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Music PopWrapped | Music

Top Tips To Maximize Your Musical Exposure On A Budget

Ryan Donnelly | PopWrapped Author

Ryan Donnelly

12/30/2016 9:52 pm
PopWrapped | Music
Top Tips To Maximize Your Musical Exposure On A Budget | music

MusicFor many of us artists, money can be tight. Super tight. It can feel as though every day is more of a survival course than anything else, and juggling multiple jobs that compliment your creative demands, can be an exercise in learning how to manage chaos more than anything else. You understand that a worthy Music PR company can get you serious results, but that is a financial commitment you cannot put a ring on just yet. 

So until the time comes, what is a broke musician with a dream suppose to do? Fret not, for here is an inexpensive list for you to start working through today, and you won’t break the bank going through it either.


Have you ever heard the word “Algorithm?” I know, it’s a tough word to spell on its own, but do you understand the true importance of this word and why it matters to you? Fear not, I will break it down elementary style: An “algorithm” is the guidelines that a software program uses to create results. This means that EVERYTHING has an algorithm; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the very internet itself. The problem is that these algorithms change often in some cases, and you must keep yourself up to date if you want to make the most of them. So if you are interested in knowing what it takes to get Facebook to acknowledge you, simply look it up, and act accordingly. This goes for every social media outlet you have.Music


Your friend list matters, but what also matters is the business connections you have within that friend list. You spent years developing your friendships, and no doubt you have helped many of these people at one point or another; so why not see if they can help you now. Most of us do not consider the actual career paths our friends have chosen, which is why you hear people say all the time “I forgot that person did that!” The truth is, we are all apart of the same ecosystem, and that ecosystem works better when we all help each other, so connect with the people that you can help, and in return they will help you. Place them on a list with what exactly it is that they can do for you, and together you should be able to cover more ground.


Remember a few years back when you were showcasing all of your questionable decisions to the public? Well the public remembers, and now that you are a serious musician, people are about to shine a light on your history. This might not matter to some of you, but I guarantee that as you grow in celebrity status, you are going to want to guard that history more and more. Journalists like to dig up dirt, and serious labels like to know whether they are working with a potential “loose cannon” or not.

Of course this isn’t only about hiding your previous image, but it is meant to create yourself a new one. It is always confusing to see artists that visually live in juxtaposition to who they are artistically, it can sometimes come off as disingenuous at best. If you have a clear image of who you want the world to see you as, then lock down that Facebook page, create a new one specifically for your artist persona, and control the flow of information leaving your creative camp. If you don’t want to have others muddy up your feed with their own personal agendas, here is a great place to make your social media stand, and by simply changing a few security settings on your page you can have complete control over your image.


You are going to need money for your music to succeed, and there is no avoiding that fact. Every level of popularity and musical success is paired hand in hand with marketing. I am sure you know who Nickleback is, you know, that band that everyone loves but also hates; well that band still promotes themselves. Why? Because promotion is the name of the game. If you simply designated some money, here and there, you would eventually have enough in that bloated piggy bank to purchase some substantial Music PR services.


Everything about life is complicated, so why attempt to take it all on at once? Building your musical empire is no different. Make a short list of meaningful but attainable things to do every day, and get those things done. Do not make a complete list of everything that needs to get done, because half of what you think needs to be done can wait. Make sure to make time for your relationships, your own health, and your own curiosity; because reaching the top is not supposed to be the point. Enjoy the journey, take your time with it, and under no circumstances should you forget to breathe.

Article Written by Ryan Donnelly, founder and CEO of Empire Music Promotions.Music

Photos courtesy of Ryan Donnelly Images



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