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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

This Week's New Girl Is All About The "Longest Night Ever"

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


11/20/2013 9:25 am
PopWrapped | Television
This Week's New Girl Is All About The
Media Courtesy of Fox

Caitlin Swift

Staff Writer

So let’s do a mini recap of what’s going on in apartment 4D… Schmidt moved out because he is still distraught over breaking Cece’s heart. Nick and Jess are still in that awful puppy love stage. Winston is spiraling into a crazy cat person and oh Coach is back. That being said Jess and Nick and discussing that maybe they should stay in for date night and do the low-key thing. Winston enters and asks Nick if he could maybe watch Ferguson for the night. He decided while he and Ferguson were showering that it’s about time that he go out and met real women. Nick happily agrees and Jess tries to interject seeing as it is their date night and all. My question is, is cat sitting really that difficult that you can’t have date night too? Speaking of dates, Coach is asking Cece out. This of course has sent Schmidt into a tailspin. But in Coach’s defense he did ask Schmidt’s permission first. Schmidt tries to pass it off that he is fine but he is hurting inside. Coach offers to back off again and Schmidt once again is flabbergasted and awkwardly laughs. Coach has reservations though, he is nervous after his break up and not sure if he is ready to date yet. But Schmidt convinces him how awesome he is, and he is ready to go! It seems like Jess may not be getting her date night after all. Not only do they have to watch Ferguson they have to make sure Schmidt does not try to break-up Cece’s date. Speaking of Cece, she is just as nervous as Coach. Both are just coming off break-ups and not sure how to act. It seems that Coach is off to a rough start. Winston is struggling too. After several failed attempts at trying to talk to women he arrives home early and defeated. Things are fine until he calls for Ferguson and there is no answer. He soon realizes that the window is open and he begins to fear the worst. Nick had one job and he couldn’t do it. He makes Nick go help him find Ferguson, leaving Jess with Schmidt. Jess pulls out every trick in her book to try to distract Schmidt but it doesn’t seem to be going so well. Even the leather couch reminds him of Cece. He even begins making out with the couch. I think I’ve seen it all. Disgusted Jess takes him down to the bar hoping to find him a new lady. Jess picks one out and pushes Schmidt at her. He uses this opportunity to ditch Jess and go stop the date. At the Sparks game Coach and Cece are off to a rocky start. Coach is trying to a big shot and instead is making Cece feel like crap. Coach is glued to his phone texting someone and Cece feels neglected. She’s had enough and storms off. Come to find out Coach was texting his mom, and he announces this at a sports stadium and offers to show her the messages. He admits that his nerves got the best of him and they both admit to being nervous. Things are taking a surprising turn. Schmidt sets off to destroy the date. He’s on foot so he hasn’t gotten that far. He does however make a pit stop to grab some chocolate to try to win Cece over. Jess catches up to Schmidt and he admits that he loves Cece, but Jess urges him to let her go. He needs to just let her go. He then tells her the only way she can stop him is by hitting him with her car. She refuses, but eventually gives him a bit of a love tap. Schmidt does not take kindly to this and can’t believe she would do such a thing. The cops show up and Jess really guns it sending Schmidt up onto the hood of the car. At least she stopped him right? Winston and Nick have no luck while searching for Ferguson. Nick points out that Winston has gotten a bit pathetic. Luckily Winston gets a text that he has been found. Ferguson’s savior is an attractive but somewhat crazy woman who loves her hamster almost as much as Winston loves Ferguson. They are a match made in weird animal lover heaven. Nick just watches trying to figure out where their exchange is going. Winston once again entrusts Nick with Ferguson because he has decided to spend the night. Nick doesn’t fight it and takes the cat and runs. In the end Schmidt makes the whole night without stopping the date. Unfortunately when they arrive home they see Cece and Coach making out. He admitted that he is not fine, but he will be. They decide to wait it out, which lasts about a half hour. Poor Schmidt. Winston is swapping stomach meds with Birdie and things are about to go down. I really have no idea where this season is going and honestly, not sure I want to find out…


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