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It's Time For The "Patriot Games" On This Week's 'Modern Family'

Abbie Sedgeman | PopWrapped Author

Abbie Sedgeman

05/10/2015 11:52 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
It's Time For The
Media Courtesy of abc
This week's Modern Family began with the Dunphy's; Alex is psyched to have been called to the principal's office, expecting to be declared valedictorian, only to find out her academic rival throughout high school, Sanjay, is her co-valedictorian. The only way to settle who's best once and for all is via gym class, which is the only class where final grades are not yet submitted. The pair decide to partake in the mile run, where the winner will become valedictorian. Whilst Alex was preparing for the race, Sanjay appeared at her house, thanking her for being such a great motivation to him to push himself harder. He then admits he likes Alex, which almost threw her off her game, until her parents convinced her it was just a ploy to ensure Sanjay beat her. Subsequently, instead of running the race, Sanjay reinforces his feelings for Alex and the pair share a passionate kiss, much to the shock of both of their parents. Over with the Pritchett's, Jay has been helping Gloria for the American Citizenship Test, until Manny's Dad and Gloria's ex-husband Javier shows up and accuses her of abandoning her Columbian heritage. Initially, this gets to Gloria, but Jay manages to persuade her to reconsider, explaining that he fought for this country's freedom, and he wants her to enjoy this freedom too. After Jay leaves, Manny accidentally reveals to Gloria that Jay's real reason for pushing Gloria towards the test was to increase the speed they can get through customs at the airport. After a fight, Jay then reluctantly explains that he hates that Gloria still has so many ties to Javier- her heritage, language and her surname still includes Delgado- that he hoped that passing the test would reaffirm her ties to Jay. Consequently, Gloria took the test and becomes an American citizen. There was a brief storyline with the Tucker-Pritchett's, but I personally found this to be a weak spot for this episode. Mitch and Cam bump into some of their gay friends, who inform them of a protest they are doing that weekend. The pair show up to this march to see no-one had shown up, so eat in the restaurant being protested only to bump into the protesters as they leave. The implications of this protest in my opinion was that Mitch and Cam were so distracted raising a child that they did not have time to keep up with the gay community, and that the gay community itself protests over pointless issues. What did you think of this episode? Please let me know in the comments below!

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