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Tonight's Parks And Recreation Is A Twofer - Get The Details Here

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


11/14/2013 4:05 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Tonight's Parks And Recreation Is A Twofer - Get The Details Here
Media Courtesy of NBC

Jamie Harsip

Content Editor

It’s finally here! Today is the day Parks & Recreation returns to NBC with two brand new back-to-back episodes! I’m so excited I could almost forgive NBC for pushing them back in the first place! When we left off, Tom had just been promised his date with Nadia (Tatiana Maslany, Orphan Black). Contrary to what IMDB says, Nadia will supposedly round out her arc in tonight’s first episode, “Filibuster.” You can probably guess what’s going to happen here; Leslie takes the floor to filibuster for her life…or at least her city council chair. What you may not have guessed is that she’ll be doing so on roller skates. Although, now that I said it, you probably aren’t terribly surprised, are you? This is, after all, Lesie f***ing Knope! In the spirit of art imitating life, this plot was actually inspired by a recent filibuster by one Senator Wendy Davis. Davis famously filibustered for eleven hours in order to block a bill that would place stringent restrictions on abortion in her home state of Texas. According to Parks & Recreation co-creator Michael Schur,“When Wendy Davis was filibustering for real and we were all watching it on the streaming video, like, seven of our writers were instantly emailing saying, ‘Leslie’s got to do this.’” This is of, of course, nowhere near the first time the comedy has indirectly addressed current affairs. Early on in the show’s run it addressed the gay marriage issue, and just recently it had a plot line based on the aftermath of Benghazi – kind of, according to Schur: “It [was] not about Benghazi, but it’s about the way media circuses arise when political opponents want to make a mountain out of a mole hill.” In said episode, Donna Meagle (Retta) accidentally tweets something private via the Pawnee Parks & Recreation Department’s twitter, and Leslie Knope’s political opponents blow it way out of proportion. Oh, also, Andy and April get to re-connect! It’s so cute I’m gonna die. [youtube=] Also also, Ron and Donna go hunting together! Yay! [gallery ids="19312,19310,19309"] Our second episode of the night is the highly anticipated (at least by me) Halloween episode of Parks, called “Recall Vote.” As the title suggests, it’s finally time for the vote on whether or not to recall Leslie Knope as city councilwoman. [youtube=] Additionally, we’ll get to celebrate Ben’s birthday with a haunted house, and Tom will approach Ron in hopes of saving Rent-A-Swag. [gallery ids="19322,19321,19320,19319,19318,19317,19316,19324,19325"] Next week we’ll get another pair of back-to-back episodes, which will feature the Indiana Colts. I do wonder if Andy will be back by then, since he is the self-declared biggest Colts fan in the world. I’m not sure if Chris Pratt had returned from London by the time they filmed that, so I guess we’ll have to wait to find out! Speaking of Pratt, last night he appeared on Leno and discussed his now-famous weight loss for his role in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. Apparently, like his character on Parks & Recreation, Pratt says his secret was cutting beer out of his diet. He also discussed the experience of being away from his six-month-old son for the duration of filming, which took place in London. "Babies at six months old, they're like houseplants…They're there, but they don't give much back. There's not a real reciprocal relationship. You put water on them, make sure the window's open and they're fine. But when I came back, [he was] this little blob of flesh, this little poop machine. He became this darling, precious personality, this little boy." As evidence, Pratt tweeted an unbearably adorable picture of himself with his son, Jack: pratt So what’s he been doing with Jack since returning? Teaching him “fart sounds,” apparently. Pratt says he’s leaving “reading and things like that” to his wife, the comparably funny and talented Anna Faris (who is currently up for a People’s Choice Award for her role on CBS’s Moms). Here’s a nice preview of all you have to look forward to on Parks & Recreation – up through its 100th episode, which will air after the midseason break, in January: Be sure to tune in tonight at 8 p.m. to NBC for all the Parks & Recreation craziness!


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