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The Ghosts Of VMAs Past: The Top 10 Most Talked About Moments

Charmaine Xiao Min | PopWrapped Author

Charmaine Xiao Min

08/31/2015 4:49 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
The Ghosts Of VMAs Past: The Top 10 Most Talked About Moments | VMAs
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In recent years, viewership for MTV's Video Music Awards have been dwindling, and having Miley Cyrus as the presenter for this year’s award ceremony may prove to be either a hit or miss for the show.

Let's face it, ever since the former Disney star changed her looks and personality or whatever you want to call it, she is no stranger to controversy and MTV loves controversy. I mean who really watches MTV anymore?

They feed off it. It gets people talking and is sure to give it some publicity like it has done in the past few years. MTV is prepared, do they feel safe with Cyrus as presenter?

"We’re giving her pretty free rein,”  executive producer Garrett English told Entertainment Weekly recently,  “Obviously there are standards and various other things that were always a part of it, but no, [no rules]… It never comes from a place of trying to limit the range, it’s always coming from a place of trying to open up the full palate.”

So as we prepare ourselves for this Sunday's VMAs, I thought it would be fitting to look back at some of the most talked about moments since its inception back in 1984 when Madonna performed her single "Like a Virgin" for the very first time, humping the stage and giving viewers a look at her lacy undergarments. More shock was yet to come.

Here are my top 10 most controversial moments from the VMAs of the last 30 years. 

No.10 -  Nirvana VS MTV Exec Vs Guns N Roses - 1992

The 90s were all about the beginning of the grunge era, and Nirvana were the kings of that - much to the frontman-Kurt Cobain’s displeasure. However, when the band were invited to perform for the 1992 VMAs they were adamant to perform their new single “Rape Me” rather than their ever popular “Smells like Teen Spirit.”

But after much persuasion from the network, the band agreed to perform their other single “Lithium” instead.  They did strum a few chords of the beginning of the “Rape Me” song teasing not only the audience but I am sure making the MTV exec sweating  behind the scenes and possibly having a mental breakdown. 

Backstage before the band were scheduled to perform, they had a confrontation with Guns 'N Roses frontman Axl Rose, who a few months before wanted the band as their opening act for their tour, which Cobain refused. Axl challenged the band to a fight which resulted in Dave Grohl calling out Axl's name after Nirvana performed "Lithium."

Near the end of their set, bass player Krist Novoselic tossed his bass up in the air in frustration but misjudged it and ended up banging himself on the forehead. Rock on! 

No.9 - Van Halen nearly come to blows -1996

What was suppose to be an 11 year band reunion, turned out to be an awkward coming together. The original band members including David Lee Roth and Eddie Van Halen, received a standing ovation when they appeared on the show after haven't seen or been together since the disbandment back in 1985. However, tension was rising between Roth and Eddie with the two nearly coming to blows backstage after giving an award to singer, Beck. After this, Roth released a statement where he said he was not getting back together with the band thinking that this was a publicity stunt for their new greatest hits album at the time and apologised to fans that he didn't feel right taking part in.

No.8 - Courtney Love Interrupts Madonna interview - 1995

While Madonna was giving a post ceremony interview to MTV reporter Kurt Loder outside the MTV venue, Hole singer and widow of Kurt Cobain,  Courtney Love, drunkenly began yelling and throwing random items at the pair. Nicely caught on film too.

No7 - Fiona Apple versus the world - "It's bullshit" - 1997

Fiona Apple was accepting the award for the Best New Artist category but what should have been a simple thank you speech turned out to be a preach for people not to fall for celebrity culture.

No 6 - Miley Cyrus twerking on Robin Thicke. - 2013

Of course this would be on the list. Who could not forget Miley Cyrus  showing us that she is no longer the innocent Disney star anymore. This much talked about performance had Miley performing her hit single "We Can't stop" and collaborating with Robin Thicke on "Blurred Lines," but just as we thought we'd seen everything the 21 year old singer at the time decided to rub her butt, twerk on the 36 year old Thicke's crotch, stick out her tongue continuously and seemingly becoming an embarrassment not only to viewers watching but to the celebrity audiences as well. Many memes of Rihanna and One Direction's shocked faces were splashed all over Tumblr and social media.

No 5 - Lisa Marie and Michael Jackson's awkward appearance - 1994

Receiving a standing ovation at the Vmas that year, the couple were the most talked about at time not only for how quick the marriage came about and to dispel those child molestation allegations against Jackson, but for this much awkward, unromantic kiss. No explanation needed.

No 4Britney's Failed Comeback - 2007

Promoting her new album Blackout and single "Gimme More," Britney Spears made a rare appearance that year after much scrutiny about her mental health, but instead of trying to dispel this it got people talking more....particularly this performance. 

No 3 - Lady Gaga's "Bleeding" Performance

Lady Gaga is no stranger to getting people to talk about her and this performance was no different. Gaga caused a stir when she performed her hit" Paparazzi" but what got audiences talking more was not the spectacular stage presence and amazing vocals, but the star appeared to be bleeding on stage. Little did people realise that it was an actual contraption that was in her outfit that spewed out the fake blood. This was one of the most talked about performances in VMA history and is considered one of Gaga's best performances, and rightly so.

No 2 - Britney Spears iconic performance of "Slave For You"

The Princess Of Pop makes another appearance on my list and this time for a much better performance than what was to later come. Hard to believe that yes, Britney was (and is still to some) a great dancer. This was Spears's  second performance and it makes my number two list as one of her best. The singer was on top form  and not only did she slay the dance moves, but she even braved having a big python on her shoulders, despite the criticism that performance got from the PETA it remains one of the VMAs most memorable performances. Go Brit.

No 1 -  Kanye West vs Taylor Swift

Ah yes. This one made my number one for the simple fact that it gave Swift exposure and made Kanye look like a big doofus.

Do I really need to explain? Fast forward to 0:39.

So there you have it folks! My top 10 talked about moments.

Will 2015 give us something to shock, discuss, or even revolt? Only tonight will tell. 

Can you think of any memorable moments from the past VMAs that shocked you?

Comment below and tell us!


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