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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

This Week's Forever Throws The Crew Back To Their Punk Rock Roots

Shannon Beaty | PopWrapped Author

Shannon Beaty

04/01/2015 10:33 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
This Week's Forever Throws The Crew Back To Their Punk Rock Roots | forever
Media Courtesy of ABC
Henry and Abe are having a nice little father-son time, dining upon another one of Abigail's delicious recipes. Henry explains that Jo is on a date with Isaac Monroe (Cuba Gooding Jr.) and of course, Abe gives Henry a bit of crap that SHE is back out in the dating field and not him. Jo and Isaac are rocking out at The Trash Bar, which is absolutely a hole in the wall... that apparently Isaac owns! He's tearing it down to build a hotel there, which miffs Jo a bit, as it's an NYC legend, but she changes her tune a little when she sees drugs out in the open. The band on stage goes nuts and breaks a hole in the wall behind the stage - revealing a corpse. The corpse is mummified pretty well, still in a studded leather jacket and jeans. Best way to de-mummify something? Put it in a bath, which Lucas has drawn up, and also happens to be overly excited about. Henry pulls a hair off the corpse that is nothing like the hair on the dead girl's head. Someone calls the morgue asking if the body is "Lucy", which raises the eyebrows of Jo and Henry. The man on the phone can't come visit to talk to them, as he's in prison... for supposedly killing this girl. Hanson tells Jo that he used to be in a band called the Craniacs as the lead singer and she definitely gives him a bit of "You're messing with me" side-eye. They find out the inmate that called is named Eddie Warsaw, who used to be the lead singer and guitarist for the Buzzcracks (sweet mother, the names). The Lieutenant knows his  name, as she dealt with him back in the day. He's definitely a violent man and they convicted him to life in prison, even without a body. Jo and Henry visit Eddie in jail and show him a photo of the newly-rehydrated Lucy. He's all gung-ho to help them figure out who killed her, even though he's there because he was the accused murderer. He loved her more than anything, he lost her and had no idea what happened to her, until now. Henry flashes back to 1985, where he is in a panic since Abigail has been missing for 3 months. Henry has a 'Dear John' letter from her, but he can't seem to come to terms with it. There are small holes in Lucy's body, which seem odd, but she died via a puncture in the back of the head. Lucas wields a guitar, which is the supposed murder weapon. It has blood in the middle of it, which is odd, as if you were swinging a guitar at someone, blood shouldn't be in the middle of it. They're trying to get Eddie out of the charges, but he's upstairs signing a plea agreement to get out of jail. Henry wants to prove it wasn't him, prompting Eddie to deal with jail some more so they can figure out who the real murderer is. Abe sees Henry obsessing over this missing person's case and immediately relates it to the story of Abigail's disappearance. Abe is rightfully concerned, telling Henry "Despite your freakish age, you're also a human. Make sure this is about Lucy and Eddie, not Abigail and Henry." We flashback to see a middle-aged Abe waking up Henry who is lying on the floor a midst piles of papers. The panic is palpable and Abe reassures Henry - "I'm here." Oh, my heart hurts. Jo finds a stack of 100s in Lucy's jacket - the ends are curled, signaling that it's drug money. Hanson strolls in with book evidence that he was in a band and also played The Trash Bar. Jo and Henry visit the man who wrote and photographed for The Trash Bar book, who is currently a child photographer. That's a little bit of a change from the grungey bar he used to frequent. His name is Carl and he explains that he knew Eddie and his violent tendencies. There was a drug dealer named Farrell who was pretty prevalent around The Trash Bar. Back at the station, Hanson, Jo and Henry are trying to get permission to chase after this 32 year old cold case and Lieutenant is not having it. Eddie is wanted by like, 40 different government organizations, so just leave him be. She pulls Henry aside though and explains that no


is allowed at a certain club *winkwink*. Henry invites Lucas to go clubbing with him and I swear to you, Lucas gives Henry the biggest bro-hug I've ever seen. At the club, Lucas tries to get Henry to ditch the scarf, which ultimately gets them. Lucas is a kid in a candy bar, hanging with Henry outside of the office. They find Farrell but there isn't a single hair on his head for Henry to pluck. Henry swipes shot glasses that just came from Farrell's table. A bouncer brings Henry up to Farrell who asks if he's with the DEA, but Henry explains he's just there to prove he might have murdered someone. Talk about blunt! Henry asks Farrell to spit into a shot glass to prove his innocence and the 'former' drug dealer stares at our favorite medical examiner like he's a lunatic... which he kind of is, honestly. Henry is promptly escorted away, Lucas looking on like "ohhhh shit." Jo and Isaac are out on a date in a restaurant that Isaac rented out for just the two of them. They share their histories - Isaac saw his brother shot in front of him at the age of 10, giving him the push to get a better life. He knows about Jo's husband, wanting to know if she's ready to move on. "I like you Jo... and uh, we can move as slow as you need to." "Well I will tell you when to slow down." AND KISS. Hot damn, I am a fan! The phone rings and it's Lucas. "You and Henry are where!?" Henry gets kicked out onto the street and Lucas follows him out... which only gives Henry access back into the club - "Lucas, you're a darling!" HA. Henry gets caught dancing with a really happy (and high) girl, asking to borrow one of her glow sticks. She latches onto Lucas, who fights her off, unwillingly. Absolutely hilarious, I promise you. I want more adventures of Henry and Lucas out in the wilds of NYC. Henry finds the girl that Farrell was sucking on, swabbing her ear. Lucas is all guard dog as Henry gets the evidence when the bouncer finds them and throws them out on the street. The bouncer almost wails on Henry, Lucas trying to keep him back when Jo shows up to break up the fight. Lucas is on cloud 9 - "Best... night... ever!" The DNA they got from Farrell was on Lucy's body and they want to know why they found that stack of cash on her body. The money was indeed his, but he gave it to her instead of her stealing it. He wanted to give her a new life, she needed help. Everyone loved Lucy, so why wouldn't he want to help her. Farrell tells them that the band wasn't approving of Lucy though, that she was the Yoko. Now, time to check out the band members. Drummer is dead, the lead guitarist (Eddie) is in jail and the bassist is in New Jersey. Jo and Henry make a house visit to Rich Dorness, who is no longer the punk rocker but instead is a stay-at-home dad. His teenage daughter is a totally punk-rock-angsty-emo brat who is trying to get out of the house. Henry notices she's wearing a bracelet that reminds him of the random puncture wounds on Lucy's body. Henry explains that they can match the mark to the bracelet and Rich breaks open. He didn't kill her, he just hid her body. That night Lucy showed up and Eddie went crazy on her. He heard them fighting in the back room but then it went quiet - Lucy was dead and Eddie was gone. Rich stashed the body in a hole in the wall, explaining that he didn't come clean because the band was like a family and he wanted to protect his family. Jo wants him to prove how he isn't lying and he pulls out a knife stained with blood - the actual murder weapon? He kept it all that time to make sure the cops would see it wasn't his, but Eddie's knife. Of course, it can't be this simple. Henry is pouring over the evidence, his spidey senses tingling. Abe is concerned once again that Henry obsessing over evidence and it'll bring up past feelings about Abigail's disappearance. We flashback to see Henry waking up and panicking to see all of the papers about Abigail gone. Abe explains that he lost her too, that this isn't just Henry suffering. The phone rings - the police may have found her... Back in our time, Henry is visiting Eddie with the evidence to try and figure out why everything feels so weird. Eddie freaks out and starts going off about Rich as the cops drag him back to his cell. Henry is at the lab, eyeballing a skull. He's comparing the knife to the wound. Lucas tries to get Henry to ditch and come hang out with the gang again. He asks to borrow one of Henry's scarves, to which Henry holds up the knife in a slightly homicidal way. How dare you ask for a scarf! Lucas back tracks, saying he went too far (and I'm laughing so hard at this point) but Henry explains that no, he realized the knife isn't the murder weapon. Lucas recalls a photo in the book and suggests that maybe Lucy fell on "a big-ass nail." Eloquent. Jo and Henry go to the club and see tiny holes in the wall where nails used to be. She was slammed against the wall and then pulled away. Jo and Henry remove some of the musical posters and find a bit of blood beneath - fingerprint it! Henry and Jo explain to the Lieutenant they figured it out... but it doesn't matter since Eddie signed the plea deal a half hour ago, making him a free man. The case is closed, Henry has to let it go. Lucas walks in with a tox report - hair analysis shows that Lucy was clean for about 8 months when she died. Henry runs a test to see that Lucy had a baby and that's why she went MIA. Jo reminds them that the case is closed, don't mess with it. Henry and Lucas put on puppy dog faces - "I won't tell if you won't..." Jo and Henry go to visit the child in question, Jeffrey Templeton. His father, Carl the photographer,  have different last names: Jeffrey is adopted. Henry and Jo show up later that night to speak with Carl and he knows why they're there. He explains that he helped Lucy, as she was scared about being pregnant with Eddie's child as he wasn't the most responsible person. Carl helped her clean up and deliver the child. Lucy wanted to go back to Eddie though after the baby, breaking Carl's heart. It was Carl that slammed her against the wall. They take him outside and a homicidal Eddie is standing on the street with a gun. They tell Eddie that Lucy was pregnant with his child and didn't want to burden him. This dude gets out of jail after 30 years to find out he has a child; I can't even imagine learning something like that in a tense situation. Jeffrey shows up at that moment and Eddie realizes that's his son, not Carl's. He drops the gun and just stares at him. Kind of heartbreaking, if you ask me. Back at the station, nobody is pressing charges against Eddie and Henry tells him that he's free to go. "Go where?" "You do have a son." "He doesn't need me." "Perhaps it's you that needs him..." Henry flashes back to a point where he and Abe go to identify a body... It's not Abigail. I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. I do hope they get some closure! Abe suggests with all the stuff Henry has accumulated over the years, that maybe it's time to sell it. Maybe they should open an antiques store! Jo visits Isaac and asks him out, and she gets to choose the place... Cut to Hanson doing freaking karaoke to Whitesnake's "Here I Go Again". And he does one hell of a job at it, let me tell you! I loved it, I truly, truly did. Henry has an internal monologue about what Emily Dickinson wrote - "Forever is composed of nows." Maybe it's time to let the past go and focus on the here and now. Live a little, Henry. Abe sees Henry mulling over a paper, a symbol of two doves on it reminds him of Abigail... but he's not going to obsess. Abe takes the paper and gets a look on his face. Abe sneaks off to a storage unit and what do we find inside - all the papers about Abigail he 'threw' out are tacked to a board. The two doves on the birth record Henry was eyeballing are also found on a letter that Abigail sent to them back in the 80's. Was Abigail in the hospital? I'll see you next week, Foreverists! We have a ballet to attend...

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