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Time To Go Flying With "Tina In The Sky With Diamonds" On This Week's Glee

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


10/04/2013 12:12 am
PopWrapped | Television
Time To Go Flying With
Media Courtesy of FOX
Bec Heim Managing Editor Hello my Gleeks! Welcome back to our second week of Beatle-mania on Glee. Things are going to get a little crazy and strange as we enter the experimental years on our magical mystery tour. Plus we do have some burning questions. Will we finally find out about that whole Funny Girl thing? How does the Klaine-gagement go so far? What is Prom going to be like this year? Will Tina really be in the sky with diamonds? More importantly…DANTANA!!!!!!!! Yes, Santana finally gets a new love interest played by the lovely Demi Lovato in her first role on television in years. I cannot be more excited. Pictures of this couple has been making me squee for weeks like a fangirl. So put on your prom finery, dust off a vinyl record, and grab a cup of Sue’s Prom Punch. It’s time to recap this thing. Plots Being For The Benefit Of Miss Rachel Berry: Rachel has not heard back from the Funny Girl people. Slowly yet surely, she does the mature thing and accepts the fact that she probably is not going to get the part. Kurt helps Rachel rediscover her mojo via song sequence. About halfway through this story, you realize that Rachel is going to get the part. If you’re like me, then you start banging your head against the wall and cursing. At the end of the episode, Rachel says that she doesn’t need validation from the producers of Funny Girl. At that moment, the Director Guy comes in and asks for her. He tells her that he wants a whole cake. He also tells her that he wants it to say: “Congratulations Rachel you are Fanny Brice.” Rachel and everyone freak out. I nearly roll my eyes out of their sockets because even for Glee this is a stretch. Dear Penny: Due to Sue noticing the rash of absences from illness (or to explain why people keep disappearing from the choir room) she hires a new nurse. The nurse is a nineteen-year-old college sophomore named Penny who is doing this as an internship. Penny is also a little incompetent. But hey she’s hot so who cares? Sam, fresh off a break-up from Brittany, not being nominated for Prom King, and being prom date dumped by Tina, decides to flirt with her despite his fear of needles. When Sue fires Penny for her dazzling incompetence that involves someone getting injected with urine. Sam has Penny give him the vaccinations in his butt. Then he goes to Sue and asks that she keep Penny on. Sue, for some reason, agrees to keep her on. Then Sam convinces Penny to dance with him at prom with his apparently “bad” dance moves. This is kind of a lie as Sam is a pretty decent dancer. It’s mainly so he can continue his serial monogamy streak. With A Little Help From My Friend’s (Tina’s Song): Tina gets nominated for Prom Queen. She goes a little…batshit insane from it. She really wants Prom Queen, you guys. She dumps Sam to get the single girl vote. She makes Dottie do her continue bidding. She basically is season four Tina ramped up to eleven mixed with crazy Prom Queen Quinn. It’s really terrifying. Of course, Bree (a girl not the cheese) has other plans. She uses Dottie’s hatred for Tina and desire to be a Cheerio to pull a Carrie stunt. After Tina and Stoner Brett are crowned Prom King and Queen, Dottie with a nod from Bree pulls a rope to a bucket. Tina is covered in icy red slush, ruining her designer dress. Stoner Brett is then knocked out by the bucket. Tina is utterly humiliated and wants to go home. Blaine convinces her otherwise saying that she needs to go in there and face them. So Kitty gives up her prom dress to Tina. Then they clean her up and sing a song. Tina walks in with her head held high. Let It Bree: Kitty is also nominated for Prom Queen. She is, however, a sophomore. So it’s a little weird and kind of stupid that she got nominated. She puts her support behind on Tina because she can always win it next year. Bree, showing her crazy colors, goes off on Kitty in a rant that reminds me of crazy sorority girl. If you don’t know what that means, then clearly you are not on the Internet much. Bree masterminds the whole plan to humiliate Tina. Roz finds out and brings her to Sue demanding that she be suspended. Sue instead promotes Bree to Cheerios captain and gives her a car. She says that the glee club needs a common enemy. No, Bree needs to be suspended. Come Together (With Dantana): Santana, fresh off a commercial about Yeast infection, starts crushing on a waitress at the diner named Dani. Dani is adorable, cute, and super pretty. She also loves lady parts. Dani was kicked out because her parents were douchebags when they found out about her love of lady parts. She also likes sunrises. Dani and Santana have instant, fantastic chemistry and I fell in love with the pairing instantly. Plus Rachel plays a lesbian yenta, and it’s the best thing ever. This was the best part of the whole episode. Kurt Hummel’s Lonely Hearts Club Band: Kurt is starting a Madonna cover band. I honestly didn’t know where to put this information so it goes here. Random Thoughts/Favorite Moments Okay. Maybe it’s time to stay single Sam. I love Sue reading off the Prom nominations. YES! KITTY IS A SOPHOMORE! I knew I wasn’t going insane. Really Rachel? Be honest. You were auditioning for yourself. It wasn't for McKinley. It was for you. Santana’s commercial is the best thing ever. Yeah. I REALLY hate Bree. The cheese and the girl. Also shout-out to the crazy sorority girl! Kurt you are the best. Side note: I want his vest. Can’t Rachel be somewhat happy for Santana at least getting a job? I like her being happy instead of being crazy eyed jealous. NYADA must be the school for random musical numbers. Truly. Hello Nurse Penny. Well at least Kitty is aware of her faults. DANI!!!!!!! OhmyGod Santana is so flustered. This is the most adorable thing in the world. That was just so awkward. Also Jake you have a girlfriend with very shiny hair do not stare at the new school nurse. Sue’s rants are still the best thing ever. Rachel is such a yenta. Dantana owns my heart utterly and completely. Would teenagers freak out to a Beatles themed prom? Side note: These costumes are fantastic. Sam you just broke up with Brittany. Calm down dude. I know she’s pretty. You don't have to be in a relationship all the time. Sue is cracking me up tonight. The meta is spot on. RYNIQUE!!! They’re standing together. Shush let me dream. Kitty’s horrified “No” sold the scene. Wow. That was humiliating. But also after the way Tina has been acting…? Complicated feelings emerge. You went from awesome principal to bad principal Sue. AGHHHHHH! Son of a bitch! Okay I’m not being mad. But….I knew it. I called it about halfway through. Just I’m done talking about it. So done. You could have had an actual good plotline with Rachel growing up and paying her dues.  No. Rachel is given the instant success. Look I know that tough times are coming for Rachel. I feel bad for both the character and the actress. But this is severely testing my limits of belief here! It’s stupid! She doesn’t have a credit to her name except her high school plays. This is a HUGE RISK for Broadway. They like some guarantees. Even Lea has to know that this is not how it works. There was a bunch of ways to go with this. Maybe it will go like how the real Funny Girl revival went and backers drop out. Seriously it’s in development hell right now. What about learning her craft though? Songs “Revolution” sung by Tina Cohen-Chang: This song isn’t on the album. Tina sings it for like ten seconds if that. It’s kind of a bummer actually. The song was pretty good. Jenna was definitely owning it. I wouldn’t have minded a full version. B+ “Get Back” sung by Rachel Berry and Kurt Hummel: Kurt decides to help Rachel discover her mojo. I’m pretty sure this is a song about weed. But hey “mojo” comes in all different forms. It’s a pretty cool number. I like all the movement with the pianos. Although every time something like this happens in NYADA it kind of makes it High School Musical: The College Years. Still Lea and Chris as always sounds really amazing together. They really do need more duets. A- “Something” sung by Sam Evans: I don’t know if this was a wrong song choice for Chord. Or if the song production was a little too weird. The actual production wasn’t that spectacular either. This song failed for me on every single level. It was easily the worst song of both the album and of the episode. It was bizarre and awkward; the bad kind of bizarre and awkward.  D “Here Comes The Sun” sung by Dani and Santana Lopez: It was a minimalist approach to a very sweet song. “Here Comes The Sun” is definitely a sweet and light song. It captures those early and dreamlike feelings of being in love. Demi Lovato and Naya Rivera convey those feelings so amazingly in their voices. I also loved them just being together. No big tricks. No big and elaborate dance numbers. Just new love basking in new love. A “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” sung by Ryder Lynn, Jake Puckerman, Marley Rose and Unique Adams: These costumes were spectacular. Plus it has my favorite duet pairings of the newbies singing together: Ryder and Jake with Unique and Marley. It’s loud. It’s rocking. If I actually attended my prom, then this was how it should have opened. Everyone does their best over the top rocker in this song. Plus again the costumes win all. B+ “Hey Jude” sung by Blaine Anderson and Kitty Wilde with New Directions: This was a song meant to make Tina feel better. She’s pretty much at her lowest point in this episode. It’s a really sweet song and sequence. You go from slushie covered, utterly humiliated Tina to a girl with renewed confidence thanks to her friends. Mainly those the harmonies are what sell it for me. Special shout out to Becca Tobin for having this note of utter caring in her voice for Tina. You can just feel the sympathy when she sang. B “Let It Be” sung by New York and Lima: I loved the costumes on the Lima side. I love the floaty sixties-seventies feel. I can’t really say much because overall it does sound really great. All of the voices lend to each other. It’s definitely a group number that bridges the distance and allows for connection between Lima and New York. I really hope the songs continue to strengthen it. A  Next week will be the hardest episode for the fans and the cast. We say goodbye to Finn Hudson. Hopefully, it will provide a needed catharsis and allow use to begin the journey of finding the glee in Glee. Until then my Gleeks.


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