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Television PopWrapped | Television

It's About "Time" On "Castle"

Mairéad Scahill | PopWrapped Author

Mairéad Scahill

11/11/2014 5:03 pm
PopWrapped | Television
It's About
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Finally! This week Castle discovered that it’s a wonderful life after all (heh heh), and we finally got some catharsis from last season’s finale. Yes, Castle fans, it’s been and long and winding road, but it finally happened. But firstly, let’s get to the rest of the episode. Here’s what went down in “Time of Our Lives”. So, as with all Castle episodes, we start with the murder of the week, where a man and his driver are taking a route down a dark and ominous tunnel—which you just know is going to end well—when they are over taken by a black hum-vee. Two guys in masks come out, shoot the driver and the passenger, and take out a machete to free the briefcase handcuffed to the guy. There must be something really interesting in that briefcase. Cut to Caskett—Castle and Beckett—being adorable as usual, and Castle discovers a wedding invite for Beckett from her FBI ex. Castle asks Beckett if she’s thinking of going, and she respond,s “I’m not ready to go to somebody else’s perfect day.” Didn’t your heart break a little, guys? This gets the cutesome twosome to think about what life would be like if they had never met. Castle assures Beckett he would have a Pulitzer and she’d probably be Captain of the precinct. Don’t you just love foreshadowing? At the crime scene, they discover the victim has a boot mark on his chest from the shooter, which Castle inspects because Lanie and Esposito were “stuck in traffic”. Uh-huh. Castle recognizes the mark as being unrefined coal tracks, since he had researched it for a Derek Storm novel. So Beckett reluctantly agrees to check out the coal factory on the way to the destination where the victim, Mr. Ginsberg, was meant to arrive. It turns out Castle’s hunch was right, and they discover the killer’s car hidden in the factory. Beckett calls for back-up and they get ambushed by the bad guys. Castle, being Castle, finds the briefcase and just has to open it (because he has to touch everything) and takes out the ancient Incan artefact in a scene very similar to Indiana Jones, no? This is when things take a Twilight Zone twist, as Castle sees a flashing blue light and falls into an alternate universe where he and Beckett had never met. So Castle is at a crime scene, for no apparent reason in this world, so he is taken into custody. He is questioned by Ryan and Esposito and meets Captain Beckett. In this ‘verse, Martha is famous, Lanie moved on from Espo, Ryan and Jenny broke up, and Alexis and Castle rarely speak. Totally freaky. It also turns out that Castle’s foray into literature was a total dud and he lost all his life savings, so he and Martha share the mortgage. He also gets a visit from a young lady who lets herself in, but Castle isn’t interested because he only has eyes for Beckett. He decides he has to find the ancient Incan artefact and get out of the bizarre-verse and back to Beckett. He offers to help the gang solve the crime. They eventually turn up to an abandoned restaurant, where Castle finds an artefact and pretends he’s Dorothy Gale to no avail—mainly because the thing is a fake. The forger holds up Castle, and it turns out that their plan to get the artefact back was hijacked by others, who shot her cousin (the driver) and ruined their plans. So Castle goes back to the precinct, asks Kate for Drinks (and she’s reading Storm Fall), which she thinks is a date but is actually the location of the real killers. They catch the guys and bring them to the precinct, but they don’t have the artefact. Castle says his Beckett would never give up.  But he decides that he needs her in his life, because they make each other better. He buys her favorite coffee, but is interrupted in his quest to woo her by being held at gun-point by one of the other killers. Castle meets the man behind the plan, who asks Castle how he travelled through time and space to this ‘verse (an answer the writer doesn’t have), and Beckett arrives just in time to save him. ...Until Castle gets shot saving Beckett. Bleeding on the ground, he tells her he loves her, and is transported back to his own world. And it puts some things in perspective. Castle tells Beckett that “the only other world I ever want to visit is the one where I made it to our wedding”. And then, the magic: “Katherine Beckett will you marry me?” “I already said yes.” “Right now?” And the sound of Castle fans screaming in delight could be heard around the world. They get married at sunset, in an intimate wedding, where he tells Beckett she is the only mystery he wants to spend the rest of his life exploring. Always. So Castle fans: was it everything you hoped for and more? Wasn’t it a fun episode? And was it third time’s the charm for Beckett’s “dress”? Let us know in the comments below.

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