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Top 5 YouTube Couples, In Honor Of Valentine's Day

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


01/17/2017 1:19 pm
PopWrapped | Current Events
Top 5 YouTube Couples, In Honor Of Valentine's Day
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Uckey Lee Staff Writer Every era has a new “thing” that’s specific for it. The 60s had Beatles, 90s had teen pop, and this current decade has Youtube. Yes! A place where we go to listen to music, movies, funny videos(…), breaking at the same time a respective number of laws. Since today is February the 14th, we will present to you the Top 5 Youtube couples, past and present.

Jesse Wellens and Jeana(PranksvsPrank; BFvsGF):

These two made a video called “DRAW MY RELATIONSHIP”, talking about everything, from how they met to that day, and you can check it on this link:

Philip DeFranco(Philip DeFranco) and Lindsay Jordan Doty(LinzLove):

2 years ago, on this very day, a video about their relationship was uploaded on Lindsay’s channel, that you can check right here:
They are now engaged...
...and Lindsay is pregnant!

Colette Butler and Shay Carl (Shaytards):

The only, current, famous married couple on Youtube. On the channel “Shaytards,” they post daily vlogs(video blogs) that usually last 10-15 minutes and involve watching them, and their four kids, Gavin(“Sontard”), Avia (“Princesstard”), Emmi Laurie (“Babytard”), and Brock Vincent (“Rocktard”). They’re also expecting their 5th child.  

Shane Dawson (ShaneDawsonTV, ShaneDawsonTV2, shane) and Lisa Schwartz (Lisbug):

Also knows as “Shisa,” Shane and Lisa met through mutual friends. As Lisa said, for her it was a love at first sight, and she says that it was for Shane too, even though he never says so, and usually makes some kind of weird joke. Shane announced that they were together, and that he loves her, in a video in which he says  “She is his superluv(implying to Shane’s first original song)”. They tried to hide it, but fans were suspicious because there were a lot of vlogs in which he would randomly spend the night at her place. Most notably, there is a vlog in which Shane goes out with his friends Steve and Bree, and Bree writes on a blackboard “Shane + Lisa” with a lot of little hearts. Shane also hinted that he lost his virginity to Lisa.  

Bree Essrig(Bree Essrig) and Steve Greene (SteveGreeneComedy):

This former couple was a lot of people’s favorite couple on Youtube. The two had been together for about 3 years when they broke up. Bree broke up with Steve, because she “had to deal with some stuff”, which he revealed in a video he made about their breakup. Bree also made one, but she took it down, because she got a lot of hate for what she did. Fans of “Breeve” will miss their vlog interactions, and a series called “Gilliam and Scout.” Steve is now dating fellow Youtuber Nikki Limo, while Bree is now working on Pop Trigger, and has a movie coming up. A tragic end to a love story, with two people that claimed to be each other’s true loves, is a perfect way of ending this miserable holiday.

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