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Television PopWrapped | Television

Top 10 Scenes From The 100

Allison Schonter | PopWrapped Author

Allison Schonter

02/07/2017 7:13 am
PopWrapped | Television
Top 10 Scenes From The 100 | scenes
Media Courtesy of The CW

Set in the post-apocalyptic future and centered around a bunch of delinquent teenagers, The 100 has kept our eyes glued to our TV screens since Season 1. We’ve witnessed moments packed with action, the rise and fall of characters, and some moments that we sometimes still find ourselves crying about. With the Season 4 premiere fast-approaching (yes, it finally returns Wednesday!!!), we decided to take a look at the 10 best scenes from the first three seasons.

01x01, “Pilot” - Stepping Off of the Dropship

Scenes The CW

Way back in Season 1, the story of the delinquents began with them stepping off of the dropship. They were quite literally stepping into the unknown. The Earth hadn’t been inhabited by humans for 97 years -- or so they had thought -- and they were either stepping into the first steps of saving humanity or stepping into their early deaths. Thankfully, it was the former of the two, and them taking their first steps onto the ground and feeling fresh air on their faces was a liberating moment for them, all kids who had been locked in the Sky Box for various offenses while on the Ark. Watching it now, you realize how far these kids (yes because, back in Season 1, they were truly just kids) have come.

01x10 , “I Am Become Death” - Raven and the Bomb

Seasons The CW

As if our love for Raven Reyes couldn’t grow any stronger, her determination, strength, and resiliency were showcased in “I Am Become Death.” With an impending Grounder attack looming in the nearby future and a camp full of sick delinquents -- meaning that fighting back isn’t exactly an option -- Raven builds a bomb using hydrazine from the crashed Exodus ship and gunpowder. Finn may have been the one to volunteer to set the bomb on the bridge, but, while everyone is busy tending to the sick, Raven slips away unseen. There’s only one problem: on her way to the bridge, she starts showing symptoms of the same illness that has been riddling the other delinquents, and it doesn’t take long for her to start feeling the full effects of it. She’s weary, her vision blurred, her nose bleeding. It makes building a bomb out of hydrazine, a highly explosive material, that much more difficult. But this is Raven Reyes that we’re talking about, and she manages to get the job done, and, thanks to a little help, the bridge is successfully destroyed, and the Grounder attack is delayed.

02x04, “Many Happy Returns” - Clarke/Anya Fight

Scenes The CW

We could praise this scene for the action alone, and, while the action is mind-blowing and the fight sequence is amazing, this scene makes this list for much more than just good moves and an intense two-minute period that kept us on the edge of our seats. In a way, this fight is the beginning of a relationship between Grounders and Skaikru. Clarke proves herself to Anya and earns her respect, and it is through this relationship that she is able to reach out to the Commander, who had been Anya’s Second. What else makes this scene so incredible? Just when Clarke has the chance to kill Anya (and it looks as if she is entirely ready to do so) she sees a balloon in the air and knows that it’s her people.

02x06, “Fog of War” - The Commander is Revealed

Scenes The CW

This scene -- or, rather, a sequence of short scenes -- is brilliant on so many levels. When we first meet Lexa, she is just a girl; she appears fragile, meek, quiet, scared, and as if she can do no harm. She walks into the room limping, cannot meet Jaha or Kane’s gaze, and even jumps when Jaha approaches her. When Jaha reaches his breaking point and it seems as if he has the upper hand ... BOOM. Complete takedown by fragile little Lexa, who isn’t so fragile after all (She’s just extremely extra.  Shall we call her Lextra?). Her walking to the man who we had assumed to be Commander and having the red sash placed on her is an iconic moment and a transformation from a shy girl to Heda. Two words: Bad. Ass.

02x07, “Long Into an Abyss” - “Yo gonplei ste odon.”

Scenes The CW

After discovering Lincoln as a reaper and bringing him back to the dropship, Clarke is recruited to help save him. He is going through withdrawals, and things aren’t looking very bright. Nyko, Lincoln’s friend and a Healer pays a visit, and, while he says that he is there to help, his intentions aren’t the help that Clarke, Octavia, and Bellamy are seeking. “You gonplei ste odon.” It is four words that he utters, as he pulls a vial from his pocket and tips it towards Lincoln’s mouth, but Clarke is quick and catches the drop before it can reach Lincoln. She recognizes the words as the very words Anya had said before she died. “Yo gonplei ste odon” are words said before death, and Clarke realizes that Nyko was going to kill Lincoln. It’s an epic moment and showcases Clarke Griffin and her character.

02x14, “Bodyguard of Lies” - Bellamy Disables the Acid Fog

Scenes The CW

Acting as a secret agent hiding within the walls of Mount Weather, Bellamy has been tasked with the duty of providing information to those outside regarding what is taking place on the inside. His biggest task? Disabling the acid fog so that the assembled army can actually get to Mount Weather. He runs into a problem, though. He’s been discovered, and, just as the army is marching toward the mountain, the acid fog becomes, well, acid again, and it appears as if there is a very real possibly of everyone on the outside meeting a not-so-pleasant demise. In a scene that lasts no more than two minutes, Bellamy successfully manages to blow up an entire room (including the acid fog) and slide through a vent to safety. He was the real hero of this episode, and it was yet another reminder of why we all love Bellamy Blake so much.

02x16, “Blood Must Have Blood: Part 2” – Pulling the Lever

Scenes The CW

Season 2 ended in much the same way that Season 1 ended: pulling a lever. Unlike in Season 1, however, pulling the lever in Mount Weather wasn’t sentencing to death 300 armed Grounders that were actively trying to kill the delinquents; pulling the lever was killing over 300 men, women, and children (some of whom had helped the delinquents) inside of the mountain who had no idea what their president was doing behind closed doors. It was a poignant moment for both Clarke and Bellamy and a moment that would set the course for their character development in Season 3.

02x16, “Blood Must Have Blood: Part 2” - “I bear it so they don’t have to.”

Scenes The CW

The final moments of Season 2 are some of the best -- if not the best -- moments of the season, and we could probably write an entire novel-length book about them, but, for the sake of time and space, we’ll condense that novel to a few sentences. The final minutes are bittersweet, but there is an air of somberness that weighs heavily on them, especially for Clarke. Clarke may have saved her people, but at what cost? She lost a part of herself when she pulled the lever in Mount Weather, and facing her people means facing what she’s done, and, at the moment, that’s something that she can’t do. She will do anything to save the ones that she loves, but, in the process of doing just that, she became someone that she didn’t recognize, and Bellamy’s forgiveness isn’t enough to ease her pain. So she asks Bellamy to take care of their people for her -- a simple gesture that shows how much faith she has in him and how deep their relationship runs, and, with the simple words “may we meet again,” she walks away. It’s a new start for Clarke, a new beginning, and it’s a moment of rebirth -- of having so much weight on her shoulders that the only way that she can bear it is by leaving. It’s not a moment of weakness but a moment of complete and utter strength. RAIGN’s “Knocking On Heaven’s Door” makes the scene that much more beautifully tragic.

03x03, “Ye Who Enter Here” - The Vow

Scenes The CW

It’s a scene dubbed by fans simply as “The Vow,” and it’s a scene that, no matter how many times we watch, our breath is still taken away. Amidst the chaos of an approaching war and the still very real tension between both Clarke and Lexa, Lexa does something that none of us saw coming. She bows to Clarke. She swears fealty to Clarke and vows to treat Skaikru as she treats her own people (they are the 13th clan of her coalition now). It’s a very healing moment ... a moment where this relationship -- a relationship that started to form way back in Season 2 when they first met and that was so shaken when Lexa left at Mount Weather -- begins to mend. It’s Lexa being vulnerable and letting part of Heda fall and a part of Lexa show. Titus said that Lexa bows to no one, but Lexa bows to Clarke.

03x04, “Watch the Thrones” - Lexa/Roan Fight

Scenes The CW

The battle that takes place between Lexa and Roan in Season 3 is the first time that we actually see Lexa fight, and, while she is placed against a man nearly twice her size, she proves her skills, and we see why she was the one to win her conclave and ascend as Heda. Furthermore, her choosing to spare Roan’s life and, instead, take Queen Nia’s is her not only getting justice for Costia’s death (her girlfriend whom Queen Nia had tortured and decapitated) but also getting justice for the lives lost at Mount Weather. It’s a true show of her power and the type of leader that she is -- one who isn’t just out for blood and willing to take innocent lives but one who wants to better her people.

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