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True Blood Gets "Radioactive" In Its Season Finale

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


08/23/2013 1:03 am
True Blood Gets


Erika Rivera

Senior Editor

Hello Truebies! The season finale is upon us. I needed a few days to digest what went down. Can I just say I need the new season to start already?!

I have a lot of worries and questions that need to be answered! A lot of crazy things happened in this season’s finale. Without further ado, let’s get started!

As always, go back into your coffin if you haven’t seen the finale yet!

Major plotlines:

  1. Sookie and Alcide apparently remember how into each other they once were when they notice a daytime vampire orgy breaking out at Bill’s place. Making a beeline for Jason, Sookie gets a lingering kiss from Violet. “She’s European,” he explains in his Jason way. But the afternoon isn’t all happy, happy, joy, joy. Pam takes off after Eric, prompting Tara to declare her and Willa’s parents the “worst f—ing makers ever.” (PREACH). Plus, Bill is so down in the dumps that he’s no longer the magical Billith that he’s prepared to let Warlow turn Sookie until Jessica points out what a dick move that would be.
  2.  Meanwhile, on the fairy plane, Warlow finally shows his true colors: menacing Sookie when she asks if he’d mind terribly dating her for a while before they marry (only logical, right?). Luck for Sookie, Bill, Jason and Violet are busy recruiting Adilynto gain them entrance to the fae land. Though Warlow does put the bite on Sookie, they manage to save her before she is turned into a corpse bride. Back in the real world, Warlow chases down and corners Sookie in her bathroom, which allows Niall (HE’S NOT DEAD?!) to reach through that room’s creepy portal and hold the baddie still just long enough for Jason to stake him. Huzzah! So long, Warlow and his fabulous pecks!
  3.  Eventually, all of the fae blood that the vampires drank wears off (Sucks to be them). This means that they need to retreat back into the safety of the night. Unfortunately, Eric just happens to be nude sunbathing in his native Sweden at the time the fae blood wears off.image He’s trapped outside when he appears to go up in flames! Wait, WHAT?! DID THEY REALLY JUST GO THERE?! (Gonna hurry out on a limb here and say that Pam must get to him in time. But of course we won’t know for sure until next season. At least I hope because I might cry without Eric on the show.)
  4. While most of the viewing audience is busy shrieking, “Nooo! They can’t kill Eric!” the show itself is fast-forwarding six months down the road (hmmm interesting). Here’s what went down in those six months: Sookie and Alcide are a couple, Bill is the author of a bestseller about the Governor’s invention of hep V, Jason is still waiting to get it on with Violet (she has the best self discipline apparently), and Merlotte’s is now Bellefleur’s (I know…color me confused). In scarier news, packs of hep V-infected vampires are on the prowl and using small towns like Bon Temps as fueling stations (yikes). Mayor Sam (that’s right, Merlotte is respectable now) teams up with Rev. Daniels and suggests that everybody enter into a monogamous feeding relationship with a healthy vampire in exchange for protection (sounds smart, right). It seems like a pretty good idea considering that a bunch of infected vamps look about to crash the meet-‘n’-greet at Bellefleur’s (still trying to wrap my head around that one).

Well there you have it, my fangbangers. This season of True Blood is now over (sobs), and we now have to wait another year before we found what will become of the gang at Bon Temps. The big question still remains though: IS ERIC NORTHMAN REALLY DEAD? 

Until next summer, my vamp lovers. Keep those fangs sharpened and go back into your coffins!


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