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Unapologetic Huntress Posts Photos Of Her Trophy Kills

Rain Varela | PopWrapped Author

Rain Varela

Staff Writer
08/10/2015 9:17 am
PopWrapped | Current Events
Unapologetic Huntress Posts Photos Of Her Trophy Kills | Huntress
Media Courtesy of Huffington Post

People all over the world were horrified at the death of Cecil the Lion, a protected animal who was lured out of a preserve and shot by American dentist Walter Palmer.

The public backlash was so bad that the dentist went into hiding. You'd think that, with what happened, other hunters who engage in this blood sport would be sensitive enough, or at least wise enough, to lay low.

But not everyone is afraid of public opinion, it seems. Idaho based hunter Sarah Corgatelli was even brazen enough to upload on July 25, a picture of her with a dead giraffe she had shot on a legal two week hunting trip in South Africa. The caption on the picture reads “Day #2 I got a [sic] amazing old Giraffe. Such a [sic] amazing animal!! I couldn’t be any happier!! My emotion after getting him was a feeling I will never forget!!!”

The negative comments came in like an avalanche. But the huntress seems unperturbed. She subsequently posted images of other dead animals she had hunted down.

When asked to explain her actions to Carson Daly on a Skype interview, she had this to say: "To me it's not just killing an animal, it's the hunt. Everybody just thinks we're cold-hearted killers, and it's not that. There is a connection with the animal, and just because we hunt them doesn't mean we don't have a respect for them. Giraffes are very dangerous animals. They could hurt you seriously very quickly."

When asked if she was afraid of the consequences of her hunting trips, she replied with "Everything I've done here is legal, so how can you fault somebody because of their hobbies?"


Huffington Post

"My Impala I got today!! One of Africa's Icon [sic]"


Huffington Post

"Got my beautiful beautiful Kudu!! It was my #1 want on my list and I got him on the first day!!! Loving it there!!"


Huffington Post

"13 inch wart hog!! What a fun hunt!!! Loving it here!!"

What do you think about hunting for sport? Let us know in the comments below.


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