Cut to Paul (the guy who was trippin' balls), who says Tyler was bummed because he and Cass were together. Next up we see Carter giving some weird pep talk about movers and chasers (basically) and that Tyler just reflected on the past. Round and round we go with these three, who slowly piece together that well, shucks, everyone is innocent. Sure. Alibis galore. See, this is why friends don't let friends date other friends. Emotional CHAOS. Paul still loves Cassandra. Tyler was with Cassandra. Holy hell, high school flashbacks are punching me in the face with all this drama. A video was on the phone... Tyler looks scared and guilty as all get out. "This is for Mr. and Mrs. Meechum. My name is Tyler Forrester and I... I don't know how to say this. It has to do something with your son. It is something that I... er, we, have to..." And suddenly Paul sits down next to him "What the hell are you doing, Tyler?" *end tape* They go find Paul and he's overdosed in his apartment. Jo calls the ambulance like a normal person while Henry goes all Gordon Ramsey, mixing some weird stuff together that makes Tyler puke. Yum. Jo asks Henry if he's ever considered being a real doctor. "Um, actually, I AM a real doctor." *ptwang* You certainly hit a nerve on that one, Jo. So why did you stop being a physician, Henry? Oh, it was time for a change. Flashback - looks like the hmm... 50s? Henry sees a man get shot and being that he is a witness, he also gets shot. Robert Meechum was reported missing on June 12th, 2005... just two days after the tattoo date that is across Tyler's cold, dead chest. Peculiar, eh? In her youth, Jo had a scholarship to a fancy private school in Manhattan. Long story short, it was a fairy tale that turned nightmare. She was attacked and hurt; there were plenty of kids who saw but didn't speak up. Tl;dr - rich kids are silent jerks. While at a gas station out where Robert went missing, they see security footage with our  favorite elitists on it. Out back in the dumpster there's a shovel. Time to dig! Out in the woods, Henry explains his extensive knowledge about dirt and shovels comes from his time as a grave-digger. Henry, if you keep revealing more and more information about yourself, you might be digging your own grave. They find some bones, which more than likely belong to Mr. Robert Meechum. A spider crawls out of the skull's eye socket and I shiver - nice touch. Secrets are the name of the game in this episode. Abe spills his biggest secret: he sold a piece he knew was fake. I don't believe Abe, he doesn't seem torn enough about this decision. A flashback shows the man lying on the ground dying, with Henry trying to assist while bleeding out. The ambulance shows up and a witness points to where Henry crawled to - just in the nick of time, Henry dies, and no body is left behind. Gathered around the pile of bones belonging to Robert, Lucas makes it weird again. "You guys would, ya know... notice... if I was abducted?" Henry talks under his breath to the Chief "I've already told him that we would be, if it wasn't too busy." like he's telling his wife that he's already discussed that Santa is indeed still real. What. In. The. Hell? Not a fan of this, writers. Why are you having Henry treat Lucas like that? As if the job is more important than if one of their colleagues went missing. Very callous. The rich kids did kill Robert and then got to Tyler because he was going to confess. They gather all the parties in a room and holy crap, all the side eye all day long. They practically incriminate each other without saying a word. Jo drills Carter - we have the footage of you and Paul going grave robbing. So fess up and explain it. They both spill their guts. They were drunk, driving home from a party, the boys each taking turns making out with ice queen hussie Cassandra when suddenly they plow a body. The 3 elitists take turns incriminating the others or sticking up for Cassandra because apparently the power of the rich pussy is too strong to say no to. Cassandra confesses to killing Robert, but she didn't kill Tyler. While talking to Roberts parents about his body being found he notices in the old photo of him, he's wearing a hat. On it is a symbol that he remembers from the gas station. Oddly enough, Tyler donated to the gas station... Rut roh. They head back to the station to talk to the owner again. They ask to see his financial records and he whips out a gun, shooting Henry in the shoulder. The chase is on, Jo finding the owner in the woods, shooting at her like Annie freakin' Oakley. Jo herself has a flashback of shooting the man she killed, freezing in place. Didn't the Chief warn you!? The gas station owner knew what the rich kids had done, where they had buried the body... so he blackmailed them for some cash. Henry makes an idiotic advance and Jo shoots the owner. She's so pissed, you guys. So pissed. The gas station owner threatened Tyler, and ultimately killed him, but that wasn't his first intention. The Chief tells her to be somewhere at 5pm, after asking how she felt shooting someone again. "You know, your self preservation instinct seems non-existent. Henry, look at me. Don't ever pull another stunt like you did at that gas station, you understand?" He nods curtly, knowing he pushed it a bit too far. She just wants you to be alive, sir. She doesn't know you're who you are. Jo and the Chief share a moment at the gun range, making sure hands remain steady. At home, Abe finally confesses that he lied about his biggest secret. The truth? In Vietnam, just a couple weeks into his tour, his patrol was ambushed. He ended up alone and scared out of his mind, hiding from it all. He never told anyone but found out afterward that 3 men died. The guilt racks him to this day - all the what ifs still remain piled up and yes, he CAN and WILL still blame himself even after Henry urges him not to. One last flashback to the 50s, Henry is clearly upset he disobeyed his medical oath, choosing to save himself by hiding rather than actually saving the man. You win some, you lose some. And that right there was the turning point of Henry no longer being able to be a doctor. Secrets, secrets are no fun. All they do is hurt someone. See you next week, Foreverists!

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