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This Week's Teen Wolf Was Very "Alpha Pact"

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


08/13/2013 5:18 am
This Week's Teen Wolf Was Very

Caitlin Swift

Staff Writer 

WHAT AN EPISODE! With one more to go till the end of the summer season we are being set up for quite the suspenseful finale!

“Alpha Pact” begins where we last saw Derek, passed out in the elevator. Stiles spends a good 30 seconds trying to slap the life back into him and eventually he comes around. Stiles quickly fills him in on all that has happened – Scott joined Deucalion after Jennifer took his mother.

Isaac is still with Peter; he reunites with Argent and Allison to find Scott. Peter quickly escapes and Isaac is left to answer questions on his own. Everyone goes their separate ways and Stiles sticks around the hospital and is soon being questioned by the FBI. He states he has no Idea how it was destroyed because he was stuck in the elevator the whole time. They then ask if it was him who wrote ARGENT in red letters on the elevator doors.

Isaac goes to try to rally Derek and Peter to find Scott, Sargent Stilinski, and Mrs. McCall. Derek is still watching over Cora and unwilling to do anything until she is better. Isaac starts to lose his cool and asks Derek why. Why did he start his pack? Out of loneliness? Boredom? He just wants to know why. Derek can just reply with a simple maybe. Isaac isn’t satisfied and he storms out. Peter warns Derek that Isaac may be shifting his alliances and finding a new Alpha (Scott).

Argent knows Jennifer is out for him and enlists Isaac and Allison’s help. He’s going to beat her to the punch. She has been following currents the whole time and he leads the others to where he thinks she’ll be: the bank vault. Once there Argent quickly stuns Isaac and handcuffs Allison. This is somehow all part of his plan. Jennifer comes and Argent is gone.

Peter lets Derek in on a bit of tip. He has the power to save Cora; it’s rooted in his ability to take away her pain. Since he is an alpha he has a bit of an extra oomph that she can latch onto and use to heal. There are drawbacks however. Using his power would strip him of his alpha status not to mention put him at a disadvantage when it came time to face Kali. Peter also warned that this could be part of Jennifer’s plan all along. That Derek would need her to take down Kali and would have to go crawling back.

We then see Lydia for the first time since she was nearly strangled. Her mother is helping her get ready and suggests hiding her scar. Lydia feels otherwise, someone wanted her dead and tried to do so, but she survived. She meets Stiles in the hall and they soon learn that Argent has been taken. Stiles has a major panic attack because Jennifer has acquired her three sacrifices. It’s only a matter of time before she kills them now. Lydia sits him down and kisses him and he finally calms down. He held his breath when they kissed which stops a panic attack (note to self: hold breath or find a hottie to kiss next panic attack).

The two set off to find Morrell as she is really their only source for any clarity. They learn she is over 20 minutes late which is highly unlike her. Stiles rummages through her files and pulls Lydia’s. The tree she’s been sketching from her day dreams… They are all the same. Exactly alike. After rotating the photo Stiles puts it together, they are being kept at the Nemeton. They start to head to Derek’s with this new found information but the FBI is back and Stiles is being questioned again. Lydia sets off alone and faces Peter for the first time since, you know, she brought him back to life and all.

Back in the root cellar we learn (or well maybe some of us already knew) Argent means Silver in French. It’s not the silver that kills werewolves but the family Silver that does. We also get a bit of insight into Sargent Stilinski and why he is so hesitant to believe. Argent tells him he’s known all along and he agrees. It stems back to the night that his wife Claudia died. He stayed with a young girl who was dying after a pile up and she told him to go to her. The logical part of his brain told him no, how would she know. But she did because when he had finally got to the hospital Claudia had died and only Stiles was with her.

Deaton came to rescue Stiles from the FBI and we learn that Morrell is on the run from the alphas. Unable to outrun them she creates a circle of mountain ash around her for short lived protection. Shortly she is surrounded by the Twins and Kali. She knew they would come for her much like they came for Jennifer. Scott and Deucalion arrive and she urges Scott to return to his friends. He is better than them and he doesn’t fully understand the amount of blood Deucalion has shed to create his ‘perfect pack.’ She also reveals that Deaton had saved Ennis and it was Deucalion not Derek who killed him in the end. You can start to see doubt in the eyes of Deucalion’s remaining pack. In one swift movement he hurls his walking stick at Morrell and gets her in the arm. The pack goes to attack but Scott stops them. He refuses to let her die. She in return tells him that their parents are being held at the Nemeton.

Unfortunately for them, Talia had removed Peter and Derek’s memory of where the root cellar is located. Scott reunites with his friends and Deaton – he has an idea, and a dangerous one at that. Scott, Stiles, and Allison will have to act as surrogate sacrifices to save their parents. They would only be dead for mere seconds but it would leave them with a darkness they will never be able to shake. It also will give the Nemeton power, a power that will act as a beacon for the supernatural; meaning that Beacon Hills is going to get a whole lot scarier.

They all agree and have to bring something of meaning with them as they return to Deaton’s. Stiles brings his father’s badge, Allison a silver bullet crafted by her father, and Scott a watch that his father gave his mother when she got her job at the hospital. Each must pick an anchor or a person to which they are tethered. They will be the ones to hold them under but pull them back to life. Deaton pairs Lydia and Stiles and Scott looks confused as both him and Allison will be submerged but it looks like he soon realizes there may be something between her and Isaac in that moment. Deaton will be Scotts.

Derek has decided that he will give up his power to save his sister. That is the only thing that matters to him anymore. He begins the process and you can see life rush back into Cora’s cheeks. We do learn that he isn’t afraid of facing Kali at the full moon because it will be a lunar eclipse. They will all be powerless anyway.

The trio steps into the ice bath all clutching their mementos. As their heartbeats begin to slow Stiles has one thing to tell Scott just in case he doesn’t make it through – his father is back in town. That’s right. That asshole agent who was questioning Stiles all episode? Agent McCall – Scott’s father. The episode ends with them all submerged fading out to the words “To Be Continued…”

NEXT WEEK IS GOING TO BE A DOOZY! Scott has a dad! A dad in the FBI! And it looks like more supernatural beings are on their way!


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