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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

Time To Get "Weaponized" On This Week's Teen Wolf

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


08/05/2014 10:54 am
PopWrapped | Television
Time To Get
Media Courtesy of

Shane Avery

Senior Staff Writer


Anyone loving this season as much as I am? Pretty sure I got a collective 'YES' from the Wolf Pack! It truly wouldn't be Teen Wolf without the crazy cold opens, and this week's was a doozy, with Scott and Stiles listening to the cassette tape that was found in the bag of money. Stiles began to insinuate that, while Derek should receive his cut of the fortune, maybe Peter didn't. They didn't get enough time to debate it before Malia arrived to fill them in on Derek finding Braedon dying in the woods. Derek was then seen arriving at the hospital with a very wounded Braedon, while Deaton was paid a visit by someone from his past...and possibly Kira's mother's. High school life was in session, though, as the gang battled their way through PSATS being monitored by Lydia's mother and a strange new teacher, who was show in the opening flashback making the cassette tape. After a random student named Sydney collapsed during the exam, Lydia's mother noticed a strange rash on her wrist...only to find the same markings on a very sick coach. She then quarantined the school by calling in the disease control unit. Meanwhile, Derek was sitting bedside with Braedon, and received some devastating news after Mama McCall managed to get her awake: The pack that was killed where she almost died, weren't shot: THEY WERE INFECTED BY A VIRUS. Yeah. The same damn virus that's now in the high school...along with Scott and Malia. Lydia was back at the beach house trying to hone in on her banshee skills and figure out more of what the heck was going on. The moment turned emotional as Lydia began apologizing for what happened to Meredith and wishing she would have been able to help her. After discovering an old photo of Meredith, Lydia came to the conclusion that she had been in the beach house before...but why? While trying to give the students some antidotes for the virus, Kira raised some eyebrows when her needle shot only managed to produce sparks!! The damage was starting to take effect on Scott and Malia, but also to Stiles (who was beginning to show signs of rash) and Kira's mental skills. The gang retreated to the basement where they found a secret room underneath the school, which is the same spot the money was stolen from. Mama McCall and Deaton ran into some devastating trouble when they discovered dire news about the virus: Our beloved wolves weren't going to survive it. Stiles decided he needed to go up for help, as Malia and Scott began to worsen from the virus. He shared a tender moment with Malia (I'm finally on board with them as a couple) and in the huge twist of the episode, it was revealed that the creepy PSAT teacher had drank the antidote himself which happened to be a rare spice that Derek's mother had the vault. Malia and Scott began to get much worse as they lost their eye sight but Stiles' problems had gotten even worse: He came face-to-face with creepy teacher (loaded with a pistol) who revealed he had been working with The Benefactor!!!! Jump forward. It seemed all the students were getting better because the virus wasn't meant to kill them. Scott, Malia and Kira unfortunately were supernatural beings and they weren't getting any better. After facing the barrel of a gun, Stiles was sure he was done, but Papa McCall managed to save the day and shoot the assassin from behind (grossly splattering the blood all over Stiles' perfect face) and warning him about antidote found in the vault. Stiles raced to his friends and began screaming through the wall, and when Scott finally turned into Alpha mode he managed to smash the jar saving himself and the girls. The episode couldn't end without a cliffhanger though, and when Stiles rushed to Malia's side to embrace her, he discovered she had seen the deadpool sheet: And knew the truth...that Peter was her father!!! Absolutely crazy episode, with the assassins taking a very different route in taking out our heroes. What did you guys think of "Weaponized?" Keep Up With PopWrapped On The Web!



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