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LGBT PopWrapped | LGBT

The Top 5 Companies Leading The Charge To Support The LGBT Community

Christa Tintelnot | PopWrapped Author

Christa Tintelnot

02/26/2016 8:15 am
PopWrapped | LGBT
The Top 5 Companies Leading The Charge To Support The LGBT Community | LGBT Community
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Whether you like it or not, as of June of 2015, gay marriage is a reality in our country, and more and more companies are coming out in support of the LGBT community. Here are the top companies in support of the LGBT community as reported by and The Huffington Post.

Starbucks - The LGBT Community’s More Trusted and Outspoken Friend

Howard Schultz, the CEO of Starbucks, has been an advocate for LGBT issues in recent years, and really came out as a supporter back in 2013. In addition to several public announcements of support, the Seattle-based company flew a rainbow Pride flag above their headquarters in 2014. Additionally, Starbucks has been a pioneer in implementing non-discrimination policies, training staff to support LGBT victims of violent acts, and equal benefits for employees in same-sex relationships.

Barilla – The Most Improved Supporter of the LGBT Community

If it was 2013 and Barilla appeared on a list of corporate supporters of the LGBT community, you may think that it is a mistake or misprint. If you don’t remember, Guido Barilla, who is the chairman of this pasta brand, mentioned that he supported showing “traditional” families in the company’s advertisements instead of same-sex couples.

The outcry was quick and sharp, and Barilla almost instantly apologized for the blunder. Within just a couple of weeks, there were a number of fixes in the Barilla corporate culture, and the brand appointed a new Chief Diversity Officer. Additionally, the brand launched a campaign to inform and engage customers about the importance of including the LGBT community.

Frito-Lay/PepsiCo – Best Looking Corporate Supporter

There have been a number of corporations that have incorporated the Pride flag into marketing campaigns, but none have done this as well as Frito-Lay.

In September 2015, the company, which is owned by PepsiCo, released their rainbow-colored Doritos. Additionally, the company sponsored the Dallas Pride festival. The colorful chips were a limited offering, only available to those who donated at least $10 to the It Gets Better Project.

Chevron – Most Surprising Supporter of the LGBT Community

When looking at the overall picture, industries such as hospitality and retail are much more likely to be LGBT advocates than other industries, such as oil and gas companies. Chevron, however, stands out from the crowd. Not only does the energy provider offer benefits to employees who are in same-sex relationships, they also offer benefits to transgender workers, have nondiscrimination policies and have an employee support network for LGBT employees and their supporters.

Google – The LGBT Community’s Best Friend and Confidant

If you ask almost anyone in the know which major corporation has done the most for the LGBT community, most would immediately say Google. Not only has Google made strides in and pioneered LGBT friendly corporate policies, it has also lobbied the Supreme Court in support of marriage equality in both 2013 and 2015.

Are there any other companies that you think are supportive of the LGBT Community? Let us know below!


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