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Gaming PopWrapped | Gaming

Top Five Picks For Rocksteady's New Video Game Franchise

King Arthur | PopWrapped Author

King Arthur

09/29/2015 7:09 am
PopWrapped | Gaming
Top Five Picks For Rocksteady's New Video Game Franchise | Rocksteady
Media Courtesy of PSGamer

As we all know, our favourite Batman Arkham series has ended, and we are left with the mystery of what hero will enter Rocksteady's video game universe in the coming years. Should it be the Green Arrow, with his cunning archery skills, or the blind man without fear, Daredevil? Here are my top picks for the heroes that deserve a video game franchise like Batman.

  1. The Flash - The scarlet speedster known as Flash would make a perfect video game. Imagine speeding through Central City, fighting off criminals, and running in with the yellow mastermind known as the Reverse Flash.

  2. Spider-Man - Our favorite web slinging super-hero is a perfect fit for a new video-game franchise, just imagine all the ideas Rocksteady can bring to the table, like new web-slinging mechanics and powerful boss fights.

  3. Justice League - The new player-changing aspects of Batman: Arkham Knight would be perfect to use in this game. Just think about it: I can see Superman and the rest of the League fighting against the League of Doom.

  4. Green Arrow - With the popular TV show, Arrow, a video game would be a perfect a addition to the franchise. I don't know about you, but I would love to put a few arrows in Malcolm Merlyn myself.

  5. Daredevil - The new Marvel Cinematic TV show on Netflix, Daredevil, has great reviews and is currently working on its second season. A game based on the man without fear would be great for the TV show and for the Daredevil franchise, as well, but I think we all want to beat up Fisk's thugs and show them we have no fear.

Those heroes are my top five picks for a new Rocksteady game franchise. What are your thoughts on this list, and who are your picks for a Rocksteady video game?


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