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Television PopWrapped | Television

Top 10 Things We Hope To See In Agent Carter's Season Finale

Ariel Bradford | PopWrapped Author

Ariel Bradford

03/21/2015 10:14 pm
PopWrapped | Television
WARNING! Spoilers ahead! So far, Agent Carter has done nothing but deliver. What will the season finale hold? These are a few wishes...

10. Costume changes

If Agent Carter gets picked up for another season, it'll still be months before I get this excited about a pair of sunglasses again. With this season's absolute staples of Besame's Red Velvet lipstick and OPI Cinnamon Sweet nail polish, their grace and sophistication seem to only add to how much butt Peggy can kick. I mean, she knocked out a guy with her 102 Sweet Dreams lipstick. Is it a surprise that I want to look exactly like her?

9. Learning more about the other Widows/their involvement with Leviathan

What happened to Dottie's classmates? Is Dottie a private agent or are all of the Widows in on this together? It's been proven that Peggy and Jarvis can take down a diner of men, but how many women can they stand against? Will the Widows prove to be her strongest enemy yet, or will they ally against Leviathan?
Agent Carter Fansided

8. Learning the fate of Steve's blood

Will Howard try to recreate the serum? Or will he try to learn more about immunity and its effect on the body? Will he try to cure diseases? Or will he sell it to the highest bidder? Most importantly: will Peggy ever let him touch it again?

7. Another fight scene

Preferably with another office supply. It's beautiful to see a woman taking people down wearing high heels, but to see her do it with a stapler? Stunning.

6. Cultural Representation

Although it's unlikely to see an African American working at the SSR or living at a high-class place like the Griffin in the 1940s, many factories were filled with hard-working people of color. My dream is to see Peggy and Jarvis running into a factory, getting pinned in a corner, and all of the workers helping them. This will pave the way for more prominent characters of color in the next season.

5. Sisterhood

How are the girls at the Griffin feeling about Peggy's apparent arrest and Dottie's disappearance? Surely nothing this scandalous has happened at such a prestigious estate before- how will the environment be affected? Will the girls be inspired to stand up for themselves, break curfew, bring in men...?

4. More Howard

The whole season, it seems we've been talking about Howard behind his back. How does he feel about all of his accusations? Could he still be the man Steve trusted with all of his gear, or has he changed since the war? Is he back to being an arms dealer? He's hidden plenty from Peggy before- what else is he hiding?

3. More Angie

The very first episode showed us a very human, vulnerable side of Ms. Carter. Her loss of not only Steve, but her roommate Colleen, leave Peggy almost weakened. Her reluctance to form a bond with Angie and eventual decision to befriend her are essential to Peggy's happiness. The point of their relationship in the show was to prove to Peggy that love can last. Angie deserves one more dramatic scene before the curtain closes.

2. Representation of Steve Rogers

We all love Peggy because Steve loves Peggy. (And we all love Steve because Peggy loves Steve.) When Steve is mentioned on the show, it brings the theme back to its core: justice, honor and freedom.

1. Representation of Peggy Carter as the new Captain America

Visible from early on, Peggy carries on Steve's traditions. With the atrocity of a radio show about Captain America saving a damsel in the background, Peggy gave one of her first television beat-downs. The introductory monologue (“I'm Peggy Carter...”) has changed since the show first began, from talking about her loss to detailing her adventures. Peggy has become her own hero. From her language to her fighting style, Peggy is a living metaphorical Captain America of 1946. Agent Carter's season finale is on ABC Tuesday at 9pm EST. If you need to catch up, check it out on Hulu or purchase episodes on iTunes.

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