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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

"True Blood" Recap: "Death Is Not The End" But Is It For Someone In This Episode?

Nick Tucci | PopWrapped Author

Nick Tucci

09/02/2014 3:28 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Media Courtesy of Courtesy: HBO
As we saw in the third episode, the final season of True Blood is taking quite some liberties with whom it feels should stay till the end of the series. I have decided to change the codename of the season from “IS TARA DEAD?” to “WHO THEY GONNA KILL NEXT?!” We open episode four with a series of phone calls: one to Alcide’s father by Sookie, another to Hoyt in Alaska by Jason. Alcide’s father was quick to come to Sookie’s aid. Previously glamoured Hoyt, took unnecessary blame for his mother’s (VERY NECESSARY) death, but Officer Stackhouse reassured him it was going to happen whether he left or not. The brother and sister met in the middle; Jason downtrodden and guilt-stricken, gets the full “man up” pep talk from Sookie. Enter Pam and Eric on a plane, riding in style to Baton Rouge, but Eric has plans for a detour to Shreveport to pick up Willa. *Flashback to the 80s* A reprimanded Pam and Eric are dropped off in Louisiana where they meet our old friend the Magister. He informs them that their punishment is to run a small business at a video rental store, one that specializes in movies of the XXX variety and is equipped with antique Civil War era tunnels in the basement (#foreshadowing). *Flashback to 1996* Eric and Pam meet a young and intelligent Ginger fresh from Tulane. After denying the existence of vampires, she is enamored by Eric and asks for a job. Luckily they have an opening for the day shift. An oversized-tshirt-wearing Sookie (assumably Alcide’s) talks to Arlene’s kids, reassuring them that their mother is a fighter *the Christina Aguilera song plays in my head*. Sookie then talks to Holly, helping her remember where she and the other prisoners were held like living blood bags. The answer is painfully pulled out of a usually strong and willful Wiccan woman. Sam and Jason go off to tell Rosie that dopey Officer Kevin won’t be making it out of Fangtasia alive, but have a little standoff in the car. Sam wants to go save his baby momma, but Jason mans up, getting Sam to pull over the car at gunpoint. Later, the mayor and deputy tell Rosie about her beloved boyfriend and the imminent raid on the Hep-Vamps. (We all know the Bigot Brigade will hear of this.) Want to hear more self-deprecating whining from Jessica? Well you’re in luck as she lies in bed with James. Sulking about her bullet wound, her scruffy boyfriend zips out of the room to get Bill to command her to eat. Sookie shows up to lay more of the verbal smack down on the town, telling Jessica that she doesn't care about whether she eats just that she is strong enough to help later that night for the raid. Sookie ain’t playing around! She then lets Bill feed on her because hey it’s just lunch. Lafayette shows up to feed Jessica, conceding that he’s not innocent so she shouldn’t feel too guilty for using him. *Flashback to 2006* Jeeze I love these costume changes! Ginger shows up with a throne for Eric, selling Pam the idea of transforming the video store into a nightclub. Pam buys it, but glamours it away from Ginger and tells Eric it was her idea. Cut back to the plane where Pam is telling Eric the truth. Bill rallies the vamp volunteers in his living room, including a few of James’ bandmates. (Is there a vampire rock band in that reality? Because I’m totally down.) Jason tries to amp the crowd but gets his facts about Battle of Normandy wrong. Eric and Pam show up, BIll reluctantly lets them in. Eric and Sookie talk about where he’s been and how many innocent Scandinavians he killed in an avalanche. Recently summoned Willa shows up pissed to be abandoned as a “child”, and Eric quickly reprimands her again. Much to Pam’s chagrin, they go with the extraction crew to Fangtasia. Sam the rat travels through the Underground Railroad tunnels, alarming the captive ladies to no one’s surprise, and tells them the good vamps are on their way. Overprotective Pam tells Eric to stay while she goes in (foreshadowing she might die?!). The Hep-Vamps took Arlene upstairs by the time the cavalry arrives and they’ve started feeding on her. Bill goes up to get save her, but Eric bangs on front door pretending to be in need of help, bringing Sookie in as his human-fae juice box. The Bigot Brigade soon breaks up the V+ party with a few Molotov cocktails and things get bloody. Staking and fire ensues as Sookie holds a fading Arlene in her arms. Terry visits Arlene while she's in the in-between, and after some blood from one of the Vamp rockstars, decides to stay here in Hell on Earth. Looks like we’re safe from mourning another casualty this week. I guess the writers have decided to only kill off characters every other episode! Keep Up With PopWrapped On The Web!



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