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An Elaborate Bank Robbery Isn't What It Seems On This Week's 'Doctor Who'

Brittany Russell | PopWrapped Author

Brittany Russell

09/21/2014 3:27 pm
PopWrapped | Television
An Elaborate Bank Robbery Isn't What It Seems On This Week's 'Doctor Who' | Doctor Who
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I have no idea where Adam ran off to, so instead you all have me recapping Doctor Who this week! I've been thoroughly enjoying this new season and this new Doctor, and "Time Heist" did not disappoint with a high stakes bank robbery. This week, we opened up to see Clara getting ready for a date (with Danny!) and the Doctor staring at a fishbowl and a dryer. She's just getting ready to leave and is declining plans with the Doctor when The Doctor gets a phone call from the TARDIS. The episode suddenly cuts and we appear in a dark room with a worm designed to wipe memories and two strangers named Psi (part human, part computer) and Saibra (an awesome woman who can take on the appearance of anyone she touches). No one really seems to understand how they got there, until they play back a recording of their voices saying that they agreed to have their memories wiped. They play a video of a mysterious hooded figure known only as The Architect telling them their mission (if they choose to accept it), which is to rob the Bank of Karabraxos, the most impregnable bank in the galaxy. They are told that they have to follow his instructions to the letter and are not told what they're stealing or why. Cue to a fancy, action movie walk into the bank to get past a security team led by Ms. Delphox, a woman who does look oddly like Madame Kovarian, and a creepy monster known only as the Teller that senses guilt and turns the guilty people's brains to mush. After a creepy demonstration of the monster's powers, the team continues to follows the Architect's instructions deeper into the bank, with the help of Psi and Saibra's mad skills. At one point, they all wonder why they're putting their lives at stake for a cause like this, but the Doctor points out that they had to have agreed to this for some reason or another, so there must be something in the bank that they all want. They find another case from the Architect with mysterious tubes that they nickname as "shredders." The Doctor says he doesn't know what they do, but Saibra's caught on to Rule #1: "The Doctor lies", and thinks he knows more than he's letting on. We then take some time to learn a little bit about how broken our new friends are. Saibra is lonely because she can't touch anyone without taking their appearance and Psi has removed all memories of his friends and family for their safety. The gang continues to run from the guards until they stumble across the Teller's cage and it attaches itself to Clara's mind. The Doctor tells everyone to keep their minds blank, and avoid thinking of anything that the Teller could use. It detaches itself, but it latches on to Saibra's mind. He gives her one of the shredders, and he says it will kill her, but before she uses it she tells him he's a good man. She disintegrates, and Psi, Clara, and the Doctor escape. Psi almost immediately yells at the Doctor for his "professional detachment" since he wasn't really showing any hurt feelings about Saibra's loss, despite him showing the sadness about it for a brief moment. The Doctor storms off to find another case from the Architect, and this case contains the location of the three things they're stealing, and enables Psi to start unlocking the vault. But Ms. Delphox has set the Teller loose on the intruders, and the Doctor suggests that they split up. Once again, the Teller has found Clara, and her scream tells Psi and the Doctor that she's in trouble. Psi stops working on the vault and calls himself the most guilty bank robber ever, distracting the Teller from her and leading it to him. He pulls out one of the shredders, and he tells Clara that she can see the people she loves when her life flashes before her eyes, unlike him.  He disintegrates as well, and the vault still has one more bit to unlock before it can be opened. A solar storm suddenly strikes and causes the last bit to unlock and the vault to open up. Clara wonders how the Architect would have known that a solar storm would hit at this very moment, and the Doctor suggests that the Architect must be someone from the future. Oh snap. They find the two things that Psi and Saibra were looking for, a neophyte circuit to get back his memories and a gene suppressant to make her not take on appearances. Where's the Doctor and Clara's missing thing? In the private vault of course! But the Teller finds them and takes them to Ms. Delphox. The Doctor asks how she can keep the Teller in chains, since he can tell he's the last of his kind. Ms. Delphox starts leaving with the Teller and she tells the guards to take care of them. The guards take off their masks to reveal... Psi and Saibra! Yay! Wait, how are they not dead? The shredders were actually teleportation devices that brought them to some escape ship where the TARDIS is also hidden. The Doctor goes on a rant about how he hates the Architect and how clever he is. They continue into the private vault and find Director Karabraxos, who apparently cloned herself to make Ms. Delphox, who incinerates her clones when they fail her (talk about getting fired, right?). She also apparently has a lot of self-loathing, and as she starts to leave, the Doctor gives her his phone number and tells her to give him a call when she's full of regret. The Teller comes back, and this time latches on to the Doctor's mind and starts feasting on his guilt (which reminded me a little of The Rings of Akhetan from last season), and allows him to continue until the memories that were blocked by the worm earlier were out, and showed the Doctor's phone call from before as Director Karabraxos as an old woman, and the Doctor setting everything up, proving him as the Architect. Why? The answer is chained up in the Director's personal vault: the Teller's female partner is a hostage to keep the Teller in line. It wasn't a robbery, it was a rescue mission given by Karabraxos in the phone call. They bring the Teller and his girlfriend back to their planet to live happily ever after, and the Doctor enjoys Chinese food with Clara, Psi, and Saibra before bringing them both home and dropping Clara off for her date. There were plenty of fun moments in this episode, like this one:
Psi: "Who put you in charge?" The Doctor: "Basically, it's the eyebrows."
I'm waiting for the Doctor and Danny to officially meet (which looks like it's going to happen next episode!). Can't wait for next week, with caretaker John Smith, and more happy Danny/Clara scenes!

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